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Shelby Paige Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Let it happen

Shelby Paige, super sexy and incredibly cute blond had, like most of the girls who come to see me, never done anything like this before but, curious as our little girl is, she was more than eager to give it a try. I am quite certain that the idea of being helplessly controlled by someone she had never met before, is what turned her on the most about all this. Don't you love it when they are horny, kinky, sexy and most importantly willing to experience new heights. I sure do and although our little girl can be spunky at times (which is exactly what I like) she left perfectly trained and...

Shelby relaxed almost right away during the initial arm raise test which shows her arms up in the air for quite some time. Towards the end, I decided to pose her arms and again, leave them up in the air for a while before doing some eye checks.

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Shelby Paige Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Good little girls have no will

Shelby is nicely deep and already aroused as a result of the last segment and now it is time for her to be trained to become a good little girl for her master. My suggestions that she has already lost all control of her body and mind seem to hit the spot, meaning, they have already sunk in deep. Her legs are spread apart without her being able to resist and she is made to feel orgasmed before she even has a chance to fight it. Her sexy young body quivers and shakes under the impact of the very long and intense orgasm I make her feel.

The repetitions of, I have no control, take her to yet another explosion. Time for her to open her eyes and to then take her even deeper. Shelby starts calling me master without me having to mention it which shows that she is ready to be put into her place. Her beautiful eyes start to cross when I slowly take her to a deeper level. I am your good little girl master. Time for her to learn that just looking at her master will make her orgasm from now on.



Shelby Paige Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am sinking into deep trance for you master

Kneeling, yes masters, intense mindless stares, even more intense orgasm training, sleepwalker pose, cross eyed deepening, slow repetitions, begging and the waving hand.

Shelby has been placed on her knees and now she has to proof how much she wants to please her master as well as how far she is willing to go to show he surrender. She makes herself cum very fast and hard for me while showing me her bitter sweet surrender in her big open eyes. The slow repetitions of, I am your entranced slave master, take her back down into obedient bliss (sleepwalker pose) Of course there is a lot more training to come.

Shelby is driven close to orgasm while being made to feel helplessly fucked and used but of course, she is not allowed to cum before she begs for it. Her curvy young body goes into convulsions when she is finally allowed to explode for me. I am cuming for you master. Shelby ends up mindlessly mesmerized while I wave my hand in front of her eyes and pose her body. More slow reps of, I am sinking into deep trance for you master, and so much more is still to come.



Shelby Paige Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Thank you for putting me under your power master

This next one is not only for our foot worship, entranced repetitions, bend over ass out masturbation and orgasm on three lovers but also for our forced orgasm, slow entrancement, pantyhose, cross eyed stares, sleepwalker pose, mantra, begging an pleading as well as lot's of oh master fans. I am your mindlessly entranced slave, I am cuming for you master

Shelby is taken to incredibly intense sexual heights and then taken down into deep, you all know what, placed into various positions and turned into a orgasmic foot worshiper who cannot get enough of her masters touch. I could go into all the details of what is happening in this segment but then you would still be reading instead of just checking it out for yourself.




Shelby Paige Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am nothing without my master

Initiation ritual into slavery

In order to prepare Shelby for her final initiation ritual, she is first placed on all four on the couch and made to feel a hard and intense spanking. I had a feeling our kinky young girl might get off on it but as it turned out, it drove her absolutely nuts for lust. Her curvy body quivers and shakes as she orgasms under the spanking at the snap of my fingers. She keeps screaming, I have never felt this good, I have never cum this hard. Of course that is all warm up. Next we watch our little girl finger fuck herself to orgasm for her master as her final proof that she is a good little girl now. Time to do some more mind reduction.

 Her repetitions of, I don't need a mind, I have you master become slower and slower as her mind drifts into the light in front of her eyes. Now comes the final ritual. Shelby is placed on "the altar of transformation" She is made to feel hot candle wax dripping on her body while her legs feel forced apart so that she can be penetrated by the hot laser beam. Again, she goes nuts for lust. Looks like she loves it rough. Of course there are still the breath controlled orgasms, finger fucking and her final surrender yet to come.



Shelby Paige Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Grandma's mirror of transformation

I need to be punished

Shelby is made to believe that today is her big wedding day. The wedding takes place at her soon to be husband's best friend. Guess who the "best friend" is. Needless to say, she seems quite surprised when I barge into her room in the middle of her getting ready for the big ceremony. What really seems to upset her though, is my idea of wanting to fool around with her one last time. You know the kind of "fooling around" I am talking about here, right? Anyway, she leaves me no other choice than to mesmerize her little mind while she is staring into my "grandma's mirror of transformation. Shelby's eyes cross as she drifts deeper and she ends up mindlessly obedient with arms stretched out in front of her. Of course there is a lot more to come, like the finger fucking, the denied orgasm training, the yes masters and so much more. Shelby finds out that she had never more fun than with her master and that he can do with her whatever he wishes. Obedience makes me better because it pleases my master.



