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Stephani Moretti Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Give it up

Stephani Moretti, stunningly beautiful, naturally horny and sensual young seductress with an amazing hard-body, is yet another absolutely great subject and I cannot begin to tell you how much fun we had that afternoon during her session. Beautiful, smart, witty, imaginative and, as mentioned, naturally horny as well as kinky. Can you ask for more? I don't think so.

Her zoned out mindless stares as well as her sensual moves, slow repetitions and so on are certainly among the best and what makes it even better is the fact that she did not even have to try to get to those deep states. In other words, she dropped like a rock and gave it all up for us. Enjoy another real and certainly intense one.

As mentioned, Stephani went down hard and before long her beautiful body started to quiver and... Eye checks arm raise deepener and

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Stephani Moretti Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Entranced and willing

Needless to say, Stephanie's session starts off with a bang and we get to enjoy her mindless vacant stares, passionate, intense orgasms, slow and monotone repetitions (mantra) while being placed in the sleepwalker position and more

Stephanie's sexy body quivers and shakes under my suggestions while I am messing with her limp body. Her eyes slowly open as she gazes into nothingness. Of course that is all just warm up. Suddenly she feels her hands pleasuring her already wet pussy without her having any control over it. Of course she has to learn to wait until she is allowed to climax for us. This part is certainly for our mindless masturbation lovers. Still we are not done. I decide to take her deeper yet by making her focus her (dim and mindless) beautiful eyes on the rotating light.

Stephani is now fully voice controlled. Time to take a closer look at her beautiful tits while she just stands there. Repetition of mantra, I am your deeply entranced slave master, still to come. Eye checks, orgasms on command, screaming hard orgasms and.



Stephani Moretti Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
The more you struggle to harder it...

Slow sensual limp play and a very intense forced orgasm scene are some of the highlights in this next segment of her "initial obedience training"

Stephani is made to feel her arms and hands helplessly tied on her back while her sensitized pussy is manipulated. In other words, she is helplessly brought to another screaming hard orgasm without having any control over it. The more she struggles the harder she feels it. Our horny beauty climaxes so hard at the snap of my fingers that she almost falls over. My hand slowly goes up to her neck and she drops like a rock.

Now I can take my time to move her, pose her, remove her boots and socks, check her feet and the rest of her young hard body while she is in lala land. Of course after taking a closer look at her limp body, she is driven into a very hard orgasm by the




Stephani Moretti Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, picked up and made to orgasm at will

Freeze, lift and carry, marathon orgasm on command As mentioned, Stephani is an excellent subject and here we get to enjoy watching her go slowly from being limp to being frozen stiff while mindlessly staring into nothingness. Stephani freezes so hard that I decide to pick her up and to show off her beautiful, stiff body in my arms while she orgasms over and over. More freeze fun, intense orgasms and so much more yet to come.  




Stephani Moretti Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I do anything my masters says

Great stares, seductive foot worship, rolling eyes, orgasms on command and so much more

This one is all about foot-slave training with a twist though. I can tell, showing off her feet seductively while kissing and touching them, is turning her on but what really seems to drive her over the edge is when I touch her feet while programming her to feel those sensitive spots under her feet that drive her to orgasm. Time to take her even deeper.

Stephani's big eyes roll back as she sinks further under my control. Her body quivers like crazy as soon as I make her feel fucked from behind (doggy style) while I am playing with her feet/toes. Suddenly she feels a hand closing in on her mouth and nose and she slowly




Stephani Moretti Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
You are what I say you are

From Seductive stripper to mindlessly posed statue to horny wind-up (and down) doll to dimly staring puppet on strings to entranced slave who mindlessly masturbates for her master. Slow repetition of mantra, I am your mindless shell master, while in the sleepwalker position. Limp play and.. Another great example of how suggestible our little girl is

Here we get to enjoy watching her go from being a seductive stripper who loves to turn on her customers to being a frozen and posed statue. It really is amazing to watch her freeze up while her eyes turn dim. Time to pose her while enjoying those really amazing blank stares. Of course that is all just warm up as you might have seen in the highlights above, there is a lot more to come. Another "Director's choice" by all means




Stephani Moretti Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
One Hundred percent guaranty included

Sunset walks and intellectual conversations NOT included

Stephani believes to be at an old fashioned dating service, you know, the kind that is not on the internet. The reason why she has chosen to try it the old fashioned way is that the agency promises that their services are one hundred percent guaranteed. Looks like she can't lose. After only a few questions, it becomes quite clear why she seems to have problems finding Mr. Right. The girl just does not want to put out and she certainly does not want to be a sex toy. Well, looks like she needs a bit of an attitude adjustment and education on the subject of female obedience.

 Needless to say, that is where I come in. Poor thing falls for the old light-meter trick and before she knows it, her eyes are clued to the light and she falls under my, let's call it, spell. Her eyes roll and then gaze into nothingness. First we her into a seductive stripper who slowly and very seductively removes her clothes while enticingly touching her beautifully rounded body. Naked and excited, she feels her body freezing up as her mind is dropping into mindless bliss. Time to pose our sexy mannequin and to.




Stephani Moretti Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
From Prude to horny slut

This one, just like the prior one, shows how deeply entranced our girl is. Still frozen and unable to move, her mind slowly comes back, leaving her confused. Needless to say, our prude who seems to like sunset walks instead of sex, does not quite believe me when I mentioned that she is under my control. Things change dramatically. Enjoy watching her not only turn into a horny slut but to also love it. She keeps saying, I am a horny slut, while she becomes more and more grateful for her training. All of a sudden, masturbating in front of a stranger becomes the most exciting thing to do. Of course there is more. Enjoy watching her being frozen and swayed, mindlessly masturbate (unbelievable vacant stares) and so much more.




