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Slyyy Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


My master is calling me

Slyyy is back. Do I really have to say more? I don't think so, except maybe that her session was even better, deeper, more intense and exciting than her first one. I am sure you guys all remember her and if not, check her first session and you will know why she is back for more already. Go ahead and enjoy another real, intense and fun session.

Even though the clip descriptions sound similar, there is something new and different in every clip

I knew when Slyyy was in the first time that she would come back, which made me plant a couple of fun triggers. Here we get to see her walking around the studio without really knowing where she is and why she is here in the first place. The second she hears the high pitched sound (pre-programmed PH trigger) her eyes flicker and then turn dim, her arms rise and she walks into the studio while repeating, "my master is calling me."

Back inside, I decide to deepen her trance. Of course I have to make sure the sleep trigger still works before messing with her limp body (plus eye checks and so on). Of course that is all just the beginning. Time to make her feel aroused again. First though, I immobilize her body by making her feel heavy and unable to move, which of course makes her feel helpless and with that uninhibited. Slyyy's beautiful body starts to quiver and shake under my hands as soon as she feels back under my control. Lot's more to come in this one

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Slyyy Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
OH master

I am my masters object

I am my masters empty slave

Needless to say, Slyyy's session starts with a bang and we all get to enjoy her unforgettable blank eyed stares, seductive posing, intense screaming hard orgasms, begging and pleading, slow repetitions, slow mind reduction, the effects of the waving hand, masturbation and orgasms on command after prolonged periods of having to wait for my permission, first "OH Masters" and so much more.

As you might remember, Slyyy's clips are not easy to describe as there is way too much going on but let me tell you this much, If you enjoy watching a beautiful girl like her being taken to intense sexual heights and back into complete mindless stillness (absence of all thinking) and or hear her beg for me, show and proof how good and well trained she is while being driven into insane lust, then this one is for you.




Slyyy Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Brain replacement

Erotic Dancer

This next one is all about objectification and loss of control (over her muscles and...)

Part one shows how Slyyy's brain is replaced by a mother board, wires and programs or, in other words, she is made to believe to be a robot. This is certainly not your regular Robot clip though as there is a lot more to come afterwards. First tough, Slyyy's body slowly changes as she becomes more and more robotic. Unit Slyyy ready for programming. First we activate her "Exotic dancer" program which makes her (very) seductively dance for us while I slowly increase the level of her arousal. Of course we get to watch her masturbate and orgasm on command while saluting. Lot's more but I think you are getting the picture

Part two is just as hot and very intense. Slyyy drops like a rock as soon as she feels my hand on her shoulder/neck area. In other words, she slowly passes-out with her eyes....

Slyyy has lost all control of her muscles (even over her eye lids) which makes her completely helpless. Looks like all she can do is stare into never-never land while I am checking out her body (including eyes, mouth, feet and so on) I take my time to remove her pantyhose before making her feel helplessly fucked and used.

Imagine a beautiful girl being fully aware yet unable to move while being messed with, orgasms and so much more and I am sure you can imagine how hot this one is. Lots of limp play while she is aware, white eyed surrender, robot play, yes masters, made to masturbate without being in control of it and so much more.




Slyyy Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip

Many of you sent me emails asking me to make more of these kind of clips. Well, here we go. Enjoy Slyyy being made to feel like a cute, sexy, horny, meowing, laser chasing and playful little kitten who gets real dizzy on catnip while turning in circles. Of course that is not all, go ahead and enjoy her transformation into believing she is a very cute yet somewhat unruly little who eventually gets fucked after barking too much. Really a fun clip and there is also some mindless masturbation as well as limp body play to be enjoyed.




Slyyy Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
From seductress to Doll to mannequin to ragdoll to....

You make me tingly inside

There are too many transformations going on to describe them all but it all starts with Slyyy waking up and now she believes that I am the hottest guy she has ever met and that all she wants is to seduce me. I have to say, it was not easy to resist her begging, those seductive and very suggestive moves, her compliments and so. Slyyy is an incredibly seductive woman as it is and now imagine her coming on to you with all she's got. Believe me, it is hot.

Time to render her mindless and to enjoy our beauty as a beautiful naked puppet on strings. Those strings go up and down, move her and eventually let go of her, which makes her drop on the couch like weight. What's a puppet without strings? You guessed it, a ragdoll. Of course our ragdoll has a voice box which makes her able to speak a couple of short sentences, like "you are my master and I am your obedient ragdoll. Of course there is more. Next comes the "human doll and let's not forget the mannequin that can be posed, muted and moved as well as shut off through the "navel button". Unblinking stares, hot seduction and so much more.




Slyyy Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Used and dropped into...

This one is all about her being trained to be the perfect foot slave and it sure shows how much she wants to please and obey. I wish I could describe the intensity with which she offers herself and of course her feet to us while going crazy for lust.


Slyyy Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
The brainy community

Slyyy is yet another contestant on our (quite famous) quiz show and here again, she can make a lot of money or lose her precious IQ. Which will it be. Slyyy, who believes to be a well educated individual who has a PHD in biology, seems to feel very confident and superior over her opponent who happens to be a farmer. Sure honey. Anyway, the rules are simple, get the answer right and win $10 000. Slyyy is warned though that every time she hits the buzzer first, it will zap a few points of her IQ. As I always say, everything has its price.

Slyyy is glowing and certain of her victory when she gets the first couple of answers right but then her luck changes. From dizzy to ditzy in no time. Her transformation from smart, well spoken, confident and clever to dizzy, ditzy, intensely horny, uninhibited, bimboish and eventually dim and mindless, is certainly an absolute delight to watch. I wish I could go into all the details of why and how the "buzzer" takes out her thinking, her funny comments, excuses and the need to keep buzzing away but I am sure you are getting the picture.




Slyyy Robot Movie Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
No time for fun

She seemed perfect and exactly the kind of personal secretary I was looking for. Impressive resume, extensive knowledge of computers, willing to work long hours and most importantly, she was beautiful, how much more could I have asked for. Well maybe one thing; it would have been even more perfect if she had been a little more interested in me, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we continued the interview and I was even more impressed by her when she told me that she was way too work oriented to have a family and of course too busy to have any hobbies.

 I know it sounds too good to be true and yes there was one strange thing about her. Why did she have to repeat herself? First I thought she really wanted to make a point and that is why she kept repeating some of her statements but then things got really strange. It all started with her purse accidentally falling off the table when she tried to hand me a missing page of her resume.

Of course I tried to help her pick up all the stuff she was carrying around (amazing what women can fit into their purses) and pick up a device that appears to be some type of remote control. She gets all flustered and nervous about me holding the remote. Why, what is so special about this thing? To make a long story short, she told me it is a broken entertainment system remote control and I tried to help her fix it.

I reassure her that I am very good at fixing things and really know what I am doing. Ok, pushing buttons on her remote was not the smartest thing to do but who could have known that the remote was actually what controlled her.

Of course she malfunctions and goes down, leaving me with no other choice than to work on her.


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