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Valerie Fox Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Learn to let go

Valerie Fox, sensual and very seductive blond with a very healthy appetite for sex and pleasure, had just arrived from the UK and believe it or not, she had already heard about us over there, which I thought was actually cool. To make a long story short, Valerie could not wait to find out whether all the amazing stuff she had heard my sessions, was actually true and of course whether or not it would work on her as well.

The idea of being trained, feeling an orgasm without being touched, learning to submit to a complete stranger and maybe, even experience the most intense sexual experience she could think of, seemed farfetched yet well worth checking out. Needless to say, I was excited and simply could not wait to show her what it is like to feel and experience all of what she had heard and more while being trained into submission. Valerie turned out to be a perfect subject as well as a natural submissive who likes to put up a bit of a fight here and there, just see how far she can go before being put into her place. Get ready for another very intense session and yes, her sexy accent as well as her cool English demeanor, made this one another unforgettable one.

Slow balloon test which put her under already, lots of deep breathing before letting go, slow eye closing, close ups of face and body.

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Valerie Fox Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me how much you want to please me

Here we go again, the first segment right after the initial induction, often times sets the stage for the rest of the session. Well, if that is true, I firmly believe it is, this session will be another hot and intense one. Valerie responds with an amazing intensity to my suggestions, particularly after I remove her inhibitions as well as her need to control. Our little girl is now conditioned to instantaneously feel the last seconds before the orgasm of the most intense love making she has ever experienced, every time I make her feel excited. This technique often helps to program the subject to feel an instantaneous orgasm every time you want them to feel it. You will know exactly what I mean by all this once you watch the clip. Valerie's beautiful body quivers and shakes as her moaning and groaning is turning into lustful screams. My suggestions that she has no choice and or control over any of this and that her body and mind are already under my control, is driving her insane for lust. Now I want her to not only feel how much she wants to please me but to also show it to me. Let me feel it, let me see it. Valerie seems to understand that in order for me to let her cum, she has to submit first. After deepening her trance even more, I finally decide to send her through the intense rollercoaster ride of a marathon orgasm.



Valerie Fox Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am under my masters hypnotic control

This one has most of your favorites, from unblinking stares, slow mantras, slow and intense will and mind removal, screaming hard convulsive orgasms, programming, repetitions and so much more.

Valerie has to learn that she is now being programmed to respond and feel according to her masters commands. My suggestion that the more her beautiful body is naked and exposed for me, the more she feels her intense lust, makes her tear off her panties. She is then made to feel helplessly fucked and orgasmed at my will with an intensity she has never felt before. I can feel that her mind is completely distracted by her own lust and this is a good time to take her down even further. Her big eyes are mesmerized by the blue light in her face and I can feel how she is letting herself drift deeper under my control.

Making the subject feel more sensual, more beautiful and more sexual the more they please and obey, often times takes them over the edge. It sure works in Valerie's case. The slow repetition of the mantra, I am completely under your hypnotic control, takes her down and leaves her staring into nothingness. Of course there is a whole lot more training going on in this one. Go and see for yourself.



Valerie Fox Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no choice, I have no more control

I hear and I obey

Valerie is still on her knees where she ended up in the last segment and I decide to send her through another round of intense orgasms. She keeps repeating, I am a mindless slave, as her orgasm become more intense. Now it is time to place my new slave on all for on the floor and to make her feel helplessly taken by her master, without being even touched. To watch her beautiful body go into lustful convulsions as she feels deeply penetrated and mercilessly fucked, is seriously hot. She screams, I was born to be your slave, I was born to serve you. Valerie is still aroused as I have her stand up for more obedience training. Her arms are stretched out in front of her while I take her down even further. Our little girl is just standing there, mindlessly empty as I wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes. Time for another mantra. I hear and I obey. Of course there is more. Valerie is driven up the proverbial wall again until the repetitions of, I am a mindless slave, make her cum again. Please master make me a good little girl. Too much going on to describe it all.



Valerie Fox Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your mindless horny slave

Pretty little girls like me need to be trained

Everything from mantras, unblinking stares, freeze, breath controlled orgasms, exhaustion and final take over

Valerie's sexy body is hot and sweaty from the last segments, which BTW, I always think is a good thing because it shows how deeply the subject is involved. She is trained to orgasm from now on, simply by pinching her nipples. The sensation in her nipples spreads all the way down between her legs and causes her to orgasm. The nice thing about all this is that it will happen for the rest of her live, something she will always enjoy. Time to put her back into mindless trance. Valerie's big eyes stare right through my waving hand as she just stands there in quite obedience. The mantra I am a horny slave, takes her deeper. All of a sudden her arms and hands are pulled up in the air as her entire body freezes up. The feeling of being helplessly frozen is starting to make her feel aroused again. Her beautiful young body starts to quiver and shake but she is unable to move even when hit by a very powerful orgasm. I can feel that she is horny beyond her wildest dreams. Valerie seems hot and exhausted but not done yet. She is put on her knees while her hands are drawn between her legs. Unable to stop them from masturbating her wet pussy, she starts to scream for lust again and she keeps repeating, I am a horny slave, I cum for you to the end. Of course we are still not done, after all, there are still the breath controlled orgasms and her very intense final surrender to come. Really intense segment with amazing stares and unconditional surrender.



Valerie Fox Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Where is Antonio

Nobody is as important as you are to me master

Valerie believes to be the spoiled wife of some rich guy who has just asked the owner of his l service company, to send a different guy to clean his l. Why did he do that, you might ask. Well, Antonio, the guy who usually cleans the l, is somewhat of a chick magnet and who wants that around his wife. Anyway, the second she sees me, the new guy, she seems to get upset and our little girl makes it perfectly clear that I am no replacement what so ever for her beloved Antonio. She gets even more upset when I offer to render the same kind of services her boy toy Antonio did. Now that hurts. Looks like our spoiled little cheater needs somewhat of an attitude adjustment.

I cannot help but notice that there seems to be a vibrator on the couch which makes me wonder. Of course, our little cheater denies to have anything to do with that thing but when she picks it up, in utter disgust, I might add, she suddenly drops into a deep, mindless trance. Now it is time to take her even deeper and to start the training or I should better say the attitude adjustment. Slow yes masters, repetition, very hot blow job demonstration with the vibrator, denied orgasms, begging, intense zoned out stares, zombie pose and so much more.



Valerie Fox Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
This is mad

Our bitchy young cheater snaps out of it and what can I say, she still has an attitude. Confused, upset and embarrassed our little girl orders me to leave immediately. Of course that is not going to happen, after all, she seems to need a lot more training. Of course my remark that I have somewhat of a reputation as female trainer who turns bitchy young wives like her into obedient robots, does not help to defuse the situation. In fact, it makes her even more furious. I think I told you already that our little girl needs a serious attitude adjustment. A few seconds later, she snaps at attention with her arms angled just like a robot. First we deactivate her brain completely and then program her into submission. Of course our spoiled little fembot has to learn to sweep the floor, move the plants, orgasm only when her orgasm program is activated by her master and so much more. I am here to serve you master. Programmed masturbation, denied orgasms (her reaction is really intense) chores, slow robot speech, unblinking stares and so many more of your favorites.



Valerie Fox Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I don't do cleