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That is very surprising

Star, sexy young seductress seems, at first glance, cool, a bit reserved and definitely in charge, if you know what I mean. I am not sure why but somehow I had the feeling that her cool demeanor was just a facade and that there was a volcano, so to speak, deep down inside of her that was ready to explode. Well, Star turned out to be a really great subject and once her fear of letting go and slide under the control of a complete stranger, our little girl turned out to be deeply submissive and extremely horny.

As I always say, calm waters go deep and that is where she went, very deep. If you like rolling eyes, intense orgasms, fun freeze scenes, slow yes masters and really sexy mind games, this one is definitely for you. Of course, I can only mention a few of the highlights of her session here but I am sure there is something for everyone. Watch and enjoy how Star is turned from being cool and a bit reserved to being hot, wet and messy or in other words, how she is trained and tamed.

Great start of the session, Star's eyes open during the floating hands test and her big eyes already show signs of trance. She even mentions that she is very surprised about what is happening. There is also lots of eye movement during the swinging watch eye fixation, slow closing and flickering eyelids. Of course there are great close ups as well as full body shots of her, during the induction.


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Star Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
No choice, no control

Time to get our cool little girl warmed up. Star responds quickly to my suggestions and her young body starts to feel aroused under the tongue lashing she is made to feel. Being teased, licked and eventually mercilessly fucked by the one person she always fantasized about, takes her quivering and shaking body to new heights but what really gets her going is when she suddenly feels her hands and arms helplessly pulled behind her head. Helpless and exposed, Star has no other choice then to surrender. Her body goes into lustful convulsions and she keeps repeating," I surrender" which intensifies her arousal with every repetition. I can feel that showing her defeat and with that her unconditional surrender, turns her on to the point that she forgets everything else, which as we all know, is a great time to program her even more extensively. What comes next is definitely the longest orgasm she has ever felt.



Star Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I surrender to my master

Feel how obedient you are and how much it turns you on to obey

Time to have her expose her body for us and to make her feel helplessly exposed and vulnerable. To make a girl like Star feel her defeat and her helplessness is exactly what turns her on. The more she feels the bitter sweet feeling of surrender the more she feels choice less in the matter and the more she can let herself go. Her eyes are wide open as she is ordered to stare at the watch in my hand. Our little girl is not allowed yet to touch herself but she feels the deeply penetrated and used. Horny beyond believe, our little girl lets go as her mind, will and thoughts are slowly drifting into the object in front of her hazy and soon empty eyes. The mantra, "no mind, no will" takes her deeper yet. After a very intense orgasm on my command, she is finally not only allowed but also ordered to masturbate and it is time to let her feel who controls her and how much it turns her on to be controlled like this. "I surrender to my master."



Star Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I need to be hypnotized master

I am a horny shell, I was born to obey

Mantras, stares, rolling eyes, mind reduction, intense orgasms, kneeling, and zombie pose plus lot more of your favorites. Star is on her knees; her eyes are wide open as she stares into nothingness. This seems to be a good time to teach her to let go of her own mind and will and to blindly obey any and all of my orders. Star brings herself to orgasm at my command and again the feeling of being helpless is what drives her up the wall, “I am a horny shell” “I was born to obey”. Next is the arms out and feeling helplessly fucked part of the training which again, drives her crazy for lust.

Star’s sexy little body quivers and shakes as she is orgasmed but she would not dare lower her arms, just the way I like it. Of course we are still not done, as I mentioned earlier, Star needs to be tamed. Placed on her back, she now is ordered to use the vibrator on the tip of her clit. Star’s remaining mind is sucked out by the camera in front of her face as she repeats slowly, "my thoughts are drifting” and “I need to be h. notized”. I can feel her surrender and when I see her eyes rolling back into the back of her head, I know she is done. Waving hand, mindless yet intense orgasms and so much more... Very intense and not for the weak!



Star Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I have surrendered, master

Star’s eyes seem empty as she just stares into the abyss. I decide to orgasm her again, just because I feel like it. Her eyes role all the way back again and her eye lids flicker uncontrollably. I can feel that she is almost done as her next orgasm puts her out. With all strength, mind and will gone, the little girl becomes a puppet in my hands. Again, I make her feel her surrender and orgasm her again while holding up her head. Something very interesting happens. Star holds her breath during the orgasm as a sign of her being completely under my power. The little girl is then dropped into a well deserved sleep from which only I can awake her. Very intense and interesting clip which makes it hard to describe all the details but I am sure you will know what I mean once you watch it.