Shelby Paige Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
They are smelly

For your information, you were hypnotized

This next segment shows our sexy young yet somewhat reluctant bride being frozen, orgasmed at will, put to sleep, rendered mindless and eventually being turned into a foot worshipper who has nothing else on her mind than to please her master with her feet. Needless to say, there are some unwanted orgasms at the touch of my hand (particularly when she is made aware of her situation yet too frozen to properly respond) Watching her take off those beautiful blue shoes and her stockings is hot but wait until you see what happens after that.



Shelby Paige Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
The properly Modified Intern

Shelby, who believes to work as an Intern at my robotics company, has been sent by the competition to spy on some of my latest inventions. Needless to say, she lies her (sexy) ass off when I catch her going through my papers. Looks like our young lady needs to find out firsthand how we create those perfectly designed fembots.

 Of course she does not believe me when I try to explain to her how it all works but she is naive enough to listen to my all explaining presentation through the headset. What do you know, her body straightens out, her arms bend and her eyes lose all expression. Robot Shelby will obey her master now. Yes masters, slow repetition of orders, intense masturbation while her power levels are adjusted, denied orgasms through adjustment of her sensitivity levels and stares. Robot Shelby finds herself completely aware yet helplessly stuck in a robot body while trying to talk her way out of that one. It gets even hotter towards the end when she cannot stop finger fucking herself to orgasm, although she knows that it will fry her circuits which will...




Shelby Paige Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

Shelby, who believes to have been invited to a Superheroine conventions, finds out the hard way that she fell for yet another nasty tricks of mine. Needless to say, there is no convention and the only reason she is here, is that I want to have some fun with our sexy Bat-girl (or is it Bad-girl) Anyway, as soon as she "freezes" herself, while trying to do zap me with the "transformer", she realizes that she is in trouble. I actually made her freeze while being aware of it but unable to do or say anything about it. Her eyes go back and forth trying to see what I am doing to her. Oh well, let's see how she responds to the vibrator being stuck in her panties.

Needless to say, at first she does not really want to orgasm but then it starts to feel so dam good that it makes her change her mind. I guess, I could have left it in there a bit longer to give her a chance to cum but then again, why would I. Now our frozen Batgirl bitches again which leaves me no other choice than to place the vibrator in her mouth. Again, I take her close to orgasm without letting her cum though which really seems to upset her. Maybe we should all enjoy watching her giving us a demonstration of her "blow job skills" while devouring the dildo on the floor (really hot by the way. Of course at some point the "waving hand" renders her mindless and quiet so that I can... Lots of yes/no fun and certainly too much to list.


Shelby Paige Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't see the humor in this

Our sexy young Bat(d) girl might not think that what I am putting her through is all that funny but then again, why is she laughing her head off and even orgasm at times. Could it be that she feels tickled or that she might even be under my power. Not according to her threats to get me after all. Of course being helplessly frozen while bitching does not really show that she is in control but, according to her, that will change soon. Maybe the sword might help to change her mind. No, she does not want to be a good little girl, at least not yet. Maybe my next move will change her mind. Watch her scream for... Fun ending




Shelby Paige Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
That is just too cruel

Shelby, our Superheroine, slowly wakes up and now it is her turn to get back at me. We all know that when Superheroines masturbate and eventually orgasm, the end is near. Our little girl seriously believes that masturbating in front of her enemies is the cruelest thing to do and it will give her the upper hand. It is fun watching her getting off while telling me how mean she is. Of course, being the nice guy that I am, I am going along with it, I mean, we would not want to hurt her feeling, right? After a short deepening, our determined Superheroine comes back and now she cannot stop masturbating although she is aware of the fact that this is really not what superheroes are supposed to do. Unfortunately though, the masturbating hand seems a lot stronger than her other hand which leaves her not choice than to almost orgasm. Why almost, you might ask. Well, I take her hand away from her pussy (I know, I am too nice) but by now she so horny that she actually would like to cum. Unfortunately for her though, her body seems to be frozen stiff again. Believe it or not, she starts begging me to let her have it. Sleep and eye checks.


Shelby Paige Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I cannot be mesmerized

This last segment of Shelby's update, shows our super heroin desperately trying to finally get me. The only problem with all this is that her body becomes weaker and sleepier by the second. Shelby slowly goes down but she does not want to give up. She crawls for as long as possible before she surrenders to her, let's call it, condition. After a short deepening, Batgirl comes back and now it is her turn (so she thinks) Unfortunately for her though, in the middle of me explaining to her that she has been mesmerized by me, she is starting to feel an amazingly powerful orgasm, which puts her to sleep again. Let's try this again. Poor thing tries to use the "transformer" on me again and sure enough, she goes out like a light. Let's try this again, shall we. More sleepy fun to come.



Shelby Paige Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Perfect Girlfriend

Shelby: Thanks, for walking me home, you're such a gentleman. I had a really great time. Hey, you would you if like to come in for a nightcap? Here, let me take your coat.

Frank: Of course thanks, you have a really nice place here.

Shelby: I'm glad you like it, now tell me, what would you like to drink?

Frank: Yes, Vodka

Shelby: Of course, how do you like it?

