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Siren Thorn Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Learn to like to have no control

Siren Thorn, stunningly beautiful China doll with an amazingly sexy young body, considers herself to be more of a dominatrix rather than a submissive and the idea of letting herself completely go made her feel a bit nervous at first.

After talking to her for just a few minutes though, I could sense that there was something in her that made her want to find out what it would feel like to let go of all control and to feel herself like never before. Siren is a very sensual and extremely sexual young woman and that together with her lovely and quite bubbly attitude makes her irresistible. In other words, I could not wait for the session to begin and as it turned out, Siren quickly became one of my best subjects and our afternoon together turned into another one of my intense training sessions. By allowing to let herself go and to surrender all control, Siren was finally able to experience her sexuality and of course her body in ways she never thought was possible. I could go on and on about how wonderful and intense the session was but I think the best way to find out is to just watch her clips.

The first part of our session shows already how good of a subject our little girl is. There is a whole lot of head and eye movement which shows how nicely she went with all of my suggestions and deepeners. Towards the end, I started making her feel aroused by letting her feel and know that she has no control over anything as long as I say so.

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Siren Thorn Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to long for being used and taken

Siren's legs are spread far apart by an invisible force. The feeling of being exposed and vulnerable seems to turn her on and I keep making her feel helplessly used. Her beautiful young body starts to quiver and shake and I can feel her trying to suppress her lust. That is what I was hoping for because I want her to feel her surrender with an intensity she had never felt before.

Slowly but surely, I keep driving her up the wall by making her feel the stimulation on her clit and the deep hard penetration with more and more intensity. Siren's body is quivering and rolling all over the bed and I can feel that I have gotten to her and my suggestions work. Her moaning and groaning turns into lustful screams and I can feel that she is giving in to her own lust. I make her long for my control and now her body goes into convulsions. Siren starts begging me to take all control away from her and to make her serve me. I decide to orgasm her with her legs spread far apart which makes her feel even more helpless. Once she orgasms I keep her cuming for quite a while, just so she understands who controls every part of her.



Siren Thorn Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please allow me to cum for you

First open eyed stares, orgasms on command, begging and the feeling of being completely exposed and vulnerable lead to uninhibited surrender. Siren's legs are spread far apart and she is not allowed to close them. I want her to feel exposed, helpless and vulnerable. She has no control over her hand which keeps massaging and rubbing her wet pussy to the point where all she wants to do, is to orgasm. Of course she is not allowed to make herself cum without my permission.

The feeling of being, helpless, wide open and exposed with no control over her hand is driving her crazy for lust. It gets even more intense when she is orgasmed on my count to three without being allowed to close her legs during the orgasm, which is not easy at all for most women; “please I want to cum for you”.

Of course that is all just the warm up. Siren's eyes are wide open and fixated on the crystal that I am holding up and she feels deeply penetrated and mercilessly fucked. I have her repeat the mantra: "serve and obey" throughout a series of orgasms until her mind is gone and her empty body quivers and shakes like a leaf, “please make me your love slave." Siren's empty stares are intense and I can feel her surrender. Too much going on to describe it all...



Siren Thorn Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Teach me to obey

I don not need a mind, I do not need to think

I am mindless and fucked

Siren's legs are forced apart and she is completely absorbed and consumed by her own lust, in other words she is ready for deep programming. Her legs are wide open and she is slamming the glass dildo into her wet pussy while the vibrator is forcefully thrusting on the tip of her clip. I have her repeat the mantra, "Train me" over and over. I think I mentioned this before but just in case any of you forgot, the best time to program a subject is when their conscious mind is either reduced and relaxed or completely absorbed.

Siren is going nuts and I can see her wet pussy dripping down her legs. After a couple of deep hard orgasms, Siren is ready for the take over. All of a sudden, Siren's hands are forced behind her head and her legs are spread far apart. She feels deeply penetrated and mercilessly fucked. Her body goes into lustful convulsions while she is mindlessly staring at the crystal. She keeps repeating, “I am mindless and fucked” until her eyes role into oblivion. Dramatic and intense.