Star Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
That is very inappropriate

Star believes to have just started her new job at the institute for clinical hypnosis. Called in by the boss, she is asked to help him prepare for the company Christmas party. Star seems to like her new job although she does not really believe in what we do here. In a polite yet firm way, she lets me know that it is not her cup of tea, so to speak. It also seems like; she misinterprets my compliments as inappropriate attempts to hit on her. Imagine that! Despite all that she is very helpful when it comes to preparing the party. To get the party going, I thought it might be a good idea to start with a game in which every employee has to pull a card (which I have prepared) out of a bag and then do exactly what it says on the card.

Star agrees to do a test run, to make sure that the game is fun for everybody. The first card says, flash your ass and orgasm and as she tells me how inappropriate this is, she does exactly what is written on the card. Unaware of what just happened, Star picks the next card. Freeze and go blank. Oops, here we go. Of course I have to have a bit of fun with her; while she is, how shall I say, incapacitated. After making her eyes role, expose her tits and so on, Star is ready to read the next card and the next one and..... Fun clip with lots of embarrassment, rolling eyes, freezes, flashing and more...



Star Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
How long have you been married?

Our very proper new secretary snaps out of it again not really remembering some of what just happened. Again, she misinterprets my compliments as clumsy and inappropriate attempts to hit on her. Something strange happens though as soon as I mention her name. Believe it or not, all of a sudden she desperately wants to fuck me. The switch from proper to horny and promiscuous is quite amazing and Star uses every trick and excuse in the book to get me, the reluctant married man, to please fuck her.




Star Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Where are my boobs!

You stared at them, they must have been there

Our proper little secretary comes back from a brief rest and all of a sudden, she realizes that her breasts are gone. I have to agree with her that they were there when she first got here but how would I know where they went? Being the nice guy that I am, I do my best to help her but that only leads to a very embarrassing search in all the wrong places. Star seems to really get all nervous and a bit worried about the loss of her breasts and I decide to have mercy on her. Now she feels naked and embarrassed as she questions me as to why she is naked. I tell you, too much awareness is often not good for the girls and I think it is better to mindlessly freeze her again. Finally, Star wakes up again but now she has an orgasm which really embarrasses and confuses the hell out of her. Oh, Mrs. Proper, what can we do about all this?



Star Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
My greedy little step-daughter

Star, my sexy young yet bratty step-daughter is spending the holidays at home and as most college girls her age, she believes that I am not giving her enough money so she can keep up with the other girls at her expansive college. Believe it or not, when I tell her that what ever I give her, is pretty much all I can afford, the little gets all upset and even calls me names. Seems like she believes that I am not good enough for her mom and of course for her.

Actually, some of the name calling might have been because of the compliments I made her which, for some reason, she might have misconstrued as me hitting on her. Anyways, all of a sudden she pulls out a pendulum and believe it or not, tries to hypnotize me with it. Bad idea; Star drifts into her own trap so to speak and sinks into deep trance. Naturally, I have to train her extensively so that she knows how to properly and respectfully behave in the future. Crawling and bowing, feeling helplessly fucked while being bend over, having to mindlessly repeat mantras, masturbate and orgasm on command are only some of her training highlights.



Star Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Still greedy yet frozen little step-daughter

Star, still believing to be my step-daughter, does not remember much of anything when she wakes up from her brief nap. Now the poor thing feels very confused about the fact that she is naked and that I am watching her despite her protest. Do you all think that the situation makes her feel exposed, vulnerable and embarrassed? Oh yes but as soon as I mention the fact that I lost my job and with that can not give her as much money in the future, the little calls me a beat. Now that hurts. I let her get dressed and freeze her just in time to stop her from leaving.

Confused and a bit concerned, my little girl does not think that I can really help her, which might be true but I have to try it anyways. Moving her arms around, bending her neck and repositioning her head really does not seem to help her which means, she might have been right. Let's see what happens when I wave my hand in front of her eyes. Turns out, the little girl does not believe in the power of the hand until, oops. I could go on and on about all the freeze moments, the bitching, the mindless moments, the frozen smiles, the tickling, the unexpected and often unwanted orgasms and so on but I think it is better if you just go ahead and watch the clip.



