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Taylor Raz Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Born to be submissive

Taylor Raz, beautiful, terribly cute young girl next door decided not too long ago to spice up her life, her sex life that is, and what better way is there than to play around in the fetish world? Her favorite fetishes are feet and tickling which I thought was very interesting. I was immediately taken by her cuteness, her sweetness, her natural beauty and her unbelievably lovable attitude.

Taylor had heard a lot about my sessions from her girlfriends and she was eager to find out for herself what the buzz and fuss was all about. Could it be real? Is it possible that young girls can orgasm without being touched? Would she experience it as intense and wildly arousing as her girlfriends did? Would she be a good subject? Well yes, Taylor had many questions and despite being very intrigued by what I do, she did have some doubts.

What can I say, once you get to watch clip two, you will already know that Taylor is not only an amazing subject who gave herself up completely and with that turned into a screaming, begging, shivering and shaking love slave with only one thing on her mind (I am using the word loosely) and that was to please her master. Yes, it is another exceptionally intense session. I know, I know, I say that a lot but believe me, once you watch some of her clips, you will agree with me.

I noticed right away during the magnetic hands test, that Taylor would be a good subject and during the relaxation part, her head and body language, twitching eyelids and so on, confirmed my initial feeling. Nice close ups, slow camera zooms, flickering eyelids and...

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Taylor Raz Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I came here to learn to obey

Feel that I make you orgasm

Taylor's arms and hands are helplessly and very slowly rising up in the air and she becomes more and more aroused with every inch her arms rise. Her young body starts to quiver and shake while she feels and experiences one of her own sexual fantasies with an amazing intensity.

Every part of her body as well as her nerve endings are sensitized in deep trance. I can feel her not only getting deeper and deeper into it but also that she is letting go, thus allowing herself to drift into an intense sexual bliss and with that under my control. Her sexy tight body goes into lustful and intense spasms with every inch her arms rising and I just know that she is dying to orgasm for me. Of course that would be way too early and sure enough, after intensifying her lust even more, she starts to scream and beg me to allow her to cum; still, too early! I want her to feel who is in control of her mind and body.

Taylor keeps repeating my suggestions without me telling her to do so which is often a sign of intense lust and the desire to please. Watch it and you will know what I mean by this. With every snap of my fingers, Taylor’s intense feelings of lust intensify even more until she is completely out of it for lust and that is the time to orgasm her for a very long time. Believe me, you could not wish for a better start of a female training session than this.



Taylor Raz Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am an orgasm slave

You have no thoughts

First intense rolling eyes, mantras, repetition galore, yes master, empty stares, screaming hard orgasms, begging and pleading, denied orgasms or in other word, the perfect female training. The thing with submission is, that you can not just tell someone to be submissive; you have to make your subject want, feel and desire it, only then can they truly submit. Watch this clip and you will know what I mean. Mind reduction is a great tool to focus the subconscious mind.

By eliminating the interfering thoughts it becomes much easier to effectively take control and to take your subject, to unknown heights of bliss. Taylor's eyes are focused on my finger, her eyes start to role back into her head and the more she drifts the more she feels her masturbation which in turn makes her drift even more. I make her feel and know how badly she wants to succumb and orgasm without letting her climax.

She keeps screaming “I am an orgasm slave” as her tight little body goes into convulsions. Many believe that when someone is in mindless bliss that they can not express intense physical pleasure which is not true what so ever. Watch this clip and you will understand. Enough of the warm up, now it is time to put her on her knees and to teach her how orgasm control, mantras, denied orgasm, begging and screaming can make her an even better love slave “I was born to be your slave, nobody can make me cum this hard”.



Taylor Raz Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I hear and I obey, I am a slave

You are not allowed to have will or thoughts

Many of you have already watched the preceding clips and I am sure that you want to see this one as well. Taylor's tight young body is standing in front of me with one arm stretched out straight in front of her while she is ordered to pleasure herself with the other hand. She slowly repeats, "I hear and I obey, I am a slave" as she is getting closer and closer to her next orgasm.

Of course she has to earn her next climax, as we all know, there is nothing for free in life. I order her to stop breathing and to get herself closer to orgasm and then allow her to breathe for a few seconds before she has to hold it again. I can feel her going nuts and her desire to orgasm for me becomes so strong that she stops to breathe on her own. Suddenly, while holding her breath, she is allowed to come without being allowed to release any of the intense sexual energy which is circulating through her body, meaning without breathing.

Taylor orgasms so hard that it almost knocks her off her feet. After this very intense warm up, our little girl is now ordered to bend over, push out her beautiful little ass while she feels helplessly fucked but that is not all by any means. I make her feel an intense spanking on her ass and pussy and boy, she loves that one. Her body quivers and squirms under and it seems like she can not get it in deep and hard enough. She keeps screaming and thanking me for making her cum unlike anybody before and promises to be a good and willing-less slave.

Taylor seems exhausted and all it takes for me to render her completely mindless, is to wave my hand in front of her face. Our little girl drops into a zombie like mindless trance and now she just stands there and stares into nothingness "I am mindless for you master, I have no will". Time to take it up a notch and freeze her in place. The more her helpless body freezes up the more excited she becomes but I decide to...Stares, rolling eyes, mantras, intense orgasms, breath control and unconditional surrender.



Taylor Raz Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves have no right to have will and mind of their own

I need to be punished to become even better

This segment is so amazing and intense that it even blew me away. The intensity with which Taylor feels and expresses each and everyone of my orders is spectacular. I have her in the slave position on her knees as her big eyes stare at me without even so much as a flinch. I have her open her mouth and freeze it in place and then mute her because I want her to feel my power over her. Watching her orgasm without making a sound while her body goes into intense blissful convulsions is very hot and her stare and open mouth make it even more dramatic.

Next comes a very hard self spanking while she repeats over and over "I need to be punished to become better". Now comes my favorite part. I start making her feel tied up and gagged, her head is pulled back and her body is pulled up. This is most likely the best h-no bondage I have ever done. Taylor's body is bound and kept in a very uncomfortable position and the gag in her mouth makes it even more uncomfortable. You can see her tongue rolled back as if the gag was really there and the way she tries to answer and or repeat, leaves no doubt that she feels it just as she feels the nipple clamps.

Taylor's body movement leaves no doubt that the ropes she is feeling, keep her helplessly in place. Of course, she is driven up the wall for lust again and the more I suggest that she has to be punished to become even better and that she wants to show me that she is a good slave, the more aroused she gets. As I mentioned before, finding the trigger, the one thing that turns them on the most, is the key. You have to watch this one to believe it. After the intense training, Taylor is now rendered mindless. Her eyes slowly role back into her head as she drops into the abyss while her arms raise up into the zombie position. The slow and monotone repetition of the mantra, mindless slave, prepares her for the final take over.



Taylor Raz Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
IQ number nine !

Mrs. Pinchapenny' s slow demise. This one is for our IQ reduction, bimbofication and mindless slave lovers. Most of the next two segments is about Taylor's slow change from being very professional, somewhat bitchy and unattainable to being a horny oversexed, completely IQ-less, sloppy and giggly mess, who wants nothing more than sex, even if it costs her all of her remaining mind. Taylor is spectacular and her responses and changes will blow you away.

Taylor, who believes to be at my house to check up on a, what she believes fraudulent disability claim, can not seem to believe my excuses as to why I had to mow the lawn, work on my roof and so on. The stories that it might have been my brother who helped me out and that it might have been him who was seen on the roof and in the night club dancing, certainly does not convince her at all. That is too bad. At this point,

Taylor is terribly thirsty and what do you know, I have some very special water for her. Naturally, she does not seem to pay attention to my well meant yet half assed warning regarding the water. She keeps drinking away and slowly but surely her stern behavior turns into brainless giggling about everything and nothing. She starts to role around on the couch and unexpectedly, the "massager" she at first thought was inappropriate, becomes her best friend.

Despite my complaining, her clothes eventually come off and now she seems to have no shame to show me every part of her body (I love the crotch-less pantyhose). At some point, our little girl seems to have a hard time remembering why she came to see me in the first place and she even calls her IQ (what ever that might be) to be around five! Of course there is a lot more going on but the clip description is getting too long as it is.



Taylor Raz Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
IQ number ZERO!

The IQ count down: five, four, three, two...

This is the continuation of clip six... Taylor's demise has reached the point where she is fighting me over the massager. By now, she does not remember why she came here in the first place and the best part about it is that she does not seem to care anymore as long as I do not take her little friend away from her. Our “oh so proper” Mrs. Pinchapenny has turned into a silly, horny and fairly IQ less Bimbo who just wants to have fun. My warning that an orgasm might send her into mindless oblivion can not seem to stop her. Unable to stop her masturbation, despite some weak attempts

Taylor seems to have no other choice than to surrender to the inevitable. Oh god, her orgasm is indescribably long, intense and very hard. It is almost like; she is releasing years and years of repressed sexual energy. Now it is time to turn our girl into a mindless and very obedient slave. Remarkable IQ reduction, priceless comments, total bimbofication and zombiefication.




Taylor Raz Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Why is it getting harder to think?