Siren Thorn Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to please you. (8.5 min)

First freeze and breath controlled orgasms into complete exhaustion

Put on her knees, with one hand and arm suspended in the air and the other one uncontrollably pleasuring her wet pussy, Siren is driven up the wall yet again. Her sexy little body is quivering and shaking and I can feel that she wants to orgasm very badly. Repeating, “I was born to please you”, drives her even more insane for lust. It is obvious that the more controlled she feels the more aroused she gets.

A series of intense breath controlled orgasms make her almost pass out but that would be too early, right? I decide to freeze her in place and then make her feel helplessly fucked until I allow her to orgasm for me. Now it is time to make her give it all up. Her body is allowed to unfreeze but the orgasms continue until she has no more strength left. Her beautiful young body quivers and twitches while she keeps cumming for me as she drops into the abyss. Her exhausted and sleepy body is now at my disposal. Dramatic stares, limp body play and intense eye checks.



Siren Thorn Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
I have never cum like this before

I have never felt like this before

Siren is an amazingly good subject, when you watch some of the above clips, I am sure you will agree. In this next segment, she experiences her most intense orgasm ever and believe me, she means it when she says that she has never orgasmed like this before. I have her slowly come back from the last segment in which she came so hard for me that it made her pass out. The feeling of having no control is what drives her over the edge. Siren's pussy is dripping wet as I have her use the glass dildo again. Her big eyes are staring at me and the more I make her feel helpless the more she wants to be a good little girl. She keeps repeating that she has never felt like this before and that she has never orgasmed like this before. I wish I could describe the intensity of her orgasms and the way it makes her feel, better than this. See for yourself and you will know. More eye checks and play after she is out again.



Siren Thorn Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The horny gold digger

Siren believes to be on a train ride and unfortunately there is this guy who keeps hitting on her. Guess who the guy, sitting across from her is? OK, you guessed it. Siren seems absolutely not interested in me and she keeps mentioning her boyfriend and whatever. I think it might have something to do with the age difference or maybe my looks. Who knows and who cares. Things change quickly though once she recognizes me from my picture on Forbs magazine. Oh my god, you are the inventor of the new smart phone and even better yet, one of the ten richest men in the world.

Slowly but surely, my little gold digger becomes very interested in me and starts to do all the things I ask her to do, like spend the weekend in Aspen with me, show me her ass, pantyhose, breasts and some really hot masturbation. Before she even knows what hits her, my little sweetie ends up being a very horny, good little girl. This is a great transformation from being absolutely not interested to slowly but surely giving in to my advances until finally turning into a promiscuous horny toy. Pantyhose lovers will enjoy this one as well.




Siren Thorn Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The mindlessly horny gold digger

More rolling eyes into deep trance

My sexy little gold digger is excessively horny and very promiscuous by now and I keep driving her even wilder by running the magic wand over her nipples and pussy. Her hands are deep down in her pantyhose and I can hear how wet her tight pussy is by now. All she wants to do is please me and before she even knows what hits her, my little girl is staring at the wand. Her eyes are wide open and I can see them rolling back as she drifts deeper into lustful trance. Although she is going nuts for lust, she seems to try to hold on to what ever little bit of control she might still have. Now its time for Siren to take off her pantyhose and use the lipstick vibrator drive her out of her mind. Siren begs and screams and although she knows that she will turn into a completely mindless slave with no will of her own, she is has no choice but to orgasm herself under my control; very intense and incredibly sensual.




Siren Thorn Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Mrs. Smartass does not drink in the sun

Mrs. Smartass, my sexy teacher, seems to feel very uncomfortable when I surprise her on the beach. Poor thing even blushes when I mention how sexy her little bikini is. At first she tries to get rid of me while trying to cover up, really too cute to watch. Suddenly she sees the beer in my hand and that really sets her off. Of course, being my teacher and all, she would never drink, particularly not on the beach. Little does she know that when ever I snap my fingers she feels as if she is having a big shot of her favorite liquor. Not much happens on the first couple of times, except her strange reaction to the shots. Mrs. Smartass is getting fucked up and horny in the sun, snap by snap, so to speak. This is a great transformation from being Mrs. Proper to becoming a and oversexed sex toy. My sexy teacher ends up orgasmed out, and with rolling eyes in mindless bliss. Very intense segment, yet again.



