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Taylor Raz Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Do it yourself

Taylor Raz, extremely sexual, naturally horny, feet loving bi-sexual blond, could not wait to come back by herself for another round of fun. The last couple of times we got to enjoy watching her play with Alexis Grace and Katie Cummings, which I am sure you guys remember without me even having to mention it here. As you might all remember, Taylor is very sexual, an amazingly good subject, extremely kinky and naturally submissive without being too easy. Sounds great? It sure does, so get ready for another hooooooooooot one

Taylor seemed a bit surprised when she found out that I was not in the studio yet (well, so she thought) but sure enough, her eyes got caught by the rotating disco light and the rest is history. I love it when they do it to themselves. Anyway, Taylor is soon deep and ready to be played with. First we have to test the sleep trigger so that we can mess with her young limp little body, expect her tits, check her eyes and make her cum in her sleep. Of course that is all just warm up.

Taylor went instantaneously back under my control as she remembers who her master is. Her hands feel drawn between her legs as she stares into nothingness. Of course she has to wait for my permission before she is allowed to cum. Back to sleep for more limp play and... Great unblinking stares, yes masters, some rolling eyes and self-entrancement.

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Taylor Raz Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your trained slave master

Trying to describe every detail of her training would be quite insane and take forever but I am sure you all know that each and every segment of her session is intense and definitely worth watching. Here are some of the highlights of this segment

Zombie pose while during slow and monotone repetitions of mantras, intense begging and pleading to be allowed to cum, hot and wet masturbation taking her body into lustful convulsions, kneeling, crawling while slowly repeating," I am your well trained slave master," feeling fucked and used from behind (great close ups of her jiggling ass) being mindlessly posed and inspected by the camera, eye checks, rolling eyes, dim stares and plenty of yes masters. I am cuming for you master. As mentioned, those are just a few highlights.




Taylor Raz Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Foot slave training

I am my masters foot slave!

Please master touch my feet

Highlights of this one: Feet and more feet but that is sure not all that's happening. More begging and pleading for orgasms and a chance to please. Sucking kissing and offering of her sexy feet while being orgasmed. Of course, our sexy little girl is being put to sleep while her feet and of course the rest of her body is manipulated and checked. More orgasm training in her sleep while she feels her masters touch on her feet. Our horny girl is helplessly played with and brought to orgasm while too weak to move. As mentioned, Taylor begs me to touch her feet as she remembers what happens when I do. Yes masters, entranced repetitions, rolling eyes, stares and so much more. I am your horny foot slave master.



Taylor Raz Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your masters control

I am your h- slave master. Please make me better.

Just as expected, Taylor goes nuts in this one as well. Enjoy her intense "rollercoaster ride" from being deeply entranced while slowly repeating mantras to begging, screaming and pleading. Of course there is more intense training. Some of the highlights are : Zombie pose, kneeling, slowly repeated mantras, limp body manipulation, eye checks, sleepy orgasms while being played with, forced orgasm training after prolonged waiting periods, begging, rolling eyes, mindless stares, crawling while being made to feel fucked and taken from behind, masturbation and more. Please master make me orgasm, I am your helpless slave.




Taylor Raz Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Your master can orgasm you anyway he wants

I am here to serve you master

I am your obedient slave master

This last segment of her initial training is focused on letting her feel that she is completely under her masters control and that the degree of how good she is allowed to feel depends on my mood. What do we get to look forward to here is more slow repetitions, foot play while helplessly orgasmed, yes master, intense stares, rolling eyes, forced orgasm training on command (some breath controlled which drives her insane for lust) more zombie pose, sleep training and lot's of limp body play while out and or helplessly weak, begging to be allowed to surrender, unblinking mindless stares, eye checks, self inflicted nipple torture and so much more. I am cuming for you master.




