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Tilly McReese Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Swept away

Tilly Mc Reese, sweet, incredibly sexy, naturally horny and smart young seductress who was born and raised in Ireland (cute accent), was visiting our area thanks to the annual "fetish convention" in Tampa and I guess it goes without saying that I just had to get her in for a hot and steamy session. I am sure glad I did, as it turned out, despite her (at first) quiet demeanor, she turned out to be quite the horny fire cracker who just loves it rough. Rough, that is right. I think I mentioned this before but the most important part about each and every session is to find the girls "trigger", the one thing that drives them up the wall. Once you find that, they just roll over and spread em. Yes, I did find Tilly's trigger which drove her not only go crazy for lust but also into unconditional surrender.

We started off with the floating hands test which already shows how suggestible our little girl is. Stares, close ups and a quite different induction. Check it out if you like to learn a new one.

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Tilly McReese Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Taken by the sea

I thought I do something different with our little girl from Ireland. BTW, this next segment is one you can always try at home and believe me, women love this one. Tilly, is slowly taken on a trip to a beautiful beach where she is all by herself. Enchanted by the beauty and the sensuality that beautiful lonely beaches seem to ooze, she lays down right at the edge of the water. The waves slowly roll in and out while gently covering most of her body as they roll up the beach. I have a feeling you might know where this is going, so go ahead and watch this very sensual segment that leads her to orgasm in a very different way.

There is more though. After taking her through a sensual first (orgasmic) experience, I decide to drop her deep and then have her orgasm over and over while checking her eyes. Time for the shorts to come off while making her feel completely out of control. If you are into the "cross eyed " stares during entrancement and some masturbation on command, this one is for you.



Tilly McReese Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
On my command only

I had a feeling that Tilly was one of those girls who orgasm incredibly intense while trying to suppress their screams, which can be very hot because it is so different and sensual. It is a mix of quiet yet powerful orgasm that shows all over their bodies (skin turns red) while the eye lids either clamp down or seem to almost pop out of their faces. It is not easy to describe but you will see what I am trying to say here. Some of the high-lights of this one are.

Slow and monotone repetition while in the zombie/sleepwalker pose, slow entrancement and mind removal, dim stares, orgasms on three and or just because I say so, waving hand in front of empty eyes, masturbation on command while driven into mindless bliss, yes master. Here we get to enjoy watching her giving up her will while either being driven into insane lust and or dropped into mindless stillness that leaves her wobbly body open and helpless aka, ready to be messed with.

Thank you master for training me, I am your obedient slave master!




Tilly McReese Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp and feet

As the title says, this one is all about slow and sensual limp play ( including rolling her over, removing her shoes while checking her sexy little feet, mouth and neck play and more) intense sleeepy orgasms and of course foot slave training that leaves her exhausted and ready for more limp body manipulation.

Of course that all does not describe the intensity with which she begs me to finally touch her feet which is also the trigger for her to be allowed to orgasm. Tilly goes nuts and she keeps screaming that she has never experienced anything like this. Her sexy young body quivers and shivers while she offers her feet while her begging becomes louder and more forceful with every second. Sleeep trigger testing, orgasm on command, begging and.....




Tilly McReese Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Entranced, posed, questioned, frozen, orgasmed and helplessly....

Well, the title says it all but it certainly does not reflect the intensity of this segment. I decided to do something different by waking her up and while she comes up with those dreamy, confused and slightly glazed over eyes, she is orgasmed out of the blue. Really hot to watch the confusion and pleasure in her eyes. It also makes it very clear to her that I have control over her whether she is entranced or fully awake. Back into trance. Now it is time to pose her young body like a mannequin before freezing her in place for some more intensified orgasm training.

Frozen and helpless, her body quivers under the impact of the orgasms that just tear through her body. Time for some questions and (her) entranced answers. It is a lot of fun to train her which makes me decide to take her close to orgasm again without letting her cum. All she wants is to touch herself but.... My hand on her neck finally puts her to sleep which is always a good time to mess with her. It all ends with her waking up (more glazed over eyes) for a few seconds before slowly going out again. Really hot  



Tilly McReese Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't put your nose where it don't belong

This one really shows how finding the girls "trigger" the one thing that turns her on like nothing else, can easily drive them insane for lust.

Tilly, a very sexy young agent, snoops around my lab while trying to find the missing components for a new formula that I am about to bring on the market. Our young agent herself holds the key to my invention and without me getting the missing number out of her, I am stuck. Needless to say, I have to do whatever it takes to make her talk and to give me the missing number so that I can go ahead putting the formula together. Of course that is not what she has in mind, in fact, she came here to get the rest of the formula from me.

Well, what can I say, she makes her first mistake by putting her nose where it does not belong. You will know what this all means once you watch the clip. Anyway, a couple of deep breath later, she staggers backwards and ends up (sleeepy) and helpless in the chair. Now she is made to believe that she has been injected with a substance that will make her feel incredibly horny. Upon awakening she tries to threaten me (of course) and the idea that her own feelings of lust could possibly drive her to give up her secret seems imposturous.

Well, that all changes quickly when she feels the effects of (whatever she believes) has been injected into her butt. Despite her best efforts, her sexy body starts to quiver and shake and before long, she starts begging me to help her. I cannot describe the intensity of this segment but let me tell you this much, Tilly goes absolutely curacy for lust before spilling her secret number. She keeps screaming I am a weak little girl, I can easily be made obedient. Watch and see what sets her off and how insane lust can..... Back to sleeep, limp play and orgasm.