Taylor wakes up after a brief reprogramming and it looks like the effects of the water have worn off by now. With that however, comes her inability to remember what has happened to her and it is understandable that she feels very confused and embarrassed about her nakedness and of course the fact that I am watching her frantically trying to get dressed.

Luckily, she does remember why she is at my place in the first place and believe it or not, my disability claim is all of a sudden legitimate. I don’t know why I can not really believe her when she mentions that she has no intentions to report me. Could it be that she just wants to get out of here. It does not really matter, I guess because I was planning on freezing her anyways.

Taylor’s sexy body begins to freeze up, starting with her feet and legs and then slowly all the way up into her head. Her comments and the way she reacts to say the least “flabbergasted” is priceless. Eventually she notices that it becomes harder and harder to think but by the time her lips freeze up, her worries seem to be over. Mindlessly frozen our little girl is now mine to play with. Of course removing some of the heavy clothing is the first thing I have to do to help her.



Taylor Raz Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I am getting cold!

You can not really do this. Yes honey, watch me…

Helplessly frozen yet aware, Taylor finds out that there is not a whole lot that I can not do to her. For example, there is not much she can do about me taking off some more of her unneeded clothes, tickle her silly with the whip, make her nipples hard with the same whip and orgasm her at will. The orgasm part is really funny, mainly because she does not believe this could ever happen to her. I can not mention all of what is happening in this clip but again, her comments and the way she tries to negotiate with me is priceless.

At some point, I decide to allow her to move again and believe it or not, she promises not to report me. Why do I have a hard time believing that? I think it might be better to render her mindless and prep her a bit before she leaves the house, don’t you think? Of course there is a whole lot of “oh no” going on but the waving hand stops her in mid sentence. By looking at the pictures, you might ask yourself, why does she end up a mindless zombie with her eyes rolled up all the way into the back of her head? Or maybe you wonder about the fact that the last thing you will see in this clip is me checking her sleepy eyes? I guess it is time for you to check it out for yourself. Great stares, rolling eyes, freeze galore and so much more...



Taylor Raz Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

Taylor, who believes to be my wife acts just like the typical, unhappy, bitchy and never in the mood, if you know what I mean, kind of housewife who has no intentions to cook and or clean up the mess in her room. After arguing with me about that for a while her attention is suddenly caught by the mannequin on the floor and naturally, she finds it absurd to have a thing like that in the bedroom. My explanation that the thing on the floor is actually a deactivated robot seems to make her feel even more appalled.

Telling her that she will end up like this makes her laugh, at first that is. Within a split second though, she stands at attention with her arms in a 90 degree angle. I am a Robot, master. Now let’s watch her clean up the mess in her room, change into the maids costume and finger herself without being able to orgasm. Of course that is only the beginning of her programming. All of a sudden she is helplessly stuck to the magnet bed which seems to draw her metal body so tight to the bed that she is unable to move. Imagine what I can do to her now but why stop here? Next comes the intense vibrator masturbation with a twist.

Taylor is switched back and forth during her masturbation from being a robot to being my wife who now painfully finds out that I can switch her back into a machine at any time. You think, she is going to beg me not to turn her back into a programmed robot. Is she really unable to stop pleasuring herself even though she tries hard? Will she end up being a good little wife? Lots of stiff robotic movement, monotone robotic voice, repetitions of commands, yes masters and very intense arousal which leads to...



Taylor Raz Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Webcam girl in foot bliss

Banana foot job, dangling shoes, intense rolling eyes and a whole lot of feet

Taylor is made to think that she is a webcam girl who is talking to one of her favorite customers. Thinking that the camera is her computer screen, Taylor stares right into my eyes. Well, despite the fact I am one of her best customers, who BTW made her wear the sexy nurse costume with the fishnets, she is absolutely not interested in letting me watch her play with her sexy little feet. What can I say, all that changes when I show her the new screensaver on my computer. There is something about those fast swirling lights that takes her into a vey deep and obedient trance. What comes next is absolutely amazing and I am sure not only our foot lovers will enjoy this one.

Taylor has a foot fetish herself and believe me, it shows. The way she demonstrates how she gives foot jobs by using a banana is hot. It gets even steamier when I decide to take her deeper. Her eyes role back into her head as she continues to pleasure herself for me using her feet. Of course there are the dangling shoes, I mentioned earlier, some masturbation, mindless stares and lots of close ups of her feet in all kinds of positions, showing off her cute wrinkles, toes and, and, and….



Taylor Raz Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
You know you can not be here

Taylor, or I should better say, our little webcam girl comes back from a brief deepening and she seems to have a hard time remembering what we just did. She seems very surprised and definitely not in the mood to be tickled by me which something I would really like to do now. Not only is she not in the mood for that but she also thinks that it is not even possible, simply because I am not in the room which is not allowed anyways. Imagine her disbelieve when I mention that all I have to do, is count to three and she will feel tickled out of her mind. One, two...feel anything yet? No nothing. Three.

Oh my god, Taylor jumps up and the torture begins. I mentioned earlier that tickling is one of her own fetishes and believe me, the little girl goes nuts to the point where she can not speak or breath. Things get even worse for her when she suddenly feels tied up and unable to move while still being tickled. Do you think our reluctant webcam girl is willing to give me her address now. I am sure she would, if she could just speak. This is most likely the most intense and definitely one of my best tickling clips ever.



Taylor Raz Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
That would definitely have to be my ass!

Taylor, our young aspiring actress, is determined to get the part in our very serious theater production. When asked what she thinks as to why she should get the role, our young lady jumps up and shows off her naked ass. Of course she explains the size and shape of her ass and how it "bubbles under" which she believes to be very important asset when it comes to getting the role.

Our young actress is, as mentioned determined and when asked what she thinks sets her apart from the other candidates, she pulls out her breasts and explains why those are so important for the role. It is really fun to watch our somewhat clueless girl who actually believes that she is going through a serious interview, expose herself while telling me that she is not interested in doing any nudity on stage. Of course, her wet pussy has to come out at some point and I am almost convinced to give her the role. The fun goes on.

Taylor at some point mindlessly freezes in mid sentence and has no clue that I am taking off her shirt while her absolutely unblinking eyes stare into nothingness (really amazing stare). Anyway, she snaps out of it and picks up the sentence as if nothing had happened. The second I mention that I have to take her picture, our little girl takes off her bra as if this was the most normal thing to do. Why would she do a thing like that? And is there more to come? Go find out...


Taylor Raz Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
A little bit of everything

Sleepy actress turns mindless love slave, robot and......

Taylor has proven so far that she is an absolutely amazing subject and this final clip of her session, certainly puts her over the top. Upon awakening our poor little girl seems to be confused and she certainly can not recall what I just said. I can not really blame her, after all, she was not awake and I did not say anything but as mentioned, she does not know that. Anyway, she is still determined to get the job at the theater and again, she tries to convince me that she is the right girl for the job. Oops, there she again in mid sentence. Well, let's see whether she notices that I am messing with her dress again.

Taylor, upon awakening, seems to somehow feel that something is not right with the way she is dressed but she can not seem to figure out what it is. (really funny) Next comes the part where she all of a sudden drops to her knees and masturbates. Why on earth would she do that now? What can I say, she enjoys it tremendously which makes me decide to ALMOST let her cum. Right at that point where she is ready to explode, the snap of my fingers makes her pass out again. Too bad. Although she really wants to work for the theater, she can not really see herself playing a mindless slave girl who pleases her master. Well, looks like I have to snap my fingers again.

Taylor transforms instantaneously into my horny, mindless and very obedient slave. Time to order her to undress and to finger her very wet pussy (you can hear the wetness, BTW.) After many yes masters, it is time to snap her out of it and to ask her whether she would like to play the role of a fembot. No, looks like I need to snap my fingers yet again. More embarrassment, confusion and a very hot sleep scene are still to cum, oops, I mean come. Too many details and confused and or embarrassing moments to describe all of it and certainly well worth watching.



Taylor Raz Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a scientific instrument

What do you guys think about a Fembot Super cop/investigator without a sex program? Exactly what I thought, it is just not a good idea. I mean, how often did the famous spy with the double zeros in his name, use sex to get what he needed. Granted there might be a difference between a spy and a cop but I think both should, at least, have the option to use sex to find out what they need to know about a crook.

Anyway, the clowns over at Cyber-con did not agree with me on that one and believe it or not, they fired me. I don't know why but at the time it made perfect sense to me to steal her and to add what I thought was needed. Let's face it, there was no other way to prove for me that I was right and they would have had to agree with me once they saw the finished product. Well, as I said, it made sense at the time but to be honest, I started having doubts about the whole thing right after I activated her. I don't know what they did to her while I was gone but she did not even recognize me, her designer and creator.

She kept, although very politely, rambling on about being a fine-tuned scientific instrument and that she did not need sex to identify criminals. I guess you all know me by now and you might have figured out already that I was not about to give up that easily even after she malfunctioned.

Did I get the sex program to work, despite all the safety switches and back up circuits they put into her? Oh yes, and that made it all worth it despite what happened after that.




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