Star Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
We do not need you to think My name is robot Star

Cadet Star is called in by her superior for having disobeyed a direct order. Of course, our sexy young cadet does not know what I am talking about and she denies to have been disobedient. She does admit however, that some of the male officers treat her differently just because she is a woman. Well, we can not really have that kind of thinking around here and I suggest that she needs some, how can I say, programming. Naturally, as soon as she hears that, she goes off on me and lets me know that she is not a computer and or a robot that can be programmed. Little does she know, right? A couple of seconds later our cadet stands at attention and refers to herself as robot Star. Much better, don't you think? Now begins the fun part which includes her many salutations, bottomless masturbation, programmed repetitions of my orders, many yes master, deactivation, orgasms on command and so much more.



Star Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
That is too adult fetishy for me

Star our sexy young lingerie model believes to be at a serious photo shoot for the famous "Notorious secret" catalog. Well, I guess, I can not really blame her for not being interested in going out with me, after all, she is married and all but the fact that she does not want her pictures taken while playing with her naked feet does upset me a bit. Why? Simply because I like to watch her getting all excited and mindlessly horny over her cute little feet. First though, I make it look like that I am letting her get away with it because I just love watching her pose for me. As soon as she hears her name, our sexy model turns into a foot loving and very horny seductress who can not get enough of her own feet. Star slowly and seductively takes off her hot leopard stockings, talks about her feet, shows them off and gets very aroused without being aware of what she is doing.

Speaking of awareness, at some point, I decide to wave my hand in front of her eyes and now we have a mindless foot slave who eventually orgasms just
because I....




Star Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleepy rag doll model

Star wakes up feeling somewhat confused about her exposed breast and the fact that she seems to be missing time but that can all easily be explained. We talk a bit about my last shoot with a very hot foot model and Star keeps rambling on that she would never do that ( really funny actually) I can not help but notice that she seems tired and the constant yawning does not really seem to make this shoot nearly as sensual and hot as the last one. Of course, I am messing with her while the poor thing is desperately trying to stay awake. If I did not know better, I would have thought, she had taken a strong sedative right before the shoot. What can I say, after a long struggle, lots of yawning, flickering eye lids as well as promises to stay awake for me; our little girl loses the futile fight and goes out with rolling eyes. Once down and out, Star does not even realize that I play with her limp body, check her eyes, and make her orgasm again and so on.


Star Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
That would not be good for my image

This next segments finds our sexy fetish model yet again feeling confused and a bit embarrassed about the situation she finds herself in. Unfortunately, she still does not want to do a more, let's say, adult kind of photo shoot and she sure does not want to do a shoot in which the models are actually put to sleep for the pictures. What can I say, Star goes out with flickering and rolling eyes as soon as she holds a pine cone, reads a book, hugs the bear and, and and ........

At some point, our prudish model wakes up and takes off her clothes while telling me that she would rather not do a nude shoot because that might hurt her image. I guess, she is not really aware of what she is doing. Oh well. Of course there is more. Star comes back after a very brief deepening and she seems to feel really uncomfortable when I ask her to model some of the sex toys for the new "Notorious Secret" catalog. Interesting don't you think? What can I say, Star ends up bringing herself to orgasm without even knowing what she is doing. I feel uncomfortable even working for a company which sells that kind of stuff. Those were pretty much her last words.



Star Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Santa Baby with a few quirks

Working as a night guard is really kind of boring and as usual, the best thing I could come up with to some time, was to mess with the beautiful mannequins. You know, check what is under the costumes they are wearing, see what cup size they are and so on. I have to say, I was quite surprised when I found out that they were actually for sale and not only that, these definitely well made, how can I say this, female bodies sold for 40 to 50 thousand dollars.

Soon, I find out why I was told when I was hired, that I was not supposed to touch anything in the store while doing my rounds! Given the fact that they paid three times as much as I had made before, I was not about to ask any questions and yes, I did touch those beautiful creatures but that was not what set the events of that fateful night in motion. I accidentally stepped on a remote control that some idiot left lying on the floor and believe it or not, one of the beauties came alive. "Hi, my name is Star and I am designed to fulfill all of your sexual desires and I will take care of all your domestic chores". She kept going on and on about all the stuff she can do but I think I heard enough as soon as she mentioned the fulfillment of all my sexual desires.

OK, there was one small problem, which was that she was programmed to activate all those amazing programs on Christmas morning. I figure they set it that way, thinking that she might be someone's little Santa present. I don't know why but I figured that it could not be too hard to reset her and to have a little fun before the store opened the next morning. To this day I am still not sure what could have gone wrong. Was it the battery problem she suddenly developed, the loose wires I removed from her back panel, a safety feature I did not know about or maybe it would have been wise to save the new settings after resetting her?




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