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Hypnolust Girls of the Week 

The Horny Duo...The sneak  preview

Heidi and Renna, two very beautiful nineteen year old girls, had both made an appointment for a ... hypnosis session. Being the nice guy I am, I offered them a two for the price of one session. Now that was one of the best ideas I have had lately.

Turned out they very good hypnosis subjects and even more importantly they just loved eating each others pussies. More of that later. We will be adding Heidi and Renna the horny Duo over the next few days....... Nine clip series.... The Door To The Subconscious.... The African Love Potion.... First Pussy.... Tortured Frozen Dolls..... Two Perfect Little Slaves..... Tickling with a Twist.. Sleeping Beauty.... The Post Hypnotic Interview.....The Magic Vibrator WE HOPE YOU WILL ENJ

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