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Tiffany Kohl Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Floating into the abyss

Tiffany Kohl, beautiful and cute dirty blond with big perky natural breasts is another one of my girls that makes you want to grab her, play with her and then not let her go. We had a really great time that afternoon and best of all, Tiffany learned something about herself that will influence her life forever. Take just one glance at her and I am sure you will be just as thrilled about our little girl as I was when she showed up for our "afternoon delight." Enough said, go ahead and enjoy our latest (mindlessly entranced) girl of the week

I decided to perform the "raising arm/balloon" test before I began with the actual induction. Tiffany showed right then and there that she might be a great subject. Her arms stayed up effortlessly for quite some time which is a sign of...  

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Tiffany Kohl Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Uncontrolled like never before

I had already started in the last segment to slowly make her feel aroused and now she is made to helplessly feel the gentle touch right on her clit. He sexy young body starts to quiver as she feels her clit gently being "teased". Needless to say, the touch becomes more potent until she feels at the mercy of whoever is playing with her. I make her want to feel it like never before, raw and uninhibited. Her body slowly goes into lustful convulsions and she slides of the couch. Time for her to feel her first "open eyed orgasm" which leaves her no privacy. Try looking the person who makes you cum in the eyes during the orgasm and you know why I like to train the girls to cum this way. Screaming hard orgasm, eye checks during orgasm, first yes masters and more



Tiffany Kohl Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless lust

This next one sends Tiffany on an amazing rollercoaster of highs and lows and when I say highs and lows, I mean intense sexual heights (with screaming hard orgasms) and completely mindless and dim lows (with mindless stares). My hand waves in front of her wide open empty eyes before I make her feel orgasmic again. She is programmed to feel every sensation in her young body twenty times more intense while being entranced which makes her scream for lust while she is orgasmed over and over.

Needless to say, she is dropped back under into mindless stillness while staring at my finger. No more thinking, no more will, no more mind. Tiffany is just standing there while I am messing with her, run my hand over her long neck and... Of course that is all just warm up. After sending her through another round of orgasms on my command, my hand on her throat puts her to sleep which leaves her limp and helpless. Time to move her around, check her eyes and to slowly take of her sandals. Turns out the girl has pretty little feet and they certainly are worth checking out.

Towards the end, I decide to place her hand over her mouth and nose before she briefly wakes up until her own hand




Tiffany Kohl Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
For your eyes only master

Here we get to enjoy her crawling (while repeating, slaves crawl) show and offer us her feet (entranced as well as seductive) masturbate herself to orgasm for us while screaming, thank you master for training me so well, Pose her beautiful body while accentuating her feet, masturbate on all four with her feet up and so much more.

Yes there is a lot of foot slave training going on in this but also a lot of orgasm training, even more slow and sensual limp body and feet manipulation, yes master, I am cuming for you masters, slow repetition of mantra while crawling and so on.



Tiffany Kohl Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
There is only one

In this last segment of her initial training, we get to enjoy her begging for more, kneeling in the zombie pose (arms out) while slowly repeating, I am an empty shell for you master before being ordered to pleasure herself for us, rendered mindless, driven to sexual heights, trained in the art of breath controlled orgasms, ordered to caress her big breasts and put to sleep. Yes, as you can see in the pictures, there is plenty of limp body posing, some foot play, eye checks, neck play and more  




Tiffany Kohl Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I love shoes

Side effects may include uncontrollable orgasms, compulsive dancing and sleeepiness.

Tiffany, our new maid, is drooling over those beautiful shoes my wife is just about to throw out because they supposedly make her feel funny. Tiffany, who really loves shoes, cannot believe that anybody could just throw those beautiful shoes away. Being the nice guy that I am, I allow her to try them on and to keep the once she likes, Of course I have to mention that they made my wife feel "funny."

Needless to say, she tries them on anyway and that is when it happens. The second she slides into the red high heeled beauties, her body goes (reluctantly) into lustful convulsions. Needless to say, she has a hard time explaining that one and it sure shows how embarrassed she feels. You might have guessed it, she cannot get them off her feet fast enough and no, she does not want to keep them, even though they are free.

