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Stormy Rose Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


Born to be submissive

Stormy, beautiful cherry blond young woman with the most perfect natural breast turned out to be another amazingly good subject. I know, I have said this a lot but it is true, I have been quite lucky lately when it comes to finding the right subjects. Besides being beautiful, Stormy has a refreshingly natural and uncomplicated way about her that makes being with her a lot of fun. Another interesting fact about her is that she is a very hard working young woman with not only one but two regular jobs and modeling is sort of her way of getting to play every so often. What else can there be said about our hard working beautiful girl next door? Maybe I should mention her deep seeded sexuality, her natural tendency to be submissive and maybe the fact that she really likes women a lot. Sounds good so far? Well, wait until you see the clips and I am sure once you see her squirting all over the place, you will know what I am trying to say here.

Stormy was quite nervous at first and I took my time to slow her down and to make her feel comfortable. The raising arm test made her a lot calmer and when she laid down for the induction, I knew she was ready to be taken deep. Her eyelids started to flicker and although it took her a while to let go of her attempt to keep them open, she finally gave into following my voice.

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Stormy Rose Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no control anymore

Stormy's legs are pushed apart, she feels deep hard penetration, her moaning and groaning is getting louder by the minute and her young body is quivering and shaking under my suggestions. She is not allowed to orgasm and she certainly can not remember when getting fucked felt this intense. Her reaction shows right off the bat that our little girl is an excellent subject. Her fingers are slowly working their way over to her pussy and once they slide in I can hear how incredibly wet she is already. That girl is just horny as hell and the feeling of having lost all control seems to drive her crazy. I have her repeat: "I have no control," and again I can hear her juices gushing out of her. The intensity with which she submits to my suggestions is not easy to describe and I just know that this is going to be another hot one.



Stormy Rose Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
First rolling white eyes and squirting orgasms

Show me what a good little girl you are

Stormy is consumed by the idea of having and wanting to show me how badly she wants to please me: "I want to be a good girl." Her eyes are wide open and the deeper I take her the more they seem to role in the back of her head. I am having a hard time trying to figure out whether I should focus the camera on her face and eyes or her squirting pussy. The juices are running all over her hand and with every repetition of: "you are my master," there seems to be another wave of squirt flooding the couch. Again, her intense begging, the way she wants to please and her intense orgasms are almost impossible to describe.



Stormy Rose Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to serve you. 5.5 min long

This is another one for our mindless mantra, open eyed empty stares, rolling eyes and complete submission lovers. I start her off by taking her deeper and then slowly drain her mind and will. Stormy's eyes are rolling back and I know she is firmly under my control. The slow and monotone repetition of: "I was born to serve you," takes her deep into lustful bliss. Stormy's eyes are empty and somewhat hazy. Now it is time to train her to orgasm on my command where ever and whenever I want her to. Down on her knees in front of me, my horny little squirter goes through another round of serious orgasm training. At some point she asks me or I should say, begs me to allow her to cum for me. Zombie like and exhausted after a few more squirting hot orgasms, my little girl is now ready for her next lesson.



Stormy Rose Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
No more thoughts, no more thoughts, no more....

The moment we have all been waiting for. Stormy's beautiful natural breasts come out and to watch her jiggle and bounce them is absolutely hot. Of course she has not noticed any of this. My little girl is way too mindless and horny to even notice the heavy rain outside. Completely absorbed in her own lust, she is now trained to experience the totally hands free orgasm and as if she was sleep walking her repetitions of: �No more thoughts," become slower and more monotone every time she says it. After this intense warm up, I decide it is now time let her experience the power of the muted and breath controlled orgasm. It is absolutely amazing to watch her squirting orgasms, her struggle not to breath, her empty wide open and rolling eyes and of course those jiggling breasts.



Stormy Rose Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless surrender

To describe all the action in this one would take for ever but I will give you at least an idea of some of the hot action you can expect. Stormy's beautiful body is bending over the couch and her sexy ass is sticking up in the air. She is now learning how wonderful it feels to cum for me even in the most uncomfortable position. Again, my little girl shows through another one of her squirting orgasms how much she likes to please me. Her eyes are completely empty and it is obvious how little mind, if any she has left. I have her sit in front of me and repeat: �I am letting go of all mind and will," until her eyes role back into her head again.