Taylor Raz Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen in Time

This is not a stick, it is a wand

This next one is fun to watch as Taylor's remarks and her pleading for merci is funny and of course hot. Taylor, who believes to be a wizard of sorts (loosely based on the wiz of OZ) has come to stop me from performing, what she calls, evil sorcery. Needless to say, the little stick, I mean wand of course, is no match for my wizard watch which inevitably takes her down into mindless obedience. Well, the biggest problem though is that she suddenly seems frozen stiff and with that, helpless and vulnerable to do anything about the fact that I am exposing her sexy little body. Poor thing even admits that I do have some, let's call it, talents and that the situation is "quite humiliating" but all that does not hell her much either.

Being the nice guy that I am, I even place a vibrator on her wet clit but that does not seem to make her happy either until she gets horny that is. In other words, she starts to enjoy the thrusting vibrator in her pleasure center. Will she cum for us? Oh well, there is of course more to cum. At some point, our horny wizard seems too weak to even move but that does not stop her from telling me how inappropriate my behavior is. I think we put her to sleep for some.... I wonder how she would react if I tell her that I am going to fuck her while she is...



Taylor Raz Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not getting any better

From wiz to love/orgasm slave

Can things get worse for our still full of herself young wiz. You bet they can. Here we get to enjoy her being plagued by uncontrollable laughter at all the wrong times, more hard freeze while being orgasmed and or played with, being orgasmed while feeling tickled, being put to sleep by her own hand over her mouth and nose (I wonder how that got there) being turned into a kneeling love/orgasm slave, jiggle her tits for us and more. Lots of limp body manipulation as well.




Taylor Raz Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo Maid

I am a robot with a love slave program

Taylor, our quite powerless wizard, wakes up and now she puts on the Maids Costume, thinking that it is her wizard outfit. Needless to say, the" feather duster" she now swings at me (thinking that is her magic wand) seems to make her appear even less dangerous. Anyway, here we get to enjoy her being transformed into an obedient and well programmed dusting and cleaning, masturbating "yes master" repeating android. Needless to say, we have to test her stiff walk, her bend over masturbation skills and so many more of her programs before activating her love slave program. At some point, she even seems to remember having a " wizard" program but...




Taylor Raz Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Who still dreams of Jeannie?

Taylor who believes to be the star of a remake of a very famous sixties shows, has finally shown up for a promo photo shoot. Little does she know that this has really nothing to do with a serious photo shoot and sure enough, our little actress ends up being put to sleep in the midst of telling us that the new series does not include a master because that sure would not fly in our modern times. In case you never saw the old series go check it out on YouTube. Anyway, my talking about her feet does not seem to make her feel all that comfortable either . Oh well, let's see what happens when she tries the old "eye blinking" trick. Sure enough, she drops like a rock and now she seems ready to please us with her feet.



Taylor Raz Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Who still loves Jeannie's feet

The last segment ended with her showing us her feet and now we really get into it. We all know that Taylor does love feet and it certainly shows when she seductively shows them off, kisses and licks them while enticing her master. Needless to say, we have to introduce her to the spot under her feet that makes her cum as soon as touched by her master. Taylor gets wet and excited quickly and her screaming hard orgasms fill the room. Time to put her to sleep and to enjoy inspecting her feet as well as messing with her helplessly limp body.



Taylor Raz Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Women always get their way

Our beauty wakes up not remembering what just happened and she goes on about how crazy it sounds for a genie to have a master and that she is way to head strong to ever be h-. Needless to say, a serious actress like herself would never be interested in appearing on my Robolust website. Let's see how strong minded our young lady really is, shall we. "sleep" Sure enough, our genie drops like a rock and fall back. Looks like this is a great time to mess with her sleepy limp body, undress her a bit more and so on. Imagine her embarrassment when she wakes up and becomes aware of the fact that she is quite naked, without remembering how this might have happened. Let's put her back to sleep and mess with her some more. Towards the end we get to enjoy her assuming the famous "Jeannie position", blink her eyes and....



Taylor Raz Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Jennies make great slaves and even better Robots.

