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Sidnay Adams Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Let go of all thinking

Sidney Adams, adorable, sexy, soft spoken and incredibly cute bond SQUIRTER came to find out that what I do is certainly hotter and more exciting than anything she has=d ever tried before. Needless to say, at first, she seemed a bit nervous but by the time I made her squirt on command, all of her worries were not only gone but she also became a believer. I think I don't need to say more here. Get ready for another sweet and sexy young girl and join her on her journey to bliss in submission.

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Sidnay Adams Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Show your master your dripping wet pussy

Sidney's session starts off hot and exciting and towards the end of this segment, we all get to enjoy her dripping wet pussy. First though we make her feel helplessly touched and slowly brought to orgasm without being able to stop it from happening. I can feel that Sidney is the kind of girl who loves to please a man who takes charge, or in other words, who gets her to submit.

Sure enough, the second I order her to make herself cum for me and to let me feel how much she wants to please, her body starts to go into lustful convulsions. She keeps screaming, I am your pleasing slave master, while slamming her fingers into her wet pussy. Of course we are not done yet. Suddenly her hands (wet from her cum) feel helplessly pulled up in the air while she is made to still feel them between her legs. Sidney has no other choice than to cum again (great close ups of her contracting pussy) for all of us.



Sidnay Adams Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
For my pleasure only

No way out

Want to see some hot "foot action", Squirting Hot Orgasms, entranced stares and wobbly body manipulation, orgasms on my count of three and more. Sure you do, so go ahead.

This next segment leaves our little girl in a puddle of her own cum after a few squirting hard orgasms. First we have her understand that her reason to be here is to please her master and that her body is a my mercy. Sidney drops at the snap of my fingers. Her body wobbles, her eyes a glazed over and it obvious that she has no more thoughts of her own, meaning, no more control over her body and mind. Let's enjoy her (mindlessly) being orgasmed at will. Our little girl cums so hard that it almost drops her on the couch. Of course that is all just warm up. Now comes the part where we get to enjoy her sexy little feet while she is ordered to please herself into oblivion. Needless to say, there is a lot more going on in this one and as mentioned, our little girl ends up squirting all over herself while repeating, I am cuming for my master. Lots of intense action, repetitions, slow entrancement, denied orgasm at the end and, and, and...



Sidnay Adams Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny slaves crawl

Want more crawling, freeze, begging, bondage, yes masters, denied orgasm and or touching herself, zombie/sleepwalker pose, repetitions and more. I have a feeling you do, so go ahead.

Show your master how grateful you are

Sidney has shown that she is obedient and now it is time to see how far we can take her. Horny slaves crawl while finger fucking their wet pussies and that is exactly what we have her do. Sidney's screams must have been heard all over the neighborhood (luckily everybody knows us and I have a feeling most of our studio neighbors love the entertainment) This time though, she is not allowed to cum, after all, she needs to learn to beg for it. Placed on her knees and made to feel hogtied, our little girl is about to learn that slaves do not have to be comfortable when orgasmed at will. Of course she loves it rough and her sexy young body goes into lustful convulsions. All Sidney wants is to touch herself but that has to wait. Did I mention the part where she is frozen stiff and rendered mindless after.... Too much to list.



Sidnay Adams Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
The power of the mind

I make myself cum for my master

More freeze fun, slowly repeated mantras, power play, entranced stare, limp body and face manipulation, slow mind removal, wet breath controlled orgasm training, some foot play towards the end, slow sleep, zombie/sleepwalker pose, eye checks.

Again, Sidney goes from intense sexual heights all the way down into mindless trance and back to being orgasmed at will. Her stiffly frozen body quivers as she feels her masters power her body and mind. Placed on the couch, her eyes are clued to rotating light which help to suck out the last of her remaining thoughts and will. Time for another wet orgasm while holding and checking out her feet. Sidney's fingers slam into her wet pussy and she keeps screaming, I make myself cum for my master. Placed into the zombie pose, her repetitions of, I am your entranced slave master, are slow as she seems to drop even further. As mentioned, there is more, like the slow sleep (losing all strength before going down) from which she awakens with the insurmountable desire to masturbate for us. Did I mention the breath controlled orgasm training, the limp body play and, and, and..




