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Sunny Marie Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Journey into the unknown

Sunny Marie, cute, sexy, adorable and very horny nineteen year old blond with the perkiest natural breasts started off giggly and very, very nervous. Not only was this her first time on camera but also her first mind control session ever which explains the nervousness. I kind of like it when they are nervous at first which usually means that once they relax a bit the adrenalin drops and so do they and that makes for a good subject.

I am sure most of you know what I am saying here and it does not need any further explanation. As mentioned, it was her first time on camera like this but believe me, you would never know. I mean, there was not a hint of shyness or fear. Could it be that what I do does remove inhibitions? Well, go and find out for yourself.

As mentioned, she was a bit giggly at first which made me decide to start her off with the watch instead of the arm raise and or any other test. Interesting to watch her relax, slow down her breath and so on.

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Sunny Marie Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Offer your pussy to your master

Slaves don't need a mind

Sunny's sexy young body responds just the way I like it as soon as I make her feel helplessly fucked. Like most of my subjects, one of the first things she has to learn is that exposing her pussy for her master is incredibly exciting. Of course just is just warm up for her to feel that her body is not under her control anymore. Sunny goes nuts once she is allowed to touch herself and masturbate for us. I can feel that she wants to show and proof the she is a good little girl.

All of a sudden she starts calling me master which seems to turn her on even more. Time to drop her deeper this time with her beautiful eyes wide open. Still there is more. Our little girl is driven up the wall again without being allowed to orgasm though which drives her crazy. Not yet honey. First I drop her at the snap of my fingers until he just stands there and then order her to masturbate blankly before making her cum on my count of three. Time for her first slowly repeated Mantra: I am here to please you master. Lots of yes masters on her own.



Sunny Marie Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
No longer responsible for body and mind

It often helps to let the subject know and feel that they are no longer responsible for what they feel and think because it helps them to let go of all inhibitions. It would take too long to explain why and how this works and I am sure that many of you know this already anyways. It sure works in Sunny's case. As soon as she feels that she does not have a choice, her body starts to quiver and shake under the pressure of the nipple clamps she is made to feel on her tits.

The tighter I make them feel the harder she works her wet pussy for us. It gets even more intense when her arms suddenly feel pulled up in the air while she still feels her hand being in her pussy. Sunny starts begging me to let her cum. Please master, please. Finally she is dropped to her knees and orgasmed on my count of three. I am cuming for you master. Time to drop her back into mindless emptiness for more programming. Sunny's arms slowly rise as a sign of her deepening trance and she is gone by the time they drop back down. Intense screaming hard orgasm training, kneeling, mindless stares and...



Sunny Marie Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
From foot lust to limp play

As the title says, this next segment is all about a horny little girl showing off her feet, orgasm when touched and put to sleep to be manipulated and checked out. First we have her slowly expose her feet and present them (mindlessly yet horny) to the camera/us. I am your horny foot slave master, I am here to please you with my body. Suddenly she and now we can take all the time we want to pick up her legs and feet for some nice close ups, move and pull her limp body any which way we want, perform some eye checks and so on. As soon as she wakes up, she is consumed by the desire to masturbate for her master and to show her... Let's prepare her for the breath controlled orgasm training, shall we. See the next clip for the breath controlled orgasm training.



Sunny Marie Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your willing slave master

Breath controlled orgasm training, crawling, begging, final orgasm that knocks her out, kneeling masturbation, bend over and helplessly used, sleep command in the middle of her orgasm, long limp body (including neck and opening her mouth) manipulation, eye checks, zombie pose/mantra

I am sure that after you read the above highlights, you get the picture that this is another hot one.



Sunny Marie Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo Maid

Sunny, our new maid, does not seem to understand the my room does not need any cleaning and she sure does not understand that it is in her own best interest to stay away from what she calls "TOYS" which seem to be all over the room. Well, what can I say, I warned her but she rather does what my wife told her to do, which is, to clean my room whether I like it or not. Sunny goes on about the harmless looking toys and that my wife seems to be the boss around here which finally makes me give up on warning her about the dangers of some of those gadgets. Sure enough, she has to try them out as soon as I leave (so she thinks at least) Programmed to clean, masturbate standing up, answer by saying "yes master". Activation and deactivation of arousal and orgasm programs, nipple deactivation, stiff walk, salutation and so much more.




Sunny Marie Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot slave training

Sunny, who does not seem to remember what just happened, scrambles for her clothing the minute I come back into the room (so she is made to believe). I can't help but giving her a hard time about her "almost nakedness." After all what would happen if my wife finds her like that in my room. Poor thing cannot seem to think fast enough to come up with a plausible explanation for her appearance. Anyway, this time it looks like my comments about her sexy little feet seem to. let's call it, disturb her. Oh well, who care. Poor thing falls for the "buzzer trick" and before you know it, she turns dim and mindless.

