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Slyyy & Whitney Morgan Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmed, rendered willing and used

Want more action, try imagining a couple of entranced bisexual beauties mindlessly masturbate each other's pussies while slowly repeating the words "mindless and horny" Sounds good? Watch what happens when they drop back into mindless trance (more rolling white eyes) after having been orgasmed on command. Still want more? Try imagining those same bisexual beauties making passionate love to each other while trying to force the other girl to orgasm first. This time Slyyy has the upper hand and she makes her quivering and shaking little friend orgasm at her will before putting her to sleep by placing her hand over her victims mouth and nose. Want more? Sure you do. Imagine watching Slyyy having her way with our sleeepy Whitney. Slyyy really loves the limp play and she takes her time to fondle her victim, move and pose her, play with her feet and so much more. Still want more? Imagine watching them being put to slee... and then being posed and messed with by their.... Now you can stop imagining and just buy the clip and see for yourself.



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
One way or another you will go to our parties

Slyyy believes to be visiting and welcoming her new (and somewhat stuck up) neighbor to the neighborhood. Whitney, our stuck up and as it turns out, quite prudish housewife seems touched by her neighbors visit and being the perfect host and all, she invites her in. Big mistake honey. Needless to say, Whitney seems shocked when Slyyy mentions the "lifestyle" swinger parties and she gets even more offended when she realizes that Slyyy was actually inviting her to join one of them. It is a long story but the girls are fantastic.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Slyyy puts her prey into a sleeepy deep trance by blowing a special kind of, let's call it, smoke in her face. Whitney's eyes roll back and before she knows it, her immobilized body is under Slyyy's control. Helpless and out, she is moved, fondled, French kissed and eventually orgasmed and... Poor thing tries to resist at some point but again, the "smoke" knocks her right back out



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a horny slut

Whitney, our prudish neighbor, wakes up only to be h- (swinging watch) by her captor and despite her futile fight, she now believes that she is and has always been a horny slut who loves to eat pussy. Time for me to render Slyyy just as dim and mindless and to then enjoy watching my two horny slaves masturbate, finger fuck and eventually eat each other's pussies until they are allowed to cum. Of course there is more. Slyyy is rendered weak and helpless while Whitney has to proof how much she loves to eat pussy while I am playing with her limp body. Still there is a lot more to come but I am sure you are getting the picture.



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
What's wrong with being a horny slut?

This one is a lot of fun. Here we get to enjoy watching the girls go back and forth between being happy horny sluts who love nothing more than being just that and then, at the snap of my fingers, they suddenly realize what I am doing to them which makes them (of course) feel used and abused. What makes it even more fun is when my two horny sluts offer to give me a blow job. Yes, both at the same time, that is what horny sluts do. Wait until you see them snap out of it while being frozen solid (still with their mouths open to receive) but now of course they frantically change their tune. Want more freeze, slut talk, begging for mercy and more? Go ahead and catch this one.



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Slutty kittens have...

Slyyy and Whitney wake up and now they find themselves stuck in a cat body. Needless to say, all they can say is meow. I cannot get into all the details here but they go back and forth between being horny little kitten and or hiss and bitch in a meowing kind of way that is. Of course they love cat nip, play with toys chase the laser pointer and grab cat pussy. I know how that sounds but it is a lot of fun until the end when they realize that they are stuck in their (meowing) cat bodies.



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I got this honey

Both girls are now made to believe that they are a couple of dominant ball busters who show up at a clients house at the same time. Oops, looks like the agency made a mistake and send both of them to the same house. Needless to say, they seem quite upset when I tell them that I can only pay for one and that they have to figure it out among themselves. Sure enough, our two ball busters get into a fight that turns ugly quickly. Suddenly Whitney grabs Slyyy's throat and squeezes it until her opponents eyes roll back and she passes-out. Now that is being dominant, don't you think. Of course Whitney does not stop here. Now it is time to humiliate, fondle and mess with the loser's limp body.

There is way too much going on here to describe it all but it sure is hot and well worth seeing. After hypnotizing both of my weak minded ball busters they are more than willing to accept a challenge to proof that they are more dominant than the other girl. Let's see who brings who to orgasm first and who takes care of the loser by putting her to sleeep in the middle of her orgasm. Of course the winner of the challenge gets to mess with the loser's limp body but in the end, they both end up deeply entranced while being placed in the zombie/sleepwalker position. Really hot segment and very intense.  




Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Wrong building honey

These next two segments are for all of you who like to watch a couple of beautiful girls worship each other's feet. needless to say, there is just as much mind control going on as well. Whitney, who believes to be visiting an art show opening at the local museum finds out the hard way that she stumbled into the wrong building which is not open yet for the general public. It all starts pretty innocent when Slyyy, one of the museums security guards, makes her aware of the fact that she is in a restricted area but things change quickly. Whitney seems quite surprised when the security guard pulls out a pocket watch and holds it right up into her face. We all know what happens next. Whitney's eyes glaze over and she slides under Slyyy's spell. What follows next is impossible to describe but it's dam hot. Slyyy takes complete control of her entranced prey while training her to become an obedient foot slave who loves to serve her mistress. Slyyy takes her time to inspect her victims feet in those sexy pantyhose she is wearing, spanks her ass, fondles her curvy body and makes her....  



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Sixteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Slave training

This one starts off with Slyyy teaching her new slave how to worship, suck and kiss as well as sniff her mistresses feet. Believe me guys, watching those two beauties go at it is hot. Slow and very seductive foot slave training at its best. Both girls go crazy for lust and Slyyy is eventually brought to orgasms just by having Whitney suck her feet.

Time for me to take over and to render Slyyy just as mindless and willing as her little friend. As I always say, two foot slaves are better than one. Now we get to enjoy watching the girls bring each other to orgasm by using their sexy little feet in each other's pussies. Of course there is a lot more to come but you will see all that once you watch this segment.

Both girls end up Sleeepy and out so that I can take my time to pose and play with their (limp) feet.



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Clip Seventeen Members - Click here to view this clip
Overcome by Nano-bots

After waking up (with no memory) the girls seem to think that I am nuts when I tell them that they are merely a couple of Fembots who are controlled by programs. Well, believe it or not honey but it is going to happen anyway. Sure enough, helplessly overcome by "Nano-bots" our two beauties learn that they do in fact have programs that make them eat each other's pussies, masturbate each other, prevent them from having orgasms until they are set to do so, fondle each other's synthetic bodies and so much more. Needless to say, the girls final clip is just as sensational as all the once before and definitely a must see.



Slyyy & Whitney Morgan  Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Who needs Frank

Whitney comes over to visit her friend Slyyy.

W: Whitney looks around the room and whispers Is Frank gone?

S: Just us girls, Frank left an hour ago. Did you bring it?

W: Right here girlfriend, everything a synthetic girl needs. (Whitney raises a tote bag to present as proof) but Seriously, I have all the tools and parts we could possibly need

S: I don't know about this, I mean what if something goes wrong. I mean what if one of us fries a mother board or something?

W: You and I both have fail-safes to prevent that and we can easily repair anything else, besides I've done it plenty of times with Sam, and I'm still functioning.. You're just afraid that I'm too much android for you :):)

S: Just shut up and kiss me (the two make out for second, before Whitney breaks their embrace)

W: Not bad, but I think you're out matched today, I'm going to short you out so bad, you wont know your own name

S: I hope Sam kept your warranty , he's going to need it.

W: OK lets get this show on the road (Slyyy walks behind Whitney and slips her hands under Whitney's shirt. She wastes no time, finding her access panel)
OK Just like I told you, increase sensitivity by 300%

W Hey what are you doing back their?

S: ooops I accidentally flipped the wrong switch, Its fine now I flipped it back. Sorry my bad...Ok here it goes

W: Sensor lock disengaged. ..(Slyyy reaches around with her right hand and twist Whitney's right nipple)

Sensitivity increased 100% (Slyyy twist again) Sensitivity increased 200% (Slyyy twist again) Sensitivity increased 300% Warning Sensor levels exceed design parameters Whitney takes a deep breath and shakes her head as if she is dizzy and tries to regain her composure Wow, that always feels so weird - Your turn You ready?

S: Sensor lock disengaged. W: Huh, its not working, I wonder if

S: Sensitivity increased 100% (Whitney twists again) Sensitivity increased 200% (Whitney twist again) Sensitivity increased 300% Warning Sensor levels exceed design parameters

W: Whoever wired you had dyslexia Slyyy seems much more effected and staggers back and forth slightly. She appears quite wobbly and her eyes are unfocussed for a moment. She quickly recovers and lets out a sigh of relief)

S: You're were right, that is weird (Slyyy tries to walk away from Whitney, but is quickly pulled back as Whitney raises her arm slightly to flip a switch) W: Hold on darling I'm not done with you yet!! 




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