Siren Thorn Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, orgasmed and zombiefied Mrs. Smartass

Lots of aware as well as unaware freezes, the magic hand, embarrassing moments, disbelief and finally a very well trained and promiscuous Mrs. Smartass.

Siren snaps out of it and has no clue as to what has happened to her. All she knows is that her beautiful breasts are hanging out of her top and that she is wet between her legs. Embarrassed to be seen by her student like this, she tries to cover up and head out. Unfortunately though, her sexy body freezes up in the middle of her attempt to leave. Frozen yet fully aware, she desperately tries to make sense of all this and even more importantly she feels very awkward about being helplessly undressed again.

Of course she doe not believe that when I wave my hand in front of her face, her mind will go away leaving her blank. No way, how would that... Oops, just like that. Next, Mrs. Smartass finds herself walking around in circles with her arms stretched out in front of her, just like a zombie. Can things get worse? Try being frozen, fully aware and masturbated by your own hand which seems to be the only part of her body that still moves. Unable to stop the inevitable orgasm, her body unfreezes but she still can not stop pleasuring herself. To make things worse, here comes the waving hand again. Mindless and…




Siren Thorn Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
How a game of paper, scissors, rock leads to reduced IQ and intense lust

No I am not worried and what do you mean by IQ reduction? You are kidding, right? Well not really but you seem smart enough to lose a couple of rounds, my little sweetie. Siren believes to be a contestant in a TV game show. Ready to play and of course to win a lot of money, she has agreed to the terms and conditions of the game. The winner decides what the loser has to do after each round.

Of course this being a late night show, the winner can ask the loser to do pretty munch anything, from dancing and stripping to being sapped by the IQ reducer also know as the inhibiter. Siren feels pretty confident that the "Sapper" can neither reduce her IQ nor can it make her feel uninhibitedly horny. She feels even more confident after winning a couple of rounds but than all of a sudden her luck runs out. I wonder who fixed the game. Anyway, the stripping does not seem to bother her as much as the IQ sapper.

Every time she gets sapped by it her head seems to spin but of course it does not have any other effects on her. Maybe somebody should tell her that playing with herself in public, forgetting the rules of the game, giggling and hitting on the host of the show, is not really all that normal. It is really fun to watch her reaction when she keeps losing, her intense transformation under the "Sapper" and of course her uninhibited self pleasuring.




Siren Thorn Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Fuck me that is what I am here for

How a game of paper, scissors, rock leads to minimal IQ, the desire to get fucked and rolling eyes into horny oblivion.

Siren's state of mind keeps deteriorating. The severe loss of IQ becomes more and more obvious. At some point she does not even remember what game we are playing. All she seems to interested in, is to get fucked. Playing with herself seems to have become more important then playing the game. The IQ reducer keeps hitting her and she slowly but surely turns into a quite stupid yet very horny mess. Bed over the couch with her ass pushed out she prepares her tight little pussy to get fucked. Speaking of getting fucked, that seems to be the only thing she is interested in. Lot's of mindless stares and rolling eyes towards the end, very intense orgasms and lot's more. This segment shows how a smart young woman turns into a horny, quite stupid little bimbo.



Siren Thorn Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a robot, I will obey my master

Who would not like to program a beautiful young girl to become a perfectly programmed fembot? Siren, who believes to be a stripper at the local club stops by my jewelry store on her break to look for a necklace that would go with her new costume. Like all women, she loves to look at jewelry and my warning that my jewelry might have side effects seems to go right over her head. I guess the idea that my necklaces are connected to my computer and that they might receive mind altering frequencies seems a little too far fetched for her. All that changes of course, once she tries on one of my master pieces. Poor thing, she does not even get a chance to look at herself in the mirror.