Stephani Moretti Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Superheroine Bimbo

I was eager to try out a new gadget which was sent to us by one of our long term viewers. It came out pretty good although the light-collar would need to be a bit brighter to show better under the studio lights. Anyway, this next segment is just as fantastic as the once before. Stephani changes into a Superheroine costume without realizing it.

 In fact she believes it is exactly what she was wearing when she first got to the dating service. We start talking about her expectations when it comes to finding Mr. Right and again, she comes up with all kinds of stuff that does not really matter (to men that is) and she gets offended when I mention some of the fetishes that some of our male customers might have.

Needless to say, she is not into fetishes and certainly not into the Superheroine stuff (remember she does not know what she is wearing). Well, let's see about that, shall we. After using the "collar" on her, things change and now we can play with our horny "Superheroine BIMBO" while....




Stephani Moretti Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Brainless Superheroine

This is another really hot one. Stephani is dropped into a completely mindless fogy and dim state in which she is made to feel my dick in her mouth while she brings herself to orgasm. It is like she just cannot think, her moves are slow and uncontrolled while her eyes seem empty and dim. Of course it all starts off with her believing that she actually is a Superheroine and that she came to expose the owner of the dating service for the fraud he is. She does not take my warning serious but sure enough, our furious Superheroine stops in her tracks as if hit by who knows what.

There is a moment of disbelieve in her eyes before she drops into mindlessness. At some point (after making her believe to have sucked my dick) I decide to put her to sleep for some slow limp play and a sleepy orgasm. Of course we are not done yet. Stephani slowly becomes aware but now she seems to have no control over her muscles. Looks like we need to use the vibrator to make that helplessly limp body of hers orgasm while



Stephani Moretti Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Nobody can get through to my mind

Stephani, who does not remember anything that has happened so far, still keeps talking about the kind of qualities she is looking for in a man and again, it is not surprising that she has to consult a dating service. Needless to say, she has no idea that she is dressed in a sexy cat costume (I did that when she was sleeping) and with that, she seem disgusted by the idea that our dating service might have wealthy customers who like their women to be purring little kitten. To make a long story short, she turns into a meowing, catnip loving, horny, laser chasing, cat toy playing and very grateful pussy cat. Really hot to watch her beautiful body move like a horny and or playful cat.

Of course that was fun but wait until you see her waking up (after a brief catnap) and now she is aware but unable to speak. That's right, all we hear is her meowing. Needless to say that makes her feel confused, frustrated and.... Really fun ending.



Stephani Moretti Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
The Goddess Party

Women don't need a mind master

Stephani believes to have hired a Magician as the entertainment for her annual "Goddess Party", you know the kind of party where all the women get dressed up and play goddess. Guess who the magician is? Needless to say, she seems a bit confused when I mention that my show is a mix of magic and and sure enough, she makes it very clear that she is not interested in the mind control part of my show.

I should probably mention that our "Goddess" come across snooty and arrogant, which really makes me want to train her. Let's show her the "watch trick" shall we. Stephani slowly falls under my spell while still expecting some magic to happen. Well the magic happens, her eyes become more and more vacant while her thinking slowly stops. Deeply entranced, our "Goddess" now learns that she is really more of a horny, seductive stripper who loves to refer to herself as being a horny slut.

The hot strip-dance is only the beginning, after all, she has to learn that being my foot slave will be her future. Foot worship (including kissing and sucking) seductive posing while showing off those well taken care of feet, very intense vibrator masturbation and orgasm training and more yet to come.



Stephani Moretti Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
It ain't over yet honey

Stephani had mentioned during the shoot that she was planning on jogging after the shoot before her long drive home and that is what gave me the idea for her last segment. It certainly worked like a charm. Stephani starts run as usual but as soon as she gets to a certain point (5 feet from the tree) she stops as if she had hit a wall and there she was, mindless and ready for more fun.

As you can see in the pictures, she follows me back inside (arms up) and now we get to enjoy watching her being, let's call it, modified. Modified into being a very versatile Robot. Was makes this even more fun is that our robot has all kinds of exciting programs like the gymnast program (card wheel, hand-stand and..) a doll program that includes doing the jumping-jacks, a horny stripper program that makes her strip as well as a horny female program that makes her masturbate and so much more.

Exciting and different. Lots of yes masters, robotic repetitions, great gymnast moves as well as stiff robotic moves



Stephani Moretti Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I have to seduce you

I could not believe my eyes when I saw her walking into the studio as if nothing had happened. How could it be that only three month ago, we were almost getting married and now she did not even seem to remember who I was. I have to say, that girl has some nerve to show up here after what she did to me. Imagine being in love with a beautiful woman who takes off the night before the wedding after having cleaned out your bank account, stolen you credit cards and so on. I know, it hurts which is why I could never forgive her. Needless to say, I was more than confused and when she called me Giovanni, I knew something was up, after all, everybody knows me as Geo V.

Anyway, to make a long story short, it turned out (to my utmost surprise) that my dream girl was nothing more than an incredibly well made Android who was programmed by some d....-bag to make poor slobs like myself, fall in love with her and to then clean them out. Looks like her got the names confused which is why she ended up in my new studio. I know that sucks but that guy sure has it coming, after all, I know a bit about robot programming myself. The only thing I had to make sure of was to not fall in love with her again, which was not easy, given the fact that she pulled the "seduction card" as soon as she realized that her true identity was revealed. Malfunctions, re=programming, glitches, monotone robot speech and so much more


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