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Stormynight Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip


With rolling eyes into submission

Stormy, beautiful, voluptuous and tremendously horny young woman with long black hair did have some experience with what I do but she told me that this time she wanted to be taken to her limits. It actually sounded like she was challenging me to take her to a place where she could let go of herself and find her inner most hidden desires. I have never turned down a challenge and I certainly was not about to turn down the chance to spend a very exciting yet challenging afternoon with her. The second I saw her, I could feel her oozing sexuality mixed with the right amount of sensuality and that combined with an insatiable hunger for pleasure. Perfect subject, well, in my book that is. Did she need to be broken in? Absolutely, but then again, isn't that the fun part anyways. I know it is quite amazing, two Stormy's in one month, who would have thought?

Stormy was anxious and nervous at the beginning but when I saw her beautiful eyes gaze at me during the balloon test, it became clear that she was zoning out already. There is a whole lot of eye rolling, flickering eyelids, dreamy glazed over stares and a rapid deepening, throughout the entire induction.

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Stormynight Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master

I can feel, even throughout the induction, how sexually charged Stormy already is and when I make her feel her hands and arms being helplessly forced behind her head, she goes nuts. Her curvy body almost instantaneously starts to shiver and shake under the forceful penetration she is now feeling. I have a feeling that she might like it rough and sure enough the more I make her feel helpless and used the more she gets excited.

She starts to call me master without me even having to make her say it. What a good girl. I keep intensifying the vibration of the magic vibrator she is feeling without letting her orgasm. Not being allowed to cum seems to drive her crazy and every time she repeats the mantra: "NO Choice" her body goes into even more violent convulsions. She starts to beg me to let her cum but that would be too early, don't you think? Once she is finally allowed to orgasm for me, she is unable to stop Cumming. The girl just has to learn that she has no choice over the length of her orgasm either.



Stormynight Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasmed into mindlessness

This clip is short and intense. Time for the panties to come off, don't you think? Stormy's legs are pushed apart and her hands are magically pulled between her legs. She keeps repeating: "No Choice" without me telling her. It certainly looks like it is turning her on to have absolutely no choice but how about having no mind? Her mysterious dark eyes are wide open and her stare is intense yet empty. I make her cum on three while she is screaming: "I want to be a good girl for you." Now comes the mind reduction and believe me the way she stares at me while she is running empty is impossible to describe.



Stormynight Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly Hypnotized

There is only one master

This clip has even more rolling white eyes, stares, flickering eyelids and mantras. Her arms are pulled straight up in the air thus rendering her helpless again. Stormy is a quivering, horny, mindless and sweaty mess by now and her desire to please me is overwhelmingly strong. Put on her knees, she is orgasmed and then denied to cum. I make her feel the orgasm, then let it subside and then make her feel it again. This kind of rollercoaster of ordered and then denied orgasms is driving her up the wall and makes her ready to completely surrender. The slow mantric repetition of' mindlessly hypnotized takes her into deep and intense mindless bliss. Stormy's dark eyes start to role into the back of her head and her eyelids flicker intensely without closing.



Stormynight Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless Slave

Please make me obedient master.

This clip is short and very intense. Stormy has been put on her knees and her arousal intensifies with every repetition of the Obedience. My little girl is hot and sweaty by now but nothing seems to faze her. All she wants is to please me and driven by her own lust, her luscious body goes into uncontrollable convulsions every time I order her to cum. I can feel that Stormy is ready for her final and mindless surrender. I have her go on all four and bow to her master. Stormy's eyes are wide open while she is repeating: "I am a mindless slave." Her mind, will and strength are slowly draining out of her, the repetitions become slower and monotone and her body has just enough strength to twitch until it finally has no more strength left. I can feel her trying to regain control here and there but her attempts are futile. The deep seeded desire to be controlled prevails and makes her succumb to my control.



Stormynight Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
The disobedient cadet

I have been bad, I need programming

Stormy believes to be called in to the office by her superior for having been disobedient. Naturally she does not really understand what I am talking about and my statement that I like my cadets to be well programmed and obedient, does not seem to sit right with her either. Who would want to be a programmed and obedient robot? Certainly not cadet Stormy but then again, does she have a choice? I think her last words before mindlessly standing at attention were something like "that is impossible." Salute your master and masturbate your wet pussy. I have been bad, I need to be programmed. Intense training and obedience programming turns her into a promiscuous robot toy.