Her face seems to drop, her body straightens out, her eyes stare into nothingness and her personality seems completely removed: “I am a robot, I will obey my master”. What comes next is very intense and not easy to describe. My new toy is driven up the wall for lust but then she is unable to orgasm due to a system problem. No matter how close I let her get, she just can not seem to orgasm herself.

Looks like it might be a malfunction in her internal programming. Of course there is a lot more going on, everything from simple tests and repetitions, floor cleaning, self spanking, nipple pinching, bottomless masturbation, zombie pose, walk and more; with a very Hot ending as well. My little fembot is orgasmed until her battery runs down, leaving her just enough strength to deactivate herself. I first thought about splitting this segment into two segments but its too hot not to see it in its entirety.



Siren Thorn Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
A different kind of torture

Siren believes to be a captured spy who is absolutely not willing to share her secrets with me. Suddenly, she feels the force field of the couch. Unable to get off the couch and or to move, she has no choice but to endure the tickle torturer. Her entire body, including her feet feels tickled by hundreds of hands and her sexy young body trembles and shakes while she is laughing her head off. It gets even worse when she suddenly feels fucked and orgasmed while still feeling the tickling. She starts begging me to stop but that would be too early, right? My little spy is tickled and orgasmed at will until she drops like a rock. Of course there is more power play going on.

At some point she can not help but to pinch her own nipples while being tickled and orgasmed and the suggestion that she has to cum for me just because I say so, definitely drives her up the wall. Some people just love to please. After a brief deepening, my reluctant spy comes back and this time she can not seem to stay away from her own feet. It gets dramatic and very hot when I grab her foot in my hand and...... Siren really gets into her feet and touching and massaging them drives her crazy for lust. Lots of intense orgasms, tickling and foot play and even more power play.


Siren Thorn Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
Horny and very sleepy Spy's final surrender

My sexy little spy wakes up after a brief deepening and I can feel that she knows that I have some kind of power over her but the idea that I can put her out in an instant seems too far off. A slight tap on her forehead makes her drop like a rock. This one is really hot, the second she feels my hand on her forehead, her eyes widen slightly then she looks at me for a second or so and then it hits her as if she was struck by lightning. Let's try this again, shall we? Up and awake again, Siren seems to be even more doubtful. Nobody has that kind of power over me. Well, let's see, what was your name again? Oops, here she drops again. OK, let's try this one more time. Did I mention that my little spy is orgasmed at my will a number of times, played with and moved around in her deep sleep? What makes this segment even hotter is that I tell her what is going to happen before it happens and every time she tries her best to avoid the inevitable. Very sensual segment with intense power play...




Siren Thorn Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
I am trained in the art of pleasing men

Am I pleasing you master?

This week’s robot story is about a beautiful Geisha who is hired to serve and entertain business associates at a party. Highly trained in the arts of music, dance and entertaining, seductive dancing and fulfilling any sexual desires her clients might have, our sexy china doll seems perfect for the job. Of course she has to be inspected by the host of the party who wants to make sure that he gets what he paid for. Everything seems to go smoothly at first but when she starts talking about her low battery charge in the middle of her very seductive masturbation, it finally dawns on the unsuspecting host that she is not quite what he ordered. Everything from seductive dance, bowing, hot masturbation, malfunction and repairs. We just wish someone had told our sexy little Geisha that she is not quite human.







Siren Thorn Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
What more can I offer my master?

In the second part of our fembot story, our beautiful and perfectly programmed Geisha appears absolutely fine and her pleasing and seductive ways are starting to drive the host absolutely crazy. I don't know whether you have ever seen a beautiful, incredibly well mannered yet very horny Geisha in action but if you have not, this is your chance. After another unfortunate malfunction due to our Geisha's faulty battery, our host even has to revert to making her cum with a vibrator while charging her with the quick start device. At first his repair and reprogramming attempts seem to work but after another very hot masturbation, our Geishabot goes out of whack again. Her motor skills are way off, her speech is monotone and whatever she says just does not make sense. Yet another repair attempt proves to be...Both segments are really hot and Siren is perfect for the part.






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