Tilly McReese Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
You don't know what I have up my sleeves

This is another one that shows her going crazy and crumble to the point where she is willing to do and admit pretty much anything

We start off by freezing our, by now quite upset yet still willing to fight, young agent. Helpless and stiff she can only complain when I expose her breasts, caress them with a vibrator (like nice hard nipples?) and even put the stun she brought to the fight, into her stiffly frozen hands. Of course she tries to hold back the orgasm that seems to just hit her on my count of three but that of course, is futile.

After a short deepening, she is now made to believe that masturbating in front of me, is what will make me crumble. Really hot and funny as she goes on and on about her special training and how effective it is. Well, I can see that. Things get really intense though when I freeze her again. What comes next is so intense that I cannot really describe it all but at the end, our girl screams and begs while finger fucking herself into oblivion. Again, Tilly is driven to the point where she would do and say anything. Limp play and more




Tilly McReese Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
the he... are nanobots
Wanna see a robot that goes crazy for lust. Really intense and different

In this segment, we make our horny yet still bitchy agent, believe that she has been injected with nanobots and that she will soon be taken over by them and end up a robot. Needless to say, she does not believe a word but sure enough, after only a minute (of threats and complains) her body starts to twitch. Tilly's transformation takes a bit and she feels every second of it until there is no humanness left. From here she is turned into an orgasm machine, a pleasure toy that can easily be "remote" orgasmed. Of course she has to learn to place a thrusting vibrator on her clit without being allowed to feel it. Of course that is all just warm up. Again there is too much going on but I am sure that if you like robots, programming, force, keeling, walking in circles and an amazing finale, you are going to love this one




Tilly McReese Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Your eyes only see as long as you think

This next one was suggested by viewers. Here it goes. Tilly, who believes the session has just started, keeps telling me that she is more the dominant type rather than submissive. Looks like we have to find out whether that is true or not. Let's do the stare down excursive. The idea is that whoever looks away first loses. Tilly does her best but before long, her eyes seem to glaze over and she is gone as she drops deep. Her thinking becomes slow and eventually stops. Now the fun begins.

After a bit of programming, she wakes up with an orgasm which leaves her confused, to say the least. Things get worse when she keeps cuming during our conversation. It is really amusing to watch her being slowly hit by these orgasms while talking about how she prefers to be in control and how what I do just does not work. Poor thing seems embarrassed and even more so confused but there seems to be nothing she can do.

Things really heat up in the last part though when she is made to feel excessively horny yet frozen. The desire to touch herself seems overwhelming. Again, like in the last few segments, Tilly is driven up the wall for lust and she rolls over and surrenders. After all, all she wants is to be used. Really intense ending, lots of fun and dreamy orgasms to start with, followed by screaming and begging towards the end.




Tilly McReese Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
My feet are my qualifications

This one is definitely another director's choice clip

I am the winner, for sure

I will now serve my master

Tilly, who suffers from short term amnesia, believes that she is auditioning for our famous hypnosis session and it certainly shows how much she wants the job. We talk about the other girls who are also auditioning and how qualified they are and so on but that does not seem to impress her at all. In fact our sexy little girl is quite certain that she is the right person for the job, after all, she has the prettiest feet of them all.

Enjoy watching her seductively take off her pantyhose while showing off her feet. What follows is not easy to describe as our little girl not only goes mindless but also absolutely crazy for lust. She begs, screams, finger fucks herself into oblivion while becoming the perfect foot slave. As mentioned, to describe the intensity with which she begs, orgasms and desires for me to touch her feet is absolutely hot. Great close ups of her feet, wet pussy and more. Towards the end, I decide to put her to "rest" and orgasm her with the vibrator while she is unable to wake up.  




Tilly McReese Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
These smokes are entrancing

This next one is yet another "smoking "hot one. Tilly, who believes that she is waiting for me, cannot resist those smokes on the table next to her. Needless to say, by the time I show up, it is already too late to stop her. Horny, oversexed and unable to put down the forbidden cigarette, our little girl is taken (one last time) on a rollercoaster of intense lust. Enjoy watching her go crazy as soon as I double the effect of the smokes which eventually makes her cum so hard that she passes-out. Limp play, close ups of her wet pussy and so much more.


Tilly McReese Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
There is no such thing here!? I have been a Repo man for twenty some years but what happened that afternoon was even for me a brand new experience. My company had just signed up Cybertech inc as a new client and I was the first one to Repo one of their machines. The problem was that I was told to pick up a 3000 series unit. What the hell is a 3000 series, you might ask. Well, I had no idea at the time either and when I got to the residence things got real weird. I am used to being rejected but in this case the lady of the house promised me that her husband, Mark, did not own anything like this and that he would never be late on a payment.

After wasting some time to find the dam thing, I finally decided to call the office and that's when they dropped the hammer on me. I was supposed to pick up an android 3000 series companion. I guess, the lady of the house had no idea that it was her, we were talking about the whole time I was there and yes, she flipped. Turning her off was easy but then, how would I get her out of there? I mean these things are heavy and cumbersome to carry.

Imagine coming out of a house with what looks like a woman, under you arm. OK, I have to admit, the idea of having some fun with her before turning her in, was too tempting for me to resist. I guess when they design these things, they add all kinds of safety features to these things so that they cannot be miss-used. Oh well, next time I know better. Surprise ending and a lot of malfunctions  


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