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Tilly McReese  Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Remember the X-mas Party

Being called in by the boss is never a good thing but being called n because of some stupid sexual harassment allegations is kind of bad. Well, that is what happened to me that day. Needless to say, I don't think that making comments about a female coworkers ass is such a big deal but I guess that is just my opinion. Anyway, it sure looks like my beautiful yet strict boss is just about to fire me which just can't be. Looks like she needs a bit of an attitude adjustment.
Tilly, my sexy boss knows what's coming as soon as she sees me approaching with the swinging watch in my hand. Her memory of the last X-mas party seem to come right back. Well, what happened was that I gave a short demonstration of my hypnotic skills and she was the easiest one to get under control. Same thing happens now, she tries to avoid looking at the watch but yet again, she drops under like a rock. "I am so easy." Let have her repeat that a few times, just so it sinks in even deeper.

Entranced and willing, she removes her clothes, masturbates with her legs up on the desk, and eventually ends up on all for on the desk while.... Of course there is a lot more to come than just that.



Tilly McReese  Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Robotized boss

Tilly, my sexy yet unforgiving boss, does not remember what has happened so far (I wonder why) and again, she goes off on me regarding the sexual harassment charges. looks like I have to remind her again that she can be easily controlled. Needless to say, she does not believe me but as soon as I activate a carefully planted trigger, her body straightens out as she drops into Robot mode. Her obedience program kicks in immediately and now we get to "adjust" some of her programming. Enjoy watching robot Tilly masturbating while holding a pencil in her mouth. Needless to say, that is only a small part of what she is made to do while in robot mode. Towards the end, we set her to minimum power while we re-activate the "boss program". Of course at first she bitches but then... Fun surprise ending.



Tilly McReese  Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
It relaxes me

Tilly, my sexy boss, does not seem to notice that she is butt naked while talking to me about the high moral standards of the company and that she is taking the sexual harassment charges against me very serious. What makes this even funnier is the fact that she starts to pleasure herself with a vibrator right there in front of me. Well, I guess that proofs again how easy she is. Anyway, at some point she freezes up (with the vibrator stuck on her clit) while coming back to her senses. Needless to say, she blames me for all of this and even starts to yell which forces me to "freeze" a dildo in her mouth to prevent her from you know what. More fun to come

After a brief deepening, my sexy boss wakes up again and now she believes the dildo in her hand is a pen. Let's find out whether she is one of those people who chew on their pen when nervous. Sure she is one of those people. At some point we let her become aware of all this and of course she is quite upset and ready to fire me. Looks like we have to remind her how easily she can be hypnotized.
Tilly, despite a brief fight, goes under like a rock and slowly repeats, I am easy to....

How does she end up using the intercom to invite everybody in the company to come a fuck her? Go find out. Unwanted orgasms n command and more yet to come.



Tilly McReese  Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Ready to get fucked in the....

Tilly, a sexy young wife, is surprised and not too happy when her husband comes home early from a business trip. She does have a hard time explaining why she is dressed the way she is and her explanation that she is meeting the "girls" for a girls night out, seems a bit farfetched. Oh well, he plays along. Of course her mood changes when he mentions that he brought her a bottle of her favorite perfume. Needless to say, that was a trick. The second she smells it, she drops into deep trance. I am deeply hypnotized for you." Time to enjoy watching her mindlessly pose, strip, masturbate, bend over, spread her ass and.... I am your horny slut master



Tilly McReese  Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Please fuck me

Fix me now

Tilly, who does not remember anything from before, does not seem to be too happy to see her husband come home early from his business trip. Needless to say, she is not in the mood for sex but one whiff of her "favorite perfume" changes all that. In fact now she is crazy about having sex with him but unfortunately so, now he does not seem in the mood at all. It's amazing what a horny woman is capable of doing when properly motivated. Enjoy watching her beg, pleasure herself (without being able to orgasm) tease and bargain to get fucked. At some point we have her freeze up in the midst of pleasuring herself with the vibrator while she is becoming aware of what it going on. With the thrusting vibrator stuck to her pussy, she now bitches and complaints until.... Very sensual and sexual



Tilly McReese Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
This is not that kind of party honey

At first I thought she was one of my party guests who had a bit too much to drink but as it turned out, she just wanted to cool off after all that dancing. I have to say, she seemed a bit odd but I did not think too much of it at first when I ran into her. The strange part was that she seemed to be the only one who complained about the heat but, here again, I did not think all that much of it.

Anyway, things got really weird quickly. I mean who would you feel when a beautiful young woman you have never met starts to hit on you and even calls you master. I know, it sounds really good at first but... Well there is always a "but" and in her case it was the fact that she turned out to be a malfunctioning robot which seemed to have lost some vital parts of her programming. I have to admit, it did get "hot and steamy" for a while but.... Like I said, there is always a "but".


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