Stormynight Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The very obedient Cadet

I am a good robot for my master

My little cadet has, thanks to her training and programming, become a very obedient sex toy but I am still not quite satisfied. One look into her empty and dull eyes shows how far gone she is by now, her voice is slow and monotone and her body stiff. In other words, her transformation is complete. Next I want to see how she responds to the monster vibrator and boy that thing does a number on her. She keeps repeating: "I am just a robot," throughout her mind-blowing orgasm. Exhausted and still shivering from her last explosion my little cadet is ordered to cum yet again. Robots can cum as often as they are ordered to cum, don't you agree? Let's turn her into a cleaning robot and have her clean the floor with her bra: "I am a cleaning Robot." Next comes my favorite part in which I snap her out of it. What do you think our little navy girl has to say about all this? Let me tell you this much, it ain't all that pretty and I don't think that I have any other choice than to turn her back into being my saluting and very obedient robot.




Stormynight Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The orgasm that makes her pass out

Where am I ?

Stormy wakes up very confused with no memory of what has happened so far and of course she kind of laughs at me when I mention that I will make her cum so hard and for as long as it takes for her to lose all strength and energy. In other words, she is going to orgasm until it puts her out. Imagine her face when I show her the orgasm . That is a joke, right? Can she control her orgasms, will she struggle to stay awake, will her body be slowly drained and worn out despite her attempt to not let it happen and will she succumb? Hot struggle into blissful surrender.




Stormynight Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
I should not be doing this?

Please don't watch me, I am so sorry but I can not stop doing it

This clip is not only for our cross-eyed and rolling back eyes lovers. Stormy comes back up and is even more confused and very apologetic about the fact that she can not seem to stop masturbating in front of me. She certainly tries to stop but the urge to pleasure herself seems way too strong. On top of all that, she sees me as a total stranger who is, kind of, making fun of her. I just love listening to her apologies, watch her confusion and then listen to her begging me to help her. The only help I can think of is the orgasm but that leaves her even more confused but mainly embarrassed. Let's try something else. I have her focus on me and while she is staring at me, her little mind runs out without her having any choice over that one either. Stormy's eyes first get dim then all of a sudden cross and eventually role back into her head. Stormy remains an empty shell of herself.



Stormynight Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
No, I think I have a strong mind

Rolling eyes, utter confusion and complete mindlessness should prove her wrong

Stormy comes back up feeling utterly confused about the fact that she is half naked and in a somewhat awkward position on the floor. Naturally she tries to find an explanation for all that but then again, how could she? It is always fun to watch the girls deal with the post hypnotic suggestions they have been given. Anyway, she seems to be feeling good now and even talks about her strong mind. Her feeling good changes quickly though when she starts to feel being tickled. Poor thing, luckily though it does not last for too long but now she seems confused again and even starts to apologies. What can I say, the tickling starts again and this time she thinks that it is her dress that is tickling her. Of course she has to get out of it as quickly as possible. It is a lot of fun watching her big tits bouncing all over the place.

She gets even more confused when she feels her hands magically pulled between her legs. Poor thing can not even enjoy her orgasm because for some reason the tickling starts again in the middle of her explosion. Now she is really confused and just stares into the camera and I think that would be the perfect time to slowly remove her oh so strong mind, don't you think? It is absolutely hot watching her go down. First her eyes go slowly dim then they cross and finally role all the way back. Naturally, I have to do some eye checks to make sure she is gone.




Stormynight Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Candy with minor side effects

Side effects although usually severe, may include extreme arousal lasting for more than 4 hours, infatuation with males who are near by, gradual loss of mind and the ability to think, the need to play with ones genitals, the sudden and unexplainable urge to get fucked, exhibitionism as well as improper behavior in public. In some cases, although rare, gradual IQ reduction and a state of denial in the subject, was reported.