Still she seems to want more but the next pair of shoes makes her dance without being able to stop. I know that is strange and you should hear her "excuses" for that one. Poor thing is so confused and embarrassed that all I can do is to put her to sleep and undress her.




Tiffany Kohl Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
What the hell is...

Tiffany, our beautiful maid and (like most women) shoe-lover, wakes up feeling very embarrassed about having had those unexplainable orgasms earlier and she does her utmost best to make it clear to me that it had nothing to do with her being crazy about me. Well, let's see what the next pair she (accidentally) put on does. The last thing she says before her body freezes up is, what the hell... Of course she is utterly confused when her mind comes back and she realizes that her young body is stiffly frozen while I am messing with her (remove clothing, expo her tits and so on).

How does the vibrator end up between her legs and will it make her cum despite her trying to avoid it, are questions you might have? Our young beauty struggles and no, she does not want me to call my wife, after all, she could get the wrong idea about all this. The waving hand renders her mindless and willing. Of course we are not done yet, our little girl is frozen and played with again before finally put to sleep. Of course it all ends well. Tiffany suddenly has a change of heart (mind) and now she is crazy about me and all she wants to do is give me head. Don't you love the power of suggestion. Freeze fun, undesired orgasms, sleeepy limp play and more!



Tiffany Kohl Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Shoe lust leads to foot lust

Tiffany, who does not seem to remember anything from before, has a hard time explaining why she is naked in my wife's room while the room is a mess. Again, I give her a hard time for all this but eventually, I let her off the hook although she does not seem to want to show me her pretty little feet. Well, the next pair of shoes she tries on, takes care of that (her mind) Now she willingly shows us her feet. Of course she has to slowly remove her sexy shoes and those cute little socks first before she can entice us with her bare feet. It get hot and wet right when I order her to fuck herself with a dildo while holding a thrusting vibrator on her wet clit.

Needless to say, she is still enticing us with her feet while cuming hard. I am cuming for you master. I cannot describe all the details here but it all ends with her waking up feeling to weak to move, which leaves her helpless and gives me all the time in the world to mess with her. Limp play, feet induced orgasms, limp body and foot play, yes masters and so many more of your favorites. Needless to say it all ends happy and she finally desires to be with....  




Tiffany Kohl Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Push button robot

Have you seen my "space phone"

Tiffany, who believes to be at a costume party, does not seem to be too impressed by my somewhat clumsy attempts to hit on her. I cannot help but notice though that she is wearing this cute and very sexy Robot costume which brings up the question whether or not she is into the, let's call it, Robot game. Of course not, she just likes the sexy dress. Too bad honey, we are going to play anyway. Before she quite knows what hits her, she is mine to program. Needless to say, we get rid of the "human program" she was running before resetting her to her original robot program. The transformation goes smoothly and there seems to be no memory left that says she has ever been anything else than a robot. What follows is a lot of hot fun, bend over masturbation, plenty of yes masters, robotic repetition of orders, power-level adjustments, orgasms on command and as it turns out, the buttons on her costume actually do have a function.



Tiffany Kohl Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
To ask me that is just wrong

This next one is funny and sexy at the same time. Tiffany is programmed to do exactly what I ask her to do while vehemently stating that she would never do such a thing. First though, we have her wake up and slip into a different outfit without realizing that it is not the same one she was wearing earlier. Needless to say, she does not remember that we have met before and again, she does not seem too thrilled about me hitting on her. Of course my idea of her showing me her breasts is something she would never do. Well, that's what she says but then she pulls them out for us without realizing it while bitching about me even asking her to do something like that. Will she masturbate for us, remove the rest of her clothes, deny that she is horny and so on. Of course she will while bitching of course. Sleeepy limp play towards the end rounds up this segment.  




Tiffany Kohl Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
I will show you

There is a lot going on in this one. For one, Tiffany who still believes she just met me at the party is so outraged about me asking her for a BJ and or to fuck her up the ass (and a few other things) that she throws her clothes at me (one piece at a time) thinking that that is the worst punishment. Needless to say, I am scared every time a piece of clothing comes flying my way. At some point, I see no other way than to freeze her. Well, that leaves her confused and me telling her that she will orgasm on my count of three, does not help to defuse the situation.

