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Tasha Reign Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip



The better you follow the more...   

 Tasha, gorgeous blond with an amazing hard body, is best described as a very sensual seductress who just can't help but being cute, flirtatious and sensual. Needless to say that a beautiful girl like her, is certainly used to having her way with men and I admit, resisting her sexy flickering eyelids and her seductive looks as well as her cat like moves was not always easy but then again, I have never been one who backs down and training her into blissful submission was definitely well worth the effort.

Tasha actually turned out to be a sweetheart who was very curious to find out what it would be like to not be in the driver’s seat, or in other words, what it would be like to be under a man's control. I am sure that just by looking at her pictures, you will understand that I was just as curious and although I had a feeling that she might be a hand full, I just could not wait to get started and yes, I am glad I did. What an afternoon that was.  

The first part of the session started off great and there is a whole lot of body language throughout the entire induction, showing every move of her journey into her inner world. Wobbling head, relaxing shoulders, twitches, slow closing eyes and more...


Tasha Reign Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip

Feel how much you want to please me    


To make a beautiful girl like Tasha, who would probably (most likely) never give me so much as a second look, if you know what I mean, to quiver and shake, moan and groan and eventually orgasm on command without even so much as being touched, is more than exciting. Tasha slowly goes from being deeply relaxed to being intensely horny and eager to please simply because I say so. Of course, it is not as easy as this may sound. How do you get a girl to let go of herself? How do you get her to orgasm for you because she wants to be pleasing and obedient? How do you get her to orgasm whenever you allow her to cum? Go find out.



Tasha Reign Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip

Resistance is futile!                      

 “You are my master and I am here to please you”    

Tasha's beautiful body squirms all over the couch as she feels deeply penetrated and fucked. Her senses and feelings of lust are heightened in deep trance. She keeps repeating “I have no choice” which drives her up the wall even more. Of course she has to wait. Why is it a good idea to let a horny girl wait before she is allowed to orgasm? Simply because you want her to know how badly she wants it and how deeply she is under your control. Now it is time to have her take off some unnecessary clothes.

What a body on that girl! I have her slowly open her beautiful eyes and make her focus on the watch while she feels her hands being drawn between her legs. Unable to stop pleasuring herself, Tasha’s body starts to helplessly quiver and shake. Her eyelids flicker as if she wants to seduce me into letting her have her way, which is exactly what she is used to. Well, as we all know that is not going to happen, right? but how do I make her give up her futile resistance?  “I am here to please you master”.




Tasha Reign Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip

Mindless Slave      

 “I am a mindless shell”  

Tasha's beautiful naked body is kneeling in front of me as she repeats the word “mindless” over and over. Her eyes are fixated on my finger and I can feel her thoughts, mind and will diminishing. The slow repetitions of “I am a mindless slave” take effect and she sinks deeper into bliss. With her arms out in front of her my sexy yet mindless little girl is ready for the take over. Of course she is orgasmed at will but that is all just the beginning. Time to enjoy her ass, don't you think? Bent over the couch with her beautifully rounded ass pushed out at me, Tasha is now ordered to pleasure herself without being allowed to orgasm. She starts begging me to let her cum which only makes me drive her up the wall even more which I am sure will help her understand who is in control over her body and mind. Repeating “I am a mindless shell” takes her further into mindless bliss and that is when I ...



Tasha Reign Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip

Excuse me but I don't do any of that sex stuff!   

“You are my master”   

Tasha who has just been hired by a, how can I put this; different kind of airline seems quite shocked when I mention some of her duties to her. Of course nobody told her during the hiring process that her duties include entertaining our spoiled first class passengers while they are waiting in the VIP lounge. I know that might not sound too bad but when I say entertaining, I mean stripping, masturbating and mindlessly obeying. Needless to say that our sexy little stewardess, I am sorry, I mean our new flight attendant, is not too thrilled by all this, to put it mildly.

No way, I am a flight attendant and no I do not do any of that sex stuff. Too bad but what can I do? Will I be able to get her to look at the swinging watch and if so, will she lose herself in it and sink into deep trance. Will she be obedient, spank her own ass, orgasm on command, pleasure herself without being allowed to orgasm, seductively strip for me and mindlessly surrender to her master? Great stares, mindless zombie walk, intense orgasms, yes masters, eye checks and so much more. Of course she snaps out of it towards the end only to be put back under right before she has a chance to leave. Oh my god what happened.