Does Stormy believe any of this when she agrees to test our new candy? Does she believe that she is getting paid a lot for testing the candy? Will she even notice her gradual demise into becoming an extremely horny, oversexed and very promiscuous sex toy? Does the candy really make her feel infatuated or even loving towards me? Does the loss of IQ have anything to do with the candy disappearing in her wide open pussy? Is her offering me to study her tits something she normally does? Would you consider this a fun and exciting segment?




Stormynight Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip

Is the use of the "waving hand" really fair? The last segment brought up many questions and it seems like there are even more questions that need to be addressed. For example, is it normal for a test subject to ask or should I say beg the person who conducts the test, to please fuck her? Should a test like this go as far as allowing the test subject to satisfy her extreme arousal by using a monster vibrator, in front of everybody? Is the fact that the subject is dribbling candy all over her tits, a result of any side effects the candy might have? Should there be a fight, towards the end, over the subjects remaining mind? Is it fair to use the subject's extreme arousal and infatuation to finally turn her into a mindless object? Should cross eyed or rolling eyes be expected? Would you consider this to be another fun and exciting segment? Well then go ahead and watch it already.



Stormynight Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
No more candy!

Our test subject seems to be back up from her last, let's call it, experience and it is noted that she seems to be in a state of confusion about all this. Ashamed and a bit flustered she seems to think that it is better for her to leave but unfortunately her attempt to grab her and get out, is suddenly interrupted by her body going into an unexplained state of frozenness. You might know what I mean. The subject appears to be frozen solid with her eyes and mouth wide open, as if in shock. Very unfortunate but the test must go on. At this point, we are concerned that the subject might get too hot and we decide to help her get rid of some of the extra clothing she is wearing. Unfortunately due to her complaining, it seems necessary to render her mindless by using the "waving hand." You might know what I am talking about. It is also noted that at some point during the experiment the subject seems to believe that having an orgasm in front of everybody might not be a good idea but then she orgasms anyway.

We still wonder what might have caused her irrational behavior but then again it might be another side effect of the candy. Even after giving the subject another chance, she still seems to want to get home but yet again her body does not seem to want to go along and she freezes up again. Is it tempting to play with her while she is in a state of complete helplessness? Will she wake up with a shoe stuck between her legs and will she feel even more confused and embarrassed? Do we have to render her mindless again by using the waving hand? I know too many questions but there is only one way to get all the answers!


Stormynight Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
The wacky sexy weather on channel 9

Stormy is our new weather girl here at channel 9 and it is her job to present the weather forecast in a different, sexy and a tad wacky kind of way. I know it sounds a bit wacky but hey, we got to do something to compete with the big networks and why not start with a new format for the otherwise boring weather forecast. Stormy seems to be the perfect cast, extremely sexy, a bit ditzy and very eager to learn. Does it really matter that she does not quite know where to find some of our states on the map or that she has problems figuring out how her laser pointer works? Are you kidding, with an ass like that, who would ever notice those minor details.

The only thing that I don't really like about her is the fact that she has absolutely no interest in me and that hurts. Anyway, things seem to be going well and watching her presenting tomorrows forecast gets me all excited. I mean the way she shakes her ass and moves around would drive any red blooded man nuts, believe me. However, there are a few things that make me wonder about her well being. Why is she talking about her battery needing to be charged and what's with the overheating nonsense? Her stuttering and repeating herself while having strange twitches does not really seem to be sexy either but maybe it's her way of being wacky.

I have never really worked on a fembot but I have to say what emerges after I had a chance to tinker with her a bit is certainly amazing. Sexier than before and most importantly very promiscuous, my new girlfriend goes right into the action.




Stormynight Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
The wacky and extremely horny weather forecaster

OK, she is sexy, promiscuous and extremely interested in me by now but something is still not right with her. Oh well, who cares, I am going to get some soon and that is most important. The way she hits on me and sort of offers her body to me, is something I have not experienced in a long time and I can live with some of the gibberish she is talking. All of a sudden though she does not seem to remember what is going on and why she is here in the first place but then she pulls out her boobs and my world is back in order. To make a long story short, my bliss is short lived and it looks like I have more tweaking to do, if you know what I mean. Why are we going back to the more conventional weather forecast and why am I not really with channel 9 anymore? Go and see for yourself. All the favorites, slow malfunctions, glitches and a lot of hot action.





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