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Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Imagine all the....

Slyyy and Whitney, what a match made in... well maybe not heaven but at least at the "doc's" office. Who would have thought that we would ever be able to enjoy watching the two enjoying each other's pussies while deeply under you know what. Of course there is a whole lot more they enjoyed besides eating pussy but we will get to that later. For now enjoy two beautiful and absolutely amazing subjects being trained and tamed. This one is certainly another "Director's choice".

Whitney had been in a while ago but I was certain they a rapid induction would take her down right away again and it certainly did

Slyyy on the other hand had been in not too long ago and I had a feeling the old triggers would work just perfectly and as it turned out, they did. Our horny beauty dropped as soon as I mentioned the slee...word and now it was time for some intense warm up, if you know what I mean.

The girls started to quiver and shake, moan and groan as soon as I suggested that they would soon be crazy about each other wet pussies. Of course that was just the beginning. I decided to let Slyyy (entranced and mindless) take control of Whitney's limp and immobilized body. You can tell that Slyyy enjoys running her hands slowly and seductively all over Whitney's limp body. Whitney's dim and gazed over eyes are wide open when she....

Limp play, eye checks, stares and...


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Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Train her for your master

Make her surrender

Make her scream, squirm and beg

As I always say, a horny mind can be easily programmed and now it is Slyyy's job to drive Whitney, who is still limp and immobilized, up the wall for lust so that I can program her distracted mind. Slyyy's skilled hands start to caress Whitney's already quivering body while her tongue works her way down to Whitney's wet pussy. Whitney goes crazy under her friends tongue and I can feel she is ready to do anything I say. Needless to say, she has to wait to be allowed to cum until I...

Of course there is more. Both of our beauties end up standing in the zombie pose while slowly repeating their first mantra, I am just your toy master, while slowly removing more and more of their "excess" clothing. Great zoned out stares, mindless repetitions, yes masters, rolling eyes. orgasms on command and more mindless repetitions like, "mindless slaves"




Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Helplessly fondled, eaten out and used

Slyyy drops like a rock as soon as I give her the sleeep trigger. Now it is Whitney's turn to "tam" her friend into submission. Whitney slowly and mindlessly repeats her master's orders before seductively fondling her helpless victim. She checks her eyes, messes with her face and even kisses her sleeepy toy before working her way down to eat her wet pussy. At some point, Slyyy seems to wake up but Whitney takes control over her again by placing her hand over Slyyy's nose and mouth until she goes back into Lala land. Slyyy's beautiful body starts to quiver and shake under Whitney's tongue while I am messing with her limp body, check her (white) eyes and.... Too much going on to list it all but certainly another amazingly hot segment.



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Rag-doll play

This next one is all about me taking my time moving, posing and messing with our two sleeeping beauties. Of course I have to do some eye checks, pull them, drop them, pose them with their faces in the other girls pussy, open their mouth, check their feet (closely) and so much more.




Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained to please and to mindlessly obey

More rolling white eyes, entranced stares, breath controlled orgasm training, limp play, yes masters and so much more

Now all the girls want to do is to make passionate love to each other but that is just the beginning. Programmed to show their master who is the better slave and who can make the other girl orgasm first, they go crazy for lust and the desire to be "the One" The girl who orgasms first is being put to sleeep by her opponent (hand over mouth and nose) and then fondled. The winner (Whitney) is then taught in the art of the "breath controlled" orgasm which eventually makes her pass-ou... There is too much going on to describe it all. Let's pose our sleeeping beauties and mess with them before having them slowly come back for.




Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Entranced, posed, frozen and objectified

gain there is so much going on here that I don't even know where to start. Both of our beauties are in deep trance (unblinking stares) while seductively posing their sexy bodies for us. It gets even hotter when our "toy store mannequins" pose together. I cannot tell you how sexy they are together. Suddenly their bodies freeze up in the midst of their posing. Now it is my time to pose my entranced and mindlessly staring little toy. Slyyy's hand (which I had posed there) slowly starts to move as if it had a mind of its own (the rest of her body remains frozen). Needless to say, Whitney's frozen body starts to quiver and her eyes roll back before she cums all over Slyyy's hand.