Her titts are bouncing all over her chest and again her juices are gushing out of her. It is just beautiful to look into her mindlessly staring eyes and I can feel that her own lust has taken over her entire being. Next comes the standing up, mindless, vibrator play. Stormy is begging me to let her orgasm for me but as we all know, she has to wait until I decide when the time is right. More mind reduction is needed. Stormy stares into the light I am holding and even when I take it away, my mindless little girl keeps staring into the direction where the light was. Next is time for another amazing surrender followed by a break, as Stormy's futile attempt to stay awake leads to an unbelievably hot ending.



Stormy Rose Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
There is way too much sex in the media

Stormy believes to be a candidate on a live TV talk show. The show deals with important issues like: "Is there too much sex on TV" and how does it affect the work place? For some reason, Stormy thinks that there is way too much of that on TV and specifically affects the behavior most men at her work place. Now the fun begins. Programmed to masturbate when she hears the word yellow, freeze up on blue, strip on red and to feel fucked on purple, our little girl is in serious trouble. It is fun watching her dealing with the unexplainable and strange feelings she has to deal with. I take her from being aware to being completely unaware; snap her out of it and then use the next trigger while she is telling us how there is too much sex in the media!




Stormy Rose Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I like being in control

No, No, No, Yes, Yes, Yes

Stormy, for some strange reason, believes to be fully dressed and she keeps telling me how much she likes to be in control. Of course she tells me about the things that happened when she worked as a bartender in a strip club and why she had to leave the club. The fun part is that she is stripping while she tells me all this. Let's try the word �yellow� again or maybe yellow and then blue. After a brief deepening, Stormy is now fully aware of what is going on but she can't do anything about it. I am having a blast playing with her and to watch her succumb after a long and futile struggle, to yet another one of her squirting wet orgasms, is just steaming hot to watch. This is the continuation of clip seven.




Stormy Rose Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Too frozen to masturbate

Where were we? Oh ya, too much sex in the media. Incredibly aroused yet too frozen to do anything about it, Stormy has no choice but to whimper and beg. Sorry but that is just too much fun. Stormy suddenly becomes fully aware of what is going on but she just can not do anything about the orgasm that is hitting her out of the blue. Frozen and orgasmed over and over, she has no choice but to admit that she feels completely helpless. At some point I make her feel being pulled up straight and then she freezes up again while I sway her young body forwards and backwards. There is just so much going on in this one. Stormy feels embarrassed about having no control over her frozen body, her orgasms, the feeling of getting fucked and the fact that she deep down inside loves all of this. There can never be too much sex anywhere, don't you think? Great struggles, swayed bodies and rolling eyes. Stormy is put to sleep at some point, her eyes seem to role into the back of her head and it is time to play with her and to do some eye checks. Very dramatic!



Stormy Rose Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Cool K I D turns robot

Stormy believes to be one of the really cool K I Ds at school and the only reason she is at my place and even talks to me, is the fact that I can help her with her homework. Other than that, she seems to prefer the captain of the football team as her boyfriend. Kind of cold, don't you think? She even admits that he can not help her with her homework but then again who cares, at least he has big muscles. The fact that I like robots does not make me anymore desirable in her opinion and the idea of robotic, well programmed women seems almost repulsive.

Naturally, she laughs about the space I am holding until it actually goes off that is. Stormy's body straightens out her voice becomes slow and her eyes turn dim: �I am a Robot�. Don't you just love post h triggers? Now it is time to program some manners into my sexy little fembot. You know what follows. Motor skill tests, obedience rituals and repetitions, losing the unnecessary underwear, lots and lots of yes masters and so much more.




Stormy Rose Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
I make myself cum for you master

Robots have to wait for their master's order to orgasm

Of course there is still a lot to learn for my obedient robot, for example the bottomless masturbation without happy ending, the vibrator tease, the always important zombie walk so we can all enjoy her body from every angle, more yes masters, the all important obedience training and the orgasms on command. Also absolutely imperative part of this training or I better say �programming� is for her to understand that she is a play toy and as that she has to ask for permission to orgasm and please.




Stormy Rose Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
No Sorry, Santa only likes women!

Frozen, unaware, embarrassed, confused, aware yet helpless, orgasmed and frozen again and ...