What follows is some hot foot worship/offering. She slowly peels off her stockings and then shows of her sexy little feet from every angle. Let's find those sensitive spots that will bring her to orgasm and touch them gently. Sunny squirms and quivers under my touch and orgasms o command. Of course that is all just warm up. Let's enjoy her crawling while the camera slowly zooms over her feet, ass and... She slowly repeats, I am my masters horny foot slave, while crawling around and around and.... Time to put her to sleep and to take a closer look at her soft feet while she is out.





Sunny Marie Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen Maid

This next segment shows our, still very confused maid, being frozen in mid sentence while trying to leave. Of course she seems even more confused when she becomes aware of the fact that she cannot move for no apparent reason that is. Poor thing has no idea that she might be mind controlled, after all, she does not believe in that at all. Let's take some pictures of her after messing with her. As expected, she does not like that but the hand (which somehow ended up over her mouth) prevents her from bitching to loudly. Now she starts to beg an plead for her freedom. I have a feeling that she might suspect me having to do with her situation. Needless to say, she denies hitting on me and she sure as hell will not forget what I did to her. Well honey, I am sure you don't know about the power of the "waving hand" How does she end up in the zombie pose, begging me to....



Sunny Marie Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Aren't you too old to play with dolls

Maybe I am too old to play with dolls but no if they are barely nineteen. Sunny, is made to believe that she is modeling for a new toy catalog. Needless to say, she is not too impressed by the somewhat annoying photographer who seem to not only hit on her but who also keeps telling her what a cute doll she would make. I am sure you all know where this is going and sure enough, Sunny ends up being the horniest little doll imaginable. The fact that her favorite game is the 'Blowjob Game" makes this even hotter. Imagine a cute little doll sucking on a dildo while riding the "vibrator horse" Sunny goes nuts as soon as I make her feel the intense vibration between her legs. Really sexy btw. Needless to say, she winds down and needs to be wound up with "my special key". Freeze at the end.




Sunny Marie Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Freeze, tickle and more

Sunny, who cannot seem to remember much of what just happened, slowly unfreezes. Needless to say, she seems confused and a bit irritated. Here we go again, she gives me the, I am professional, speech while trying to hid her nakedness. Suddenly she breaks out into uncontrollable laughter, which really seems to confuse the he... out of her. Poor thing seems to feel tickled over and over in the most inappropriate moments. Things get worse (for her) when she freezes up. Now she tries to explain to me why she cannot seem to show me any more poses. Fun clip with lots of mind games, tickle and freeze fun.



Sunny Marie Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Still no clue

Sunny, our sweet young model, still has no clue as to what is going o. Now we have her believe that masturbation is the thing to do when advertising Toys for the young ones. Sure honey, that's what all models do. Of course she would never do a nude shoot for anybody (see what she is wearing) and most importantly, she always pays attention to the situation. Those are pretty much her last words before she goes out as if hit by who knows what. Time to enjoy her limp body, move and pose her, lift her up and drop her and so on. Of course there is more. Our poor little girl is frozen again and then made fun off, tickled and orgasmed. Needless to say, she does none of this to turn me on but then again, why does she do all this. Hot with lots of limp play, freeze and mind games.



Sunny Marie Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
One last round of fun

Sunny seems very confused when she wakes up but it does seem like she realizes that she a few times. No, her blood sugar level is just fine. What else could it be. No, she has never been h- either (that's what she believes) so what else could it be. Sunny has no chance to ever figure it out. Here she drops again into lala land. Now we really move her limp body, pose her, take some great close ups of her feet and ass, do some eye checks and mess with her neck.

Finally she comes to and now she realizes (finally) that she is butt naked but the poor girl goes out again before she can do anything about all this. Oh well, let's watch her masturbate again while telling us about her professional standards. Believe it or not, she again in the middle of her orgasm. Things get really dramatic when she wakes up and now she remembers what she did. You might have guessed it, our little girl tries to deny having masturbated. I know, it does not make sense but that is how women are. Anyway, there is a lot more freeze fun, forced orgasms, mind games and so much more yet to come.




Sunny Marie Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Mark and I live here together

Sunny Marie clip The Robot Movie Mark and I live here together

Sunny Marie Hello, I’m Sunny Marie, how may I help you?

Frank Is this the residence of Mark J. Poindexter?

Sunny Marie Of course, Mark and I live together, He’s my boyfriend.

Frank Well Ms.. Uh,

Sunny Marie Oh everyone just calls me Sunny Marie

Frank I’m sorry to inform you mam, but I have an order of repossession regarding a purchase that Mr. Poindexter made on the 16th of November. It appears that he has been delinquent with his payments to Cybertech Industries as it pertains to one “3000- series“KM-3000 unit”, what ever the heck that is” This document permits me to reclaim the item immediately, however Mr. Poindexter may contact the company and reacquire the item at such time that he is able to make the necessary restitution. The information is all there on your copy of the order. Mam could you please direct me to the item.

Sunny Marie I’m sorry, but I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about. What is a KM watchmacallit anyway.

Frank It’s a 3000 series KM-unit, and you know what? I’m not really sure. Cybertech is a new client of ours and there really isn’t any sort of description aside from the model number. It sounds like it might refer to a Motorcycle or a TV perhaps.