Sidnay Adams Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Isn't that kind of girlish

I bow to my master

Sidney, who believes to be my older brothers girlfriend, stops by on her way to yoga class, to pick up my brother. Needless to say, she does not seem to appreciate the fact that I am hitting on her and she sure does not like me making fun of her yoga class. I guess, it goes without saying that she is not willing to show me any of those yoga moves either. Well, to make a long story short, it gets to the point where she threatens me to tell my bro about all this which would lead to me getting my ass kicked. We all know that we cannot let that happen, right? Poor thing does not know what hits her but sure enough, she drops like a rock and now she is all mine. Let's enjoy her bowing to her master, posing (yoga), stripping, kneeling, getting herself off (forced) with the vibrator, being hit by unexpected orgasms and so much more. Believe it or not, at the end, she actually wants to be with me and me only. No more other men. After begging me to hypnotize her, she ends up frozen with her finger in her mouth.




Sidnay Adams Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
That's not funny

Sidney, who still believes to be my older brothers girlfriend, wakes up and sure enough, the bitching and the threats continue. We all know how afraid I am of my older brother which leaves me no other chance than to freeze her, put her pants on her head, pose her, force her (in a nice way) to orgasm for us, stick and freeze her finger in her mouth (makes it hard to talk) and so on. Well, it does not make her feel any better but it sure as he... is fun to watch. OK, sticking the vibrator in her panties might not have been fair, but here again, it is fun to watch. Yes, I could have left the vibrator in her panties long enough for her to really cum hard but then again, where is the fun in that. Maybe we try putting the vibrator in her mouth? Not a good idea either but yet again, fun to watch. Needless to say, she does not believe me when I mention that she will not remember any of this and therefore my brother will never know about this. Looks like the waving hand trick sends her into oblivion. Let's enjoy her "blowjob skill" while demonstrating with the vibrator.





Sidnay Adams Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to tell everybody

Sidney, my older brothers girlfriend, wakes up and again, she threatens to tell not only my brother but also my parents about all this. Needless to say, she seems very serious about all this but then, all of a sudden, she laughs her ass off. Poor thing has no idea why she seems to feel tickled. Now she is embarrassed and even more frustrated. Maybe we should freeze her again, at least now she listens. After posing her a bit and taking some pictures of her (for the guys at school) she really had it with the shenanigans. Could it be that she had been h-? No, never, not her. Well, that's what she believes anyways. Again, my statement that in about 40 seconds from now she will want to be with me only and that she will be my obedient slave, does not go over too well, but it happens anyway with the help of the waving hand. Meet my new girlfriend guys



Sidnay Adams Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a Ballerina

Sidney looks absolutely adorable in her cute Ballerina costume and the fact that she believes to be a real Ballerina (who ended up at the wrong shoot) makes it even better. Needless to say, my comments that she looks like a doll and that I have a doll fetish, leave her confused and not really sure whether she should run or stay. Well, running would have been a good idea but before she knows it, she turns into a very cute and extremely horny Doll who even loves to fondle the other dolls (mannequins) She tells us about her beautiful skin, her wet pussy and she even shows us her blowjob skills. Of course she winds down so that we can use the big key to crank her back up and then she masturbates herself, while smiling, to orgasm. Please, please fuck me.



Sidnay Adams Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
That is demeaning to women

Sexy Ballerina turns squirting Robot

This next clip is another hot one and what makes it even better is the fact that our little robot toy squirts all over the place as soon as I "activate" her orgasm program. Really amazing guys. First though, we have our naive Ballerina wake up, not remembering what had happened. Again, she emphasizes the fact that she is a Ballerina and that she has no interest in my crazy ideas. I mean, turning women into robots, is quite demeaning to women and she sure as he.. would not let that happen to her. Oh well honey, there is always a first. Robotic walk, intense masturbation with squirting hot outcome, yes masters, salutations, programming, activation and deactivation of programs, personality and so much more.




Sidnay Adams Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
How feet can make a girl squirt

This next segment is all about the entrancement of an unruly wife who ends up a squirting foot slave with no mind of her own. Of course there is also some action for our pantyhose fans as well as our freeze lovers. Sidney, who believes to be my wife, is just about ready to go to a fetish party without me. We all know that's not going to happen and before she knows what hits her, she drops into a more, let's call it, manageable state of mind, aka state of entrancement. I am in the mood for some foot action tonight.

Needless to say, my entranced wife not only has no objection, in fact, she seems to love enticing me with her sexy size 6 feet. Sidney tells us all about her painted little sexy six feet and how much she loves to please us with them. Things get hot quickly and before you know it, she goes nuts. The slightest touch of my hand on her feet makes her orgasm wet and hard. At some point I decide to freeze her before slowly checking out her stiff feet. Of course she does kind of bitch a bit once she becomes aware of all this but that does not last for long, thanks to the waving hand. There is a lot more to come all the way to her squirting wet orgasm that leaves her in a huge puddle of her own cum.