Stormy believes to be our sexy Santa model for our new Christmas calendar. Look at her, isn't she adorable in her sexy little Santa number, maybe a bit too sexy. Naturally, I start hitting on her and that's when she drops the bomb: "No sorry, I only like women." Actually that was pretty close to the truth; Stormy really does like women. Anyway, let's watch her pose for a bit. Santa certainly knows how to do that and again I am getting excited. Stormy is absolutely sexy and adorable in this one. I take a few minutes until I freeze her in the middle of one of her sexy poses and mess with her a bit.

As I always say these girls are wearing way too much stuff. You have read the title, so you pretty much know what comes next. You guessed it, a lot of aware as well as unaware freezes, embarrassment, confusion and helplessness. I don't know which part of this clip I like the most but it could be the part where she keeps freezing up every time she touches the mannequin or maybe the one where she is stuck inside the picture frame or maybe when I snap her out of it and she....



Stormy Rose Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Santa baby really likes men!

It is time for my little Santa model to lose her mind and find out how wonderful it feels to be obedient. How do I render her mindless? As simple as waving my hand in front of her eyes and face. All of a sudden my talkative Santa baby seems mindless, empty and very quiet: �I will be an obedient play toy, master�. I put her on her back in the spread eagle position and have her experience how intense it feels to submit. The little Santa vibrator got her going but that was only the beginning. Intense training including denied and forced orgasms and complete surrender makes this another hot clip.


Stormy Rose Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
Ticklish and very confused Santa Baby

The second I snap her out of it, my sexy Santa is more than confused and she keeps apologizing for being naked and on the floor. Being the nice guy that I am, I keep telling her that it is OK as long as she will be more professional from now on. So much for being more professional, now she starts to scream and laugh and her sexy young body is all over the place; looks like a sudden tickle attack. As strange as it might seem but a lot of my girls have those kinds of attacks. Stormy keeps screaming and begging me to make it stop but things can only get worse, right? Frozen orgasmed and sooo confused!



Stormy Rose Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
I thought this was a photo shoot?!

This one is for our pass-out, eye rolling, confused yet helpless, lovers. I am sure you know what I mean.

After a brief deepening, my little Santa model wakes up and now she has the insurmountable urge to masturbate. Of course she tries to first deny what she is doing but when that does not work she starts to apologize profusely. Obviously uncomfortable, yet unable to stop Stormy tries to find all kinds of reasons why she is doing what she is doing right there in front of me. Being the nice guy that I am, I decide to give her a break. The slight touch of my hand on her forehead makes her drop like a rock. Stormy's eyes role and she drops into the couch.

Unfortunately, she wakes up again with an even greater urge to play with her pussy. This time she even feels compelled to pull down her top and squeeze her beautiful breasts while the other hand is between her legs. Poor thing, now she begs me to help her and her apologies become even more hopeless. I think she is afraid of having to orgasm, looks like I have to help her again. Oops, here she goes out again, just like before. Her limp and helpless body is just too tempting for me not to play with her. This time she really does not want me to see what she is doing and she absolutely does not want to cum. The more she says that it will not happen, the more it does happen; but then again, as we all know, the flesh or I should say the mind is weak.


Stormy Rose Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
A night at Hooties restaurant

I was not really sure whether I was in the right place but the second I saw her, it did not really seem to matter. A place with a beautiful waitress like her can only be the right place besides as we all know Hooties is a great chain of restaurants. Anyway we started talking and I noticed right away that she seemed a little preoccupied and it seemed a bit awkward when she asked me three times whether I would prefer a draft beer over a bottle. It did not take too long and it became clear to me that she was not quite all right. Imagine my surprise or I should say shock, when she suddenly started to twitch and her talking about needing a charge for her low battery made me want to leave right then and there. I guess I should have but then again who gets the opportunity to play with a beautiful fembot like her? Glitches, twitches, malfunctions and a beautiful fembot on her way to be reprogrammed to my specifications...





Stormy Rose Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
An almost fuck at Hooties

I still do not know how I did it but after a little more reprogramming, my little waitress now believes to be a hot and horny stripper who believes that I am just too sexy. I know, I am good but it even surprised me how horny and promiscuous she suddenly was. Anyway, I thought that the evening was mine and that nobody would ever know what had happened. Well, turned out I was wrong twice. At first everything went well but then, all of a sudden and in the middle of pleasuring herself my horny stripper started to talk about the draft beer again and I just knew that no matter how hot and sensual the whole thing was I was fucked. Stormy is very sensual in this one and she knows a thing or too about malfunctions.






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