Like the title says, here we get to enjoy our sexy little genie, who still talks about her strong mind and women's power, being turned into a horny, begging love slave and even into a masturbating robot toy with no mind of her own. Of course there is more than just that and I am sure you will find that out once you watch this segment. Limp body manipulation, sleepy orgasm and lot's of mind games.




Taylor Raz Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Used for parts

TAY:Hi can I help you?

FRANK: Sorry to bother you I was just wondering if you have change for a dollar. The machine in the hall keeps spitting my bill out.

TAY:Oh sure no problem, I hate when that happens. I think I have some quarters in my purse. I don't think I've seen you around here before are you new?

FRANK: Oh sorry I'm Frank, I just moved in down the hall. I haven't had a chance to get to the store and stock up on groceries.

TAY:Well I'm Tay………feel free to yell if you need anything…….Now where did I leave my purse, Oh here it is……….Ahah:) you're in luck, I do have change. Here's 25, 50, 75, 85, 95, and 5 more makes a dollar.

FRANK: Thanks I really appreciate it, maybe when I get my kitchen put together I can invite you over for a,.oooops. Would you look at me, I'm such a butter fingers.

(Frank drops the change onto the floor and Tay gets on her hands and knees to held retrieve it)

TAY: Here let me help you with that. Let see 75, 80, 90, Huh, I wonder where the other dime rolled?

(Frank sneaks up behind Tay reaches under her blouse and makes a couple of small jerking motions as if he has yanked something loose.)

Tay: I don't see it anywhere….I …I….don't…don't...don't…see it anywhere…………Hey! what are you doing to me?……..Stop that…….Don't touch my ……..Stop it I can't…

TAY: …can't……can't…hard to think……..I feel strange……….very strange……….What…. have you…. done to me?……..done to me?…….Error……error…hardware not found. Oh my god what did you do?

FRANK: Frank holds out a small computer chip and a hand full of wires, just as Tay regains a bit of her composure. She looks in horror at the site of her components dangling in front of her.

Frank: Oh I'm sorry was this important……………

Why did you do that!………Give those back……You had no right, I don't belong to you……..Give those back they don't belong to you………

FRANK: I am doing something, I'm waiting

TAY: Waiting? Waiting for…for what?

FRANK: I'm waiting for you to short circuit, so I can strip your for parts.

TAY: Strip me for parts? But I don't be…be….belong to you!……….You are not authorized to tamper with my circuitry!

FRANK: Its ok I authorized myself

TAY: NO! I can not allow you to…to….to access my internal components…………You must leave immediately………

FRANK: No thanks, I think I'll stick around, besides watching sexdroids meltdown is a hobby of mine.

TAY: You won't get..get…get……. get away with this, my husband will be home any minute.

FRANK: "Husband," that's a good one. Do you mean your Owner? He won't be back for hours, I've been casing this place for weeks. Don't mind me I'm just going to get my tools ready, looks like you are already starting to Short circuit.

TAY: I am a 6000 series android, It takes more than a few loose wires to make me to short...short...short circuit……I will not allow……….will not allow… you to tamper with my circ...circ…circuitry……Loading security protocols… Intruder Alert……Intruder Alert……Intruder Alert……..Intruder must be neutralized………Defense Mode...Activated

FRANK: Oh no you don't

TAY: Hey stop, don't touch that!……………………What are you doing? Defense mode disabled……Cleaning Mode activated……Oh my this place is such a mess………

FRANK: Oh I think we can do better than that

…Cleaning Mode disabled……..Hey stop changing my settings…………Defense Mode Activated…………Now your going to get …..Just wait until I…..Stop Don't touch that!…I swear when I get my………….Sex Mode Activated………..Oh Don't you darrrrrre……

TAY: Hi sex...sex….sexy…I'm Tay what's your name?

FRANK: Oh that's not important

TAY: but what should I call You?

FRANK :Let's just stick with sexy for now.

TAY: user name Sexy……Saved………..How may I please you….Sexy?

Go ahead and find out what our neighbor does to our unsuspecting and very sexy Android!

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