Sunny Marie I’m sorry Mr. Smith, but Mark doesn’t own anything like that, you must be mistaken. Beside Mark would never miss a payment, he’s much too responsible to allow something like that to happen.

Frank I’m sorry, but I must retrieve the item today, may I look around and see if I can locate the item.

Sunny Marie: I suppose that would be OK, but please be careful not to disturb Mark’s things, he hates a messy house.

Frank Did you buy any new household appliances in November, such as a fridge, TV, sound system, washing machine, trash compactor.

Sunny Marie Oh no, nothing like that.

Frank What’s the story with this computer?

Sunny Marie Please don’t touch that! Only Mark is permitted to touch that.

Frank Why’s that?

Sunny Marie That is marks computer I am not permitted to touch it.

Frank Not permitted? Wow……OK relax I won’t touch it, besides the model number doesn’t match up. Hmmm I’m stumped, I better call the office and see if they can solve this mystery.

Hi Sally its Doug, I’m at the Poindexter residence looking at a repossession order for an item with the model number KM 3000. Do you have any idea what I’m looking for. Really! Wow……..I think I may have located the item, but I’m not a 100% certain. I have a feeling this could get a little tricky……..any suggestions? Thanks for nothing………..alright I’ll do my best.

Sunny Marie Well ?.....................Aren’t you going to tell me what’s the heck is a KM 3ooo is?

Frank She says it’s a robot.

Sunny Marie A robot? That’s crazy! Mark doesn’t have a robot. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, I guess it’s some sort of mix up. Good Luck, it was really nice meeting you.

Frank Excuse me Ms, I mean Sunny Marie, how long have you and Mark been together?

Sunny Marie We met last Fall, and it was love at first sight. He’s so wonderful.
Frank Last Fall? Was it per chance in November?

Sunny Marie Why yes it was. Our anniversary is November 20th, I’ll never forget it

Frank How long have you lived here?

Sunny Marie Since November 20th, I know its crazy, but he asked me to move in the day we met. I just couldn’t refuse him. I know it sounds impulsive, but I just knew that he was the one. He’s so wonderful?

Frank Where did you live before you moved in here?

Sunny Marie I, I uhm, I use to , I used to live, Uhm I, I , I, I don’t know, I, I can’t answer that question.

Frank Perhaps we should start with an easier question like “what is your last name?”

Sunny Marie I, I uhm, Its, I, Uhm Its, my name, my last name is, is, it is………….insufficient data, unable access last name………….This information is not relevant.

Frank Well Sunny Marie I have good news and bad news

Sunny Marie What do you mean?

Frank I found Mark’s KM3000 unit, unfortunately sweetie your it

Sunny Marie What are you talking about?

Frank I hate to tell you darling, but you’re a robot Sunny Marie That’s ridiculous, I am not a robot! I don’t what it is you hoped to find, but it’s clearly not here. No I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave.

Frank I’m afraid I can’t do that. If your boyfriend wanted to keep you he should have kept up with his payments.

Sunny Marie I am a person, not a piece of property. Do I look a robot to you? If this is some sort of joke, its not funny.

Frank Hmm, there hast to be some way to deactivate you?

Sunny Marie Deactivate me? You’re out of your mind. You stay away from me. I am not a robot. Look at me. See no wires, no blinking lights, I am all girl. Now I’ve had just about enough of your nonsense.

Frank “Not permitted,” I got it.

Frank heads toward the computer and immediately punches away at the keys.

Sunny Marie Hey what are you doing? Stop that! Only Mark is permitted to touch the computer” Stop that you are not authorized. …………….Wireless connection established………Stop it ……….Only Mark may…….Access granted……..Wait….What’s….Happening…

Command override……..Oh no…………I can’t be………..I can’t be a robot……this some sort of trick…………..I am not a robot………….I am Sunny Marie……….I am a person……….I am Sunny Marie I am Mark’s girlfriend……….I am Sunny Marie……I am ……….I am Unit kM 3000…..you may call me Sunny Marie………you may call me SUNNY MARIE.

I am state of the art in every way, the ultimate in android technology. How may I serve you?........W..W..W..Wait what am I saying………Stop that ! You want me to think I’m an android……….You don’t fool me……..You don’t fool me……..I am Sunny Marie…..I am Mark’s Girlfriend……….Mark is Wonderful………Error………Error…You may call me Sunny Marie……….but I can’t….I cant be a robot. OH n unit………………….please initiate repair…………opening access panels……..but I’m a real girl....girl...girl

Frank “I guess I should have been a little more careful with which buttons I wonder if she has a restart button, I’d hate to have to carry her back to the truck.”

Sunny Marie Initializing Program………..Loading Sunny Marie Program…………..activating KM3000 Series android companion unit. …………Hello I am KM3000, you may call me Sunny Marie. Updating Audio visual imprint Mark-01 ……update complete………..Human emulation engaged……….Hi Mark………….

Frank “Mark?” Are you talking to me?

Sunny Marie Of coarse silly, who else would I be talking to. I was just about start dinner, would you like a drink?


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