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Chakra color induction

Stacey, cute, horny, bubbly and very curious young girl with not much experience in front of the camera and certainly no experience with what I do which made her a little nervous. At first glance, Stacey seems to be the submissive type and according to her own testimony, she fantasizes a lot about being controlled but unfortunately so far, the men she has been with were not interested and or able to get her under control. Well, as it turned out, Stacey has passive aggressive tendencies which, makes her interesting to play with. Once I figured it out, I simply had to make it clear to her that she was not getting away with it and believe it or not, she was so turned on by having her bluff called upon that her inevitable surrender was almost imminent.

Chakra color and energy induction... Finding a safe place for as long as you are in this house.

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Stacey Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Being controlled is good for you

Feel what it is like to have a master and remember, you are here to follow and obey

Orgasm control is very vital part to a successful female training; because it makes it perfectly clear to the subject who is in charge of not only her body but also her mind. Stacey starts to moan and groan as soon as she feels her legs helplessly spread apart. I keep driving her further into mindless lust and her body starts to quiver and shake under the penetration she is made to feel. The sensitivity of her young body is enhanced in deep trance and before long; our little girl has no other desire than to orgasm for me. She keeps repeating, “It feels good to be controlled” and it is time to reward her by letting her orgasm. Rewarding the female subject leads to increased willingness and subsequent surrender.



Stacey Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Turned into a mindless horny puppet

First mantra, helpless masturbation, yes masters, orgasms on command, slow mind sucking and stares as well as forced orgasm training.

First time mindless and empty

Stacey is overcome by the insurmountable desire to masturbate for me. Unable to stop, she pleasures herself into a state of intense lust which makes programming her a breeze. Repeating “I want to be a good girl” drives her even further up the wall and this is a good time for her to feel that saying “Yes master” for the first time in her life makes her intensely aroused and turned on. Again, it is time to reward her by making her cum on my count of three. Stacey's eyes are fixated on the watch in my hand and I can feel her mind not only slowing down but also slowly drifting out of her. Turned into a mindless yet very horny puppet, our little girl is now easily controllable. The slow over and over repetition of the word “mindless” takes care of the rest of her remaining will and thoughts “I have to obey, I am here to please you”.



Stacey Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Please make me a horny mindless slave

You are not allowed to think

Stacey's eyes are wide open as she is standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her. I wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes just to make sure that there is nobody home as her remaining will is drained out by the lens of my camera (Don't you love the power of suggestion). To make it clear to her that she is an obedient slave, I have her repeat “you are my master; please make me an obedient slave”. Looks like our little girl needs another reward for having been good and she is allowed to cum for me “I am cuming for you master”. More mind reduction and intense orgasm control finally leaves her screaming “I want to be a good little girl”. Of course there is more. In the slave position on her knees, our little girl finds out that even pinching her own nipples will bring her to orgasm, just because her master says so.



Stacey Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am here to serve my master

Crawling, begging, cross eyed mind reduction during orgasm training, mindless stares, lots of repetitions, intense orgasm control and final surrender

Of course the above mentioned highlights are just the tip of the proverbial ice berg. Stacey is driven through her own lust into surrendering to my will. After crawling on the floor while feeling fucked and taken, Stacey is placed on her back and ordered to pleasure herself into a state of mindless lust which, here again, makes it easy for me to remove every last bit of her remaining will and to program her to my liking “No thoughts, no mind, I am here to serve you master”. Her big wide open eyes suddenly cross as she stares at my finger on her forehead and again, my little girl is ready for her next reward for having been good. Let's see whether we can get her so intensely aroused that she starts to beg me to let her cum.

Oh yes that girl is just too horny and more than willing to let go and to completely slide under my control “All I want to do is orgasm for you”. Repeating the mantra, “I am an empty shell”, takes her into an even deeper trance and now she is ready for the final take over “Thank you master”. Even after she orgasms herself to sleep, our little girl still has to learn a few things. Check it out yourself. Eye checks, limp body play and sleepy orgasms and bonus footage of Lana's sexy feet.



Stacey Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
My thinking becomes cloudy

Stacey who is trying to catch her breath at private party is reluctantly dragged into a conversation by some guy who does not want to seem to leave her alone. Her rude and abrasive behavior changes almost immediately when she finds out that I am the famous musician who has just released his newest and already sold out relaxation and self help CD. Stacey who has been unsuccessfully trying to buy my newest CD sees an opportunity to at least listen to it. Being the nice guy that I am, I mention to her that I only have one CD with me and that she is welcome to listen to it. Well, I can tell you how thrilled she is even after I tell her that some people have experienced loss of mind and increased feelings of lust, while listening to it.

That is all BS. She puts the head sets on and before long, she complains about not really being able to hear anything except some faint humming sound. Her next comment is something like, I think I am losing it, is that normal. My thoughts are kind of cloudy, why can't I think. Well, I think you are getting the picture. The subliminal music puts her into mindless trance and with that her slave training can begin. Slow mindless repetitions, zombie/sleep walking, forced masturbation and orgasms, attitude adjustment and intense slave programming. I am just a slave.



Stacey Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Sometimes an orgasm is just not worth it

I usually never do this in front of a stranger but it feels soooo good

Stacey, our sexy young party girl, wakes up feeling a bit drowsy and groggy from the last segment but it is obvious that she does not seem to know why she feels that way. I guess, she must have forgotten what just happened. Anyway, she does however notice that her panties are off which does make her feel a bit confused but believe it or not, her main focus is to listen to the music again. It is almost like she cannot resist it. Sure enough, after only a couple of minutes, she starts to fondle her own breasts and slowly but surely her hands move down to her pussy.

Honest and nice as I am, I do warn her about the side effects of the music and that an orgasm under these circumstances can be very costly, meaning she could lose her mind in the process. What can I say, my warning comes too late and there is no way for our little girl to stop listing to the music. Her sexy young body starts to quiver and shake under her own hands while she is in complete denial about her feelings of lust and the inability to stop listening to the music. Will she be able to avoid the inevitable. Will she be able to keep her mind or will she end up dim and mindless?




Stacey Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I bet you will orgasm when....

Our sexy party girl wakes up feeling confused about the fact that her wet fingers are dangerously close the her equally wet pussy and for some reason she suspects that I might have something to do with all this. It also looks like she is done listening to the music and I cannot help but notice that she wants to leave. Strangely enough though, she freezes up on her way out and her mind seems to have been frozen in the process as well. Poor thing, there she stands helplessly frozen and mindless as I remove some of her warm and uncomfortable clothes. I know, I am too nice. Anyway, at some point she regains her consciousness, meaning her awareness and yes, she thinks the fact that her body is frozen is freaky.

My attempts to help her by covering her breasts with her own hands, so that she feels less naked, just does not seem to make her happier about the whole thing. OK, having an orgasm in front of a stranger is not going to help her move but it sure is a lot of fun watching her futile attempt to stop it. The waving hand finally renders her mindless and even more importantly quiet but that still does not help her a bit but then again, who cares Let's see what she looks like with her arms stretched out in front of her as she is........ Too much fun to describe it all.




Stacey Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Intelligence deactivated

Orgasm denied

Stacey believes to be applying for a job when she finds out that we are looking for paid volunteers for a scientific experiment rather than employees. I guess she did not read the add all the way. Anyway, the idea that we are planning on turning young, intelligent and open minded women into robots through mind alteration as well as with the help of some, not too invasive, implants, seems to be, not only farfetched but also something she is not really interested in. Some girls are easier to transform than others and Stacey is definitely an easy one. A few seconds of staring at the fast rotating light is enough to take out her mind, make her snap at attention while saying, I am a robot.

Of course it takes some more programming to make the transformation complete but that is all part of the fun, don't you think. Her speech is now slow, monotone and robotic just like her movement which are all signs of a successful transformation. Of course she knows how to say yes master and how to repeat some of my orders but that is about all she knows how to say which I think is more than plenty. Things become even more fun once her intelligence is deactivated while her sex program is activated. Masturbation with limited happy endings, deactivation when least expected and or wanted as well as cleaning up her mess are all part of her new existence.