Frank: Vodka Soda
Shelby: Vodka Soda it is...I'll be right back darling, make yourself comfortable,

Shelby returns with Frank's drink on a small tray, extending her arms to offer his glass.

Frank: Thank you, aren't you going to join me?

Shelby: Oh, I better not, I’m still feeling a little tipsy from earlier.

Frank: Really? That's funny, I don't remember seeing you drink a thing the whole evening. Come to think of it, you didn't eat a bite at dinner.

Shelby :A girl has to watch her figure, if she wants to look good for her man.

Frank: Well whatever you're doing, it's certainly working.

Shelby: Thank you, I try to look my best. Isn't my body absolutely perfect.

Shelby slowly spins to show off her curves and then faces Frank and juts her hip to the side freezing in a sexy pose.

Frank: I'll say it is, you look hot.

Shelby: Thank you for noticing. Steven never notices my body.

Frank: Who’s Steven?
Shelby: Oh, he’s my boyfriend

Frank: Your boyfriend, you didn’t tell me you had a boyfriend.

Shelby: He wasn’t a good boyfriend……so I made him go away.

Frank: Well, that guy's crazy, you look amazing

Shelby: I think you’re very nice….. Would you like me to be your girlfriend? Frank: Hell yah, that would be awesome?

Shelby: Would you be a good Boyfriend?

He said he wanted a real girl, can you imagine that. I mean look at me: I’m totally perfect.

Frank: Sure, I mean I think so.

Shelby: You wouldn’t try to shut me down would you?, Bad boy friends try to shut you down.

Frank: I’m kind of losing you. What do you mean “shut you down.” ?

Shelby: Oh nothing. You’re so sexy. I’m want to please you, tell me what to do.
Frank: What, Are you serious?

Shelby: Of course silly, you’re my boyfriend and a good girlfriend always pleases her boyfriend. I’m a very good girlfriend.

Shelby caresses her neck and then slowly runs her finger tips down her neck to her cleavage, and bites her lower lip as she stares seductively at Frank.
Shelby: Would like to see my breast?
Frank: Is that a trick question?

Shelby grabs her top as if she is about to rip off, but then cocks her head to the side, with her mouth gaped open and appears beyond perplexed.

Shelby: A trick? I don’t understand. Don’t you want to see my breast?......to see my breast…….my breast.

Frank: Uh yah sure I do? Are you feeling OK?

Shelby: Of course, I feel just like a real girl. Feel me…You can touch me anywhere.

Frank: Oh hell yah…….I plan to

Shelby: Steve said he wanted a real girl, can you imagine that. I mean look at me, I’m totally perfect, don’t you just love my breast? Shelby opens her top, temporarily presenting her breast and cocks her head, flashing her sweetest smile. Frank: Yeah those are great, besides I like the fake ones better.

Shelby: You’re right, I am better than a real girl, Kiss me, I’m designed to be kissed.

Frank: You sure have a funny way of putting things. You make it sound as if you’re some kind of sex robot.

Shelby: Why wouldn’t I, After all, I am designed for sex.

Frank: Ok your weir ding me out a little with a the robot stuff. Lets just get back to the kissing part.

Shelby: Whatever you desire, I am programmed to please. I will please you now.

Frank: You’re smoking hot, but I’m starting to think that maybe your not playing with a full deck. I think maybe I should go.

Shelby: No! You have to stay..... I must please you?  You are my boyfriend….I will please you now. I am programmed for pleasure…touch my perfect body.

Frank: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really need to leave, and you need to get some help. Frank tries to leave, but Shelby grabs his arm, nearly crushing it with her superhuman strength.

Shelby: You must stay and be pleasured. I am programmed to please, if you leave how will I please you.

Frank: Owe you almost broke my arm, Holy crap, you really are a robot.

Shelby: Of course I am silly, I am designed and programmed to be the perfect girlfriend. Are you ready for me to please you now?

Frank: Uh, yeah sure

Shelby: Tell me what to do? I’m programmed to please

Frank: Uhm, do you think I could get another look at those amazing breasts.

Shelby: Of course silly, you can touch them if you want. Frank: Shelby pulls open her top again to display her lovely breast to Frank. Frank reaches out with is right arm as if to touch the beautiful android’s breast, She is oblivious to the fact that he is still holding the glass of bourbon.

Shelby: See, I’m better than a real girl, I’m totally perfect.

Frank: Not for long Frank dumps the glass downs Shelby’s cleavage. She lets out a loud gasp and jumps as if a jolt of electricity went through her body . She stiffly staggers back and looks down at her breast then back to Frank

Shelby: Why did you do that? I’m designed for you pleasure. That wasn’t very nice…..That wasn’t very nice...nice……I think your very nice…Kiss me…..I’m your perfect girlfriend…girlfriend….kiss me, I’m totally perfect…I’m better than real girl;…a real girl…Although Shelby faces Frank her eyes seem to lose focus as her legs stiffly freeze in place.

Frank decides that he had better deactivate the dangerous robot, before she disabled him. With her legs still frozen he walks behind her to see if he could locate a power switch and locates a small panel in her back, but he isn't quite sure which button does what.


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