Let's turn them into a couple of mindlessly staring puppets on strings and them make them dance a bit by pulling those "strings"

Want more? I had a feeling. Go ahead and enjoy watching them being turned into a couple of stiffly moving "looping" robots who keep repeating, yes master, over and over



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
A horny mind does not think

This is another really amazing one. Slyyy has been rendered mindless and she is just standing there aimlessly staring into nothingness. Whitney on the other hand is mindlessly horny and obsessed with making her little friend a better and even more obedient love slave by driving her up the wall for lust so that she can be programmed even more deeply. Like I always say, a horny mind does not think and can be easily programmed. Whitney slowly works her way down to Slyyy's juicy pussy and she then takes her time to make her horny friend scream for lust. Slyyy keeps repeating over and over, I do anything my master says while her beautiful body goes into intense lustful convulsions. Finally Whitney is allowed to finish her off on my command. It really is not easy to describe the intensity with which Slyyy orgasms all over her friends face but I am certain you will see and feel her honest felt surrender.

There is a lot more to cum. Next we get to enjoy watching Slyyy mindlessly eating out Whitney's wet pussy, after all, we have to be fair here. Whitney goes just as crazy as her little friend did earlier and her repetitions of, I must obey my master, turn into screams of uncontrollable lust. There is more. Did I mention the part where both of our entranced beauties crawl in circles while....?



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Brainless foot slaves

In this next segment I decided to use a high frequency sound device to turn our horny beauties into mindlessly obedient foot slaves who love to suck, kiss, worship and eventually use each other's feet to bring each other to orgasm. It is amazing to watch what they come up with in order to very slowly and sensually worship each other's feet while getting more and more excited themselves. I cannot get into all the details but let me tell you this much, it's a foot lover's dream. Of course at some point they have to entice us with those sexy and well taken care of feet by offering them to us (hot toe spreading, wrinkles and all you other favorites. Watch what happens when I sensitize their feet through my touch. Enjoy watching them go through the proverbial roof. As mentioned a foot lover's dream.




Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Robot Movie Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
Who needs Frank

Whitney comes over to visit her friend Slyyy.

W: Whitney looks around the room and whispers Is Frank gone?

S: Just us girls, Frank left an hour ago. Did you bring it?

W: Right here girlfriend, everything a synthetic girl needs. (Whitney raises a tote bag to present as proof) but Seriously, I have all the tools and parts we could possibly need

S: I don't know about this, I mean what if something goes wrong. I mean what if one of us fries a mother board or something?

W: You and I both have fail-safes to prevent that and we can easily repair anything else, besides I've done it plenty of times with Sam, and I'm still functioning.. You're just afraid that I'm too much android for you :):)

S: Just shut up and kiss me (the two make out for second, before Whitney breaks their embrace)

W: Not bad, but I think you're out matched today, I'm going to short you out so bad, you wont know your own name

S: I hope Sam kept your warranty , he's going to need it.

W: OK lets get this show on the road (Slyyy walks behind Whitney and slips her hands under Whitney's shirt. She wastes no time, finding her access panel)
OK Just like I told you, increase sensitivity by 300%

W Hey what are you doing back their?

S: ooops I accidentally flipped the wrong switch, Its fine now I flipped it back. Sorry my bad...Ok here it goes

W: Sensor lock disengaged. ..(Slyyy reaches around with her right hand and twist Whitney's right nipple)

Sensitivity increased 100% (Slyyy twist again) Sensitivity increased 200% (Slyyy twist again) Sensitivity increased 300% Warning Sensor levels exceed design parameters Whitney takes a deep breath and shakes her head as if she is dizzy and tries to regain her composure Wow, that always feels so weird - Your turn You ready?

S: Sensor lock disengaged. W: Huh, its not working, I wonder if

S: Sensitivity increased 100% (Whitney twists again) Sensitivity increased 200% (Whitney twist again) Sensitivity increased 300% Warning Sensor levels exceed design parameters

W: Whoever wired you had dyslexia Slyyy seems much more effected and staggers back and forth slightly. She appears quite wobbly and her eyes are unfocussed for a moment. She quickly recovers and lets out a sigh of relief)

S: You're were right, that is weird (Slyyy tries to walk away from Whitney, but is quickly pulled back as Whitney raises her arm slightly to flip a switch) W: Hold on darling I'm not done with you yet!! 


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