Stacey Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you trying to get fired

Stacey, up and well again, now believes to be my boss who has just called me into her office regarding some foot fetish videos which were sent via email to some of the female employees in our company. Of course she believes that it was me who sent them and what makes matters worse is the fact that she is absolutely not into feet. I guess that explains why she almost fires me when I start making remarks about her beautiful, sexy little feet. Looks like, to get some foot fun around here, I have to use the light flasher once again. Works like a charm.

Stacey drops, in mid sentence, into a mindless trance and is now ready to be turned into an obedient foot slave who has nothing else on her mind (what Mind) than to please me by worshipping her own feet. Just the thought that her feet might turn me on and that showing them off nice and slow, drives her up the wall for lust. Great close ups of her sexy feet and very intense. I don't know why but I lost about 8 seconds of the audio which luckily is hardly noticeable but I thought I mention it anyways.



Stacey Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am the boss, master

Stacey believes to be by herself when she wakes up and the first thing she does is getting dressed again, after all, she is the boss who cannot be seen like this. She is almost startled when I step into her office but then she remembers that she had called me in to talk about my not so impressive sales numbers. I tell you, having a female boss can be a pain in the you know where. Anyway, she starts giving me about my performance and it looks like she is ready to fire me but then again, why does she call me master. It is really funny to watch her squirm and lie after each, yes master, no master and why do I call you master. OK fine, be that way. All of a sudden my estranged boss and drops like a rock. Wonder what happened. Anyway, the second she wakes up, she seems confused and me telling her that she just missed a vital part of our conversation, does not make her feel in charge of this conversation either. It is a lot of fun sending her to sleep and then argue with her about not being focused as a woman in her position should be and the yes and no masters throughout this segment are hilarious.



Stacey Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I am the boss, I do not lose my mind

One more round of fun with the boss. Stacey comes back up and despite her feeling a bit confused she goes on about my poor work performance while still addressing me as master. What makes it even funnier is that she is now slowly taking off her clothes without even realizing it. I tell you, a naked boss exudes so much more authority, don't you think? At some point she surprises me by telling me that she is the boss and that she can call me whatever she wants, even if it is master. Oh well, what can I do. Can you imagine a boss reluctantly orgasm in front of an employee, lose her mind, be h-notized although she does not believe in it, fall asleep and be played with while helplessly down and out. I could not either but then again, everything is possible and I think this clip makes that perfectly clear.



Stacey Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I hate being tickled master

Frozen, mindlessly entranced, out of breath while tickled and helplessly orgasmed, rendered mindless and programmed for the future. That almost sums it up but as you all know, there is always a lot more happening than I am able to describe. Stacey comes back up and now she seems to believe that all she just went through was just a wet dream. Of course it was honey but now that you are back to reality you have to learn about yet another side effect of the music. All of a sudden, she goes off as if hundreds of hands were tickling her body and feet. I don't know why but she keeps begging me to help her. I wonder what makes her think that I might have something to do with all this. To make a long story short, after some merciless tickling, unexpected freezes and intense yet unappreciated orgasms, our little girl is rendered mindless and programmed that every time she listens to the CD in the future, she will show up at my place to.....


Stacey Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I do not malfunction, I am a ...

This week's robot story is about a young babysitter who is misused by the even younger boy she is supposed to watch.

Stacey my babysitter, who believes that I am already asleep is getting ready to go to a late night party when she suddenly realizes that I am up and watching her. Of course she is a bit upset that I am still up and she certainly has no interest to take me to the party with her! Besides, I am actually more interested in a different kind of party; I mean what young boy would not want his first experience with sex to be with an older more experienced girl? Unfortunately, Stacey does not really agree and it becomes quite obvious that she wants to get rid of me. She even threatens me by telling me that she will tell mom about all this. Of course, I cannot let that happen but how can I change her mind? Luckily, something happened that made her not only change her mind but also made her go down after a nasty malfunction!

Yes, I know, who on earth would have thought that she is a fembot? Luckily, I had secretly watched my dad do "things" to our former fembot cook and maid that turned them into perfect little sex slaves and it seemed so easy, so I had to try it myself. I mean what can be so hard about pulling some wires and circuits while reprogramming them?


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