Sidnay Adams Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Another smoking hot one

Sidney, does not seem to remember what just happened, does seem a bit confused though about the situation she finds herself in. Oh well, she will get over it. Still, she talks about going to the fetish party with her friend. Some girls are slow learners. First though, she really needs to smoke a cigarette. I am sure you guys have seen some of my "smoking" segments and I have a feeling you might have an idea what happens when she smokes those special cigarettes I brought her. Again, Sidney goes nuts and before long, my prudish wife turns into an oversexed horny little bimbo. They should really include those side effects on the pack : May cause intense desire for physical pleasures, mind numbing and awareness reducing, insurmountable desire to finger fuck ones wet pussy and so much more.





Sidnay Adams Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The next logical step is to malfunction

Franks girlfriend is helping him move into his new place. There are boxes, various appliances and miscellaneous furniture strung about the room, with no rhyme or reason to their placement. Sidney walks in with a box of books, and with her knees stiffly locked she bends over at the waist and places it on the floor next to a couple of stereo speakers.

There is something not quite right about the girl, her posture seems to be a bit stiff , her motions a bit to precise, and her demeanor a bit to removed. Her voice is a bit too pleasant and even toned. She begins often begins a sentence staring off into one direction and then mid sentence turns her head and then resumes the sentence staring off in other direction.

Sidney I believe that to be the last box. The next logical step would be to designate appropriate locations for all of your items and move them accordingly.

Frank "and move them accordingly" you crack me up, you're always so formal. Yah we definitely got to find a place for this crap Well I just got the entertainment center put back together, lets get the stereo hooked up so we can listen to some music, while we work.

Sidney That is a very logical plan.

Frank logical?

Sidney Yes, studies have shown that music can enhance work performance especial in the execution of menial task

Frank "execution of menial task"……….You're too cute!

Sidney Oh my, have I exceeded the acceptable level of cuteness

Frank Why of course not, you're exactly the right combination of cuteness and hotness………OK, I'll get the cd deck and the turn table, why don't you grab one of those speakers.

Sidney looks down at the two speakers sitting in the floor, she appears a bit nervous and looks back up at Frank as if to confirm his request.

Frank Yeah those right next to you, just grab one and set it over their, while I hook up the cables.

Sidney Oh those are much to heavy for me to carry, perhaps I could help you with the turntable.

Frank: Don't be ridiculous, they can't half as much as that box of books you just brought in, In fact I think the turn table weight more than they do. Be a doll and grab that one by your leg.

Sidney But I am not a doll, dolls are artificial as you can see, I am not artificial, I am a human female, I am not a doll.

Frank Ok I didn't mean to be sexist, let me rephrase the request. Please do me a favor and bring the speaker over here.

Sidney But speakers have magnets……….

Frank: So

Sidney: Magnets are dangerous……………

Frank Who told you that?………….It's not like I'm setting them next to my computer………If you don't want to help me just sit down and I'll get them.


Sidney Negative…….I will comply with your request…………

Frank Woah babe, don't hold it like that you're to drop it, hold it to your body and won't feel so heavy.

Sidney I don't think that's such a good idea

Frank If its that big a deal just put it down, I'm sorry I asked

Sidney Negative…….I will comply with your request…………

Sidney pulls the speaker to her chest and grimaces as if it is a bomb about to go off, put appears relieved when nothing happens. She l looks up at Franks and smiles. Sidney Hey Look Nothing happened, I'm perfectly fine…..perfectly fine Sidney cocks her head to the side, drops the speaker and freezes for a moment with a wide-eyed star and sickeningly sweat smile on her face. She then resumes her meltdown Stating her name and then cocking her head to the side with an additional statement time and again.

Sidney Hi I'm Sidney…… I'm perfectly fine………… Hi I'm Sidney……… I'm perfectly fine. Hi I'm Sidney……… I'm your girl friend……Hi I'm Sidney……… I'm your girrrl friend…….Hi I'm Sidney……I'm perfectly fine…….I'm perfectly fine……….I'm per…per…perfect……  directory……..Error……..Error………system corrupted

Frank Holy crap, you're not real………Your some kind of robot.

Sidney collapses to the floor as her body jerks and spasms. She finally settles onto her back. her speech less fluid, chopped into distinct syllables followed by unnaturally long pauses. Her hers to the left and right in unison to each syllable

Sidney's arms collapse out to her sides and her head falls backward. Starring off into space she enters into a continuous loop.

Sidney: Kiss me…I'm a real girl……..a real girl……..a real girl……..a real girl……..a real girl……..a real girl……..a real girl……..a real girl……..a real girl……..


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