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Sophia Grace Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


It will never be the same

Sophia Grace, sexy, horny and very curious dirty blond (hair) was in for a live altering experience. Of course neither of us knew that when she first arrived but as mentioned, it should turn out to be quite an "eye opener" for our sexy little girl. What I am trying to say here is that I was able to find the right trigger(s) to make her trust and to completely let go and that lead to her first uninhibited and most powerful orgasms ever.

She told me after the session that she had never experienced anything like this before and that it felt like an amazing release of all kinds of emotional stuff she was carrying around for the longest time. I feel honored to have had the opportunity. What her slow and intense transformation all the way to the end of her session

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Sophia Grace Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Good little girls surrender

Female Training step two

Highlights : uncontrollable orgasms, wide open eyed entranced stares, masturbation, first surrender, programming while the subject is in a state of uncontrollable arousal, thus wide open for my programming and more

Sophia's sexy young body quivers and shakes under my suggestions while I am checking out her sweet tits and... I can feel that she wants to be a good little girl as her desire to orgasm for me becomes more and more obvious. Needless to say, that's the time to "lead" her further and further into surrender and




Sophia Grace Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen stripper

Female training step three

Highlights : Entrancement, dim glazed over stares, touch less orgasms on command, mindless posing and strip dancing, slow repetitions of, "I am under your control master," while in the zombie pose, being brought to orgasm while frozen and helpless, masturbation and more.

Here our sexy young girl learns that she can be orgasmed, rendered mindless, frozen and driven up the wall by her own lust on her master command and whim. Yes masters, seductive dance and posing and hard orgasms  




Sophia Grace Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and mine to use

Female training step four

Now it is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her WET pussy, eyes, ears, hands, navel, feet and so much more. Time to make her feel another orgasm in her sleep.

Before all that though, we bring her to orgasm while being helplessly frozen by making her feel a thrusting vibrator between her legsIt gets even more intense when I allow her to wake up only to realize that she has no control over her muscles, which means, she just lays there with her eyes wide open, fully aware yet no way to do anything. Her pupils widen briefly as soon as she feels penetrated and fucked to orgasm while being helplessly limp.




Sophia Grace Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves crawl for their master

Female training step five

Highlights : Kneeling masturbation, breath controlled orgasm training, crawling in circles, repetitions of, I am your horny slave master," entrancement and vacant stares, mindless posing, being made to feel fucked and used from behind before being brought to orgasm, limp play, yes masters and more.

Enjoy watching her being posed, rendered mindless, orgasmed at will, played with while out, being made to feel fucked doggy style and so much more.




Sophia Grace Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
A woman's place

Sophia, who believes to be my wife, seems to be under the (disturbing) influence of her new girlfriend who is trying to change her and to become more emancipated. I know, it's a horrible word. Anyway, all of a sudden she seems to think that it is OK not to cook, render sexual favors and so on. I don't think so honey. Let's put her under and "change her mind." Sure enough, she fall for the "antique pocket watch" trick and before she knows what hits her, she is back under my control. Now we get to enjoy dance and slowly strip, drive herself up the wall for lust with the vibrator (nice wet pussy) answer by saying yes master, and be driven into a very long (marathon) orgasm.




Sophia Grace Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
A woman's place is in lala land

Now it is all about my sleeepy wife being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her WET pussy, eyes, ears, hands, navel, feet and so much more.




Sophia Grace Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Robots don't make decisions

Sophia, who still believes to be my wife, wakes up not remembering what just happened and sure enough, she rambles on about the fact that women make their own decisions and that she can do whatever she wants to. That might be true for women honey but not for robots. Needless to say, that comment of mine does not make any sense to her until she snaps at attention while referring to herself as robot Sophia. Looks like she needs some serious reprogramming which certainly will put her back into (her) place. Enjoy watching her transformation into an obedient, seductively dancing and posing, masturbating, yes master repeating robot sex-toy.




Sophia Grace Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Relinquish your mind

Sophia believes to be at a fancy Yoga/meditation place and that she is talking to the owner about learning how to do yoga and how to meditate. Needless to say, our young girl is quite eager and follows his instructions to the T. Well, that leaves her mindless and, let's call it, programmable. The fun begins. Now she is programmed to believe everything I say because I am a man and men know. She does seem a bit confused when I mention that she has to be naked to do Yoga but she does slowly remove her clothes.

Now that is better honey. I play with her for a bit before snapping her out of it so that we can enjoy her confused and embarrassed excuses as to why she is naked. You will see that Sophia is genuinely confused but it gets even worse when she tries to get dressed. It seems like she has forgotten how to put on her clothes. Poor thing struggles with her clothes until she is quite frustrated. Let's put her to sleep and then wake her up in the middle of a powerful orgasm. Now that should make her feel even more confused.  



Sophia Grace Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Her best orgasms ever

This next segment is one of my favorites, particularly when she tells us (while begging for more) that those orgasms she just felt were the most intense and hardest ones she ever felt . Believe me, once you watch this you will know that she means what she is saying. Sophia, our sexy Yoga student, wakes up and she is genuinely surprised and confused about the fact that she is naked. She gets even more confused when I tell her to start masturbating and she does it although she knows it is strange and even wrong to do that in front of a stranger. Don't you love the power of suggestions?

 Anyway now we get to enjoy watching her having the most powerful orgasms of her life. It gets even more intense when I make her believe that I am the hottest guy she has ever met. Sophia looks at her wet hands (from her wet pussy) almost in disbelieve and now the fun begins. Watch her experience her longest and most intense orgasm ever while she is begging for more. Marathon orgasm lover's dream.




Sophia Grace Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Yoga may lead to stiffness

This next segment is just as intense and exciting as the last one. Now we get to enjoy watching our Yoga student feeling even more confused (about her nakedness, the intense orgasms and her desire to feel that again although it seems inappropriate) being helplessly frozen stiff and orasmed over and over again before ending up mindlessly entranced in the zombie position




Sophia Grace Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Kitty Yoga

Here we make her believe to be a playful laser chasing, toy hunting little cat which loves to roll around when on catnip. Of course that's not all. It gets really crazy hot again when I make her feel fucked and messed with by a big old male cat. Her meowing can be heard from miles (well almost) particularly when I make her believe that her orgasms intensify with every meow that comes out of her.... Hands free orgasm training, lot's of "kitty play", meowing, prancing, more FREEZE and... Really intense and it shows that it really got her hard  



Sophia Grace Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Moved and swayed

This next one is all about a beautiful blond being frozen, swayed back and forth, orgasmed (for a long time) at will (hands free) slowly put to sleeep, and messed with while limp.




Sophia Grace Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
This is an emergency

If you ever lived in Florida and or visited in the summer time, you know that having your air conditioner go out on a 90 degree day (and a 100 percent humidity) really sucks but imagine that to happen to a beautiful fembot who happens to be in the middle of recharging her battery. Believe me, it is not a pretty picture. Needless to say, her call to the AC repair company sounds more like a 911 call than anything else but it still takes the repair guy (technician) for ever to finally get to her house. after all, everybody claims to have an emergency. Oh well, what can the poor guy do. Needless to say, she goes on and on about needing her AC fixed asap while her condition seems to worsen. What's the poor guy going to do about all this and why does she get naked and.


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