Tasha Reign Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip

Sports drinks and IQ don't go well together   

 Tasha, our beautiful super model, believes to be in the middle of a photo shoot for our new Sports drink. In all fairness, she is warned by the photographer, that this is the sixth attempt to shoot the dam commercial and that so far all the models who have tried it, ended up, how shall I say, somewhat aroused and slightly stupid. Could there be something in our new drink that causes the girls to feel this way? Of course not! Maybe the models before her were simply attracted to me and that might have caused their otherwise unexplainable arousal and loss of IQ. I hate to admit it but as soon as I mention that the other girls might have been attracted to me, Tasha starts laughing at me, now that hurts.

Regardless, Tasha seems to really like the drink and keeps drinking and drinking and I have to mention this here again; she does so despite my warnings. Sure enough, her poses become sexier and more provocative until she seductively and almost accidentally starts to hold the bottle dangerously close to her pussy. Her hands, here again, almost accidentally touch her breasts. Of course the juice does not have anything to do with all that and no she does not feel anything. The fact that she starts to giggle has no meaning at all.

The two year love relationship, she so proudly mentioned at the beginning of our conversation, seems to become more and more meaningless. I think she made up the whole boy friend story to stop me from hitting on her but now, strangely enough, she wants to fuck me! Maybe the drink really does not have any side effects and the only reason she masturbates herself to orgasm, right there in front of me, is that she finds me irresistible. I can not help but notice though, that her concentration as well as her attention span has gone down the drain and all she talks about is her need to get fucked. Great transformation from super model to oversexed bimbo with the IQ of a two year old...  








Tasha Reign Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip

I am in control all the time     

 Tasha believes to be in the middle of a job interview to become the executive secretary at the local hypnosis institute. Although she is not very interested in hypnosis and does not really believe in it anyways, she does want the high paying job. Having had bad experiences in the past, I keep stressing the fact that we are looking for someone sharp and most importantly, very alert when it comes to taking care of the daily chores. No problem here. Tasha reassures me that she is definitely that kind of a person. I hope so, because my last secretary seemed to have been absent minded, aka blank quite often  which made her lose time.

Tasha makes it perfectly clear that she is always in control. The fun begins. At the snap of my fingers, in mid sentence Tasha goes instantaneously mindless and blank. Of course I have to mess with her a bit while she is just mindlessly staring into who the hell knows what. Snapped out of it again, Tasha seems a bit confused but still ready to take notes and be a good new employee. This is a short clip but there is a lot of fun going on. Tasha's face, when she tries to make it look like nothing happened, while desperately trying to figure out what the hell just happened, is priceless. I have her go mindless several time which leaves her confused but, what do you know, she keeps insisting till the end that she is in control. Great mindless stares.




Tasha Reign Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip

Frozen, played with and so not in control    

 Tasha, who still believes to be in the middle of her job interview, comes back from her last, let's call it, mindless moment and it is obvious that she seems rather confused. The fact that her clothes are gone eludes her completely which I think makes this whole thing even more fun. Of course, being as professional as she is, it does not take her long to take control of the situation.

I give her the good news that she is hired and that it is now time to take her picture for the employee wall in our lunch room. Imagine her big smile go away as she suddenly freezes up and goes blank, I tell you, it is priceless. Anyway, now it is my time to mess with her outfit and to take a closer look at her beautiful breasts. Looks like our little girl is too far gone to notice any of that and I think it would be fun to let her become aware of her predicament.

Tasha seems rather stunned and speechless about her inability to move and despite my well meant yet clumsy attempts to help her, she remains frozen. The idea of having an orgasm while frozen seems too far off for our little girl but as we all know, I can be very persuasive, if you know what I mean. Fun clip, lots of confusion, unexpected twists and a very helpless young secretary. There is one second missing when Lana accidentally stumbled into the tripod, hardly noticeable though.



Tasha Reign Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip

Please do not orgasm     

 No, you don't tell me what to do.   

Some job interviews just don't seem to go well, no matter what and it looks like Tasha can not win this one. After a brief deepening, our oh so eager secretary wakes up and it looks like she believes that having her legs spread wide so that I can see her juicy pink pussy, is pretty much what everybody does during a job interview. I mention that my last secretary was kind of a sex addict and that she used to masturbate in front of me.

Disgusting, yes I know. The second Tasha realizes that I do not want her to do something, she just has to do it. Imagine a secretary who does the opposite of what you tell her to do and loves to be a little shit about it all. What do you think happens when I tell her to NOT orgasm, to NOT bend over and spread her butt cheeks, and to stop playing with herself while posing unbelievably sexy.




Tasha Reign Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

I am that kind of person.          

 Tasha, butt naked by now, wakes up again and of course she reassures me yet again that she is the kind of person we are looking for but just as she sits up straight to show how interested she is, the poor think passes out like a light. Wonder what happened. Anyway, after I play with her limp body for a bit, it is time to wake her up for another round. We casually talk about her dress (what dress) and I do make her aware of the fact that her breasts might have slipped out. Of course her hands shoot up to cover those bad boys and as soon as she touches them, she goes out yet again. Of course that all happens a few more times to her and believe it or not, she keeps insisting on being always on and alert. Only a very short part of the rather lengthy induction and lot's of sleepy fun. Eye checks, neck focus and limp body play.



Tasha Reign Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip

Disobedient Babysitter needs attitude adjustment  

 Tasha is made to believe that she is my babysitter. Naturally, she gets kind of pissed off when I start hitting on her which is understandable, particularly given the fact that I am soooo much younger than she is. I think what really got her mad though is when I started talking about her sexy feet and that I would love to watch her seductively play with them. Now that really goes too far and she threatens me with telling my parents about this. Well, I guess it is time to give her the little present I had bought the other day. You guys know about the magic lips, I am sure and if not, you will know about them after watching this segment. Tasha goes mindless and dim within a split second and now she is all mine. Let' see what our beautiful girl can do with her sexy feet. Not only for foot lovers. Includes really hot close ups of her feet, pussy and ass at the same time. Tasha sure knows how to turn a man on and she definitely proofs it in this one.



Tasha Reign Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip

The not so serious Babysitter    

 My beautiful babysitter is just about to leave, which, after what happened to her in the last segment, is sort of understandable. Unfortunately though, she does not make it very far due to a sudden tickle attack which makes her jump around and role around like a chicken with its head cut off. Things get worse when she suddenly freezes up while still feeling tickled. Can it get worse for our beautiful yet helpless babysitter. Oh yes, go and see for yourself.



Tasha Reign Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip

I am soooooo not obedient at all     

Tasha, who believes to be a stripper at my club, does not seem to understand that I have to transform her into an obedient and well programmed robot. Somehow she believes that being late or even being a no show is fine, after all, she is a stripper and can do what ever she wants. Further more, my idea to implement a new robot show which certainly would attack  a lot of customers, seems too far fetched. The ray gun in my hand sets off a carefully planted Post Hypnotic trigger and my reluctant little stripper snaps at attention with her arms bend in a 90 degree angle. Robot Tasha sure knows how to dance and strip. Of course her training includes mind and will removal, the deactivation of her personality,

the always popular yet uncomfortable standing up masturbation, orgasm control, many, many yes masters, salutations and more. Getting Tasha to mindlessly obey is always a challenge and this one shows her giving in after a futile fight.



Tasha Reign Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip

Must Neutralize Frankie Papuzi…    

A man in my position can not be careful enough; there are just too many people out there who want a piece of the action. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but believe me, when you make your money through other peoples, let's call it, vices or better yet, uncontrollable bad habits, it is always a good idea to have eyes in the back of your head. I was kind of skeptical the second I met her, it just seemed too easy, if you know what I mean.

The fact that all she seemed to want from me was to fuck me, did not make her any less suspicious, I mean, look at me. What really tipped me off though was the fact that she kept asking me what I do for a living. Of course I can never tell people what I do and for that reason, I invented this really boring sales job, which in fact sounds so dam boring that people never try to find out more about the details. Not her though, she kept drilling me while seductively offering me her beautiful body. I should probably mention that her behavior was a little, let's call it, awkward at times and it just seemed like that there was something not right about her. 

To make a long story short, I used a new high tech device, which I just bought, to measure whether there was any electromagnetic frequency coming from her and sure enough, whatever was under that silky soft skin of hers was not human? I had no choice but to remove some of her programming but for that, she had to malfunction first.

Turned out she was sent by the Feds and they did not seem to see much of a future for me. Turning her into a pleasure toy with no memory of her original plan to kill me, was fun and it might have worked if it was not for those dam inhibitor chips they put into her. Well, the way I see it is that messing with a beautiful thing like her was extremely sexual and I am sure they will keep sending them and who knows, one day I...  




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