Of course she would never orgasm just because I count to three but then again, does she have a choice? Back into mindlessness and some limp play. Up and aware again, she now tries to seriously get rid of me. Poor thing though seems to be haunted by uncontrollable laughter particularly when she tries to be assertive. There are more freezes, waving hand, sleeepy limp play, unwanted (yes/no) orgasms, power games and so much more yet to come. Of course it all ends well and after all the fun it sure seems like she wants to go home with me and....




Tiffany Kohl Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Too good to be real

An accounting firm has hired a new Secretary, Tiffany to help not only with clerical/secretarial but to make coffee, water the plants, etc...Frank, one of the veteran accountants has noticed the cute new girl making her rounds and tries to spark up a conversation...

(Frank) Hi how are doing? I don’t believe we’ve met yet.

(Tiffany) Hello… I am well…. thank you for asking! Your statement is inaccurate, we are meeting now.

(Frank) uh yah I guess your right, anyway my name’s Frank. What should I call you.

(Tiffany) You should call me Tiffany, It is the name that was given to me

(Frank) Uhm OK, How about Tiff, seems a little less formal

(Tiffany) Tiff, Tiffy, Tiffs, Tiffo... are commonly used alternatives for Tiffany….. Yes Tiff is an acceptable substitute. You may call me Tiff if you wish:)

(Frank) Wow you gave that a lot a thought, its just a nickname. (Tiffany) Thank you , I try to be my best……Would you like some coffee?

(Frank) Sure coffee sounds great………(Frank mumbles under his breath)…It’s a good thing she's cute trumps crazy

(Tiffany) excuse me?

(Frank) Oh nothing, I just said You were cute

(Tiffany) Yes, I am exactly as I was intended to be….thank you for noticing

(Frank) Hey Tiff

(Tiffany) Yes? (Frank) Sweetie, Those Aren’t real (Tiffany looks down at the cleavage pouring out of her v-neck sweater, she sets down her spray bottle and raises her hands to cover her chest as she mimics embarrassment.)

(Tiffany) They are too real, and I find your comment most inappropriate
(Frank) I meant the plants

(Tiffany) They are not Implants!, How dare you imply that my breasts are not real

(Frank) I never said anything about your ….you know what, just never mind…. I think you’re the one that’s unreal

Tiffany) I…I’m real, who said that I wasn’t real……of coarse I’m real….Why would you say such a thing

(Frank) I mean you're nuts, Just water the plants, I don’t care if they are artificial.

Tiffany) I’m not artificial…..I am real…..I am here to water the plants

Tiffany accidentally sprays the water on her chest instead of the plants and all hell breaks loose

I am wet!!!! I am not suppose to get wet!!!! real…I am real…..I..I..I’m not artificial….artificial……Hi I’m Tiffany……….You may call me Tiff, Tiffy, Tiffs, Tiffo.... I’m Tiffany……….You may call me Tiff, Tiffy, Tiffs, Tiffo……. I am wet!!!! I am not suppose to get wet

(Frank) Holy crap you’re a robot

Tiffany) I’m not a robot…. Why would you say such a thing……say such a thing…… say such a thing…… I’m not a robot….. not a robot…..You may call me Tiff, Tiffy, Tiffs, Tiffo….call me Tiffany…….What is hap….hap…happening…What is hap..pen..ing too me….. you can ..can..can..call me Tiffany…….

(Tiffany freezes for a moment before seeming to recover momentarily) I am sorry…I Have to get back to work, Mr. Frank has told me to, empty the trash, sweep the floor, and water the plants….and water the plants…..the…plants…plants!!! I am wet...

Before long she malfunctions despite her desperate attempts to regain control

Warning…..must comply…negative…..must water the plants….must please……must make coffee …error program conflict ….unable to resolve conflict...must get back to work... I must masturbate!!! I am not suppose to get wet!!!

Will her co-worker take advantage of her situation. Of course he does and it sure gets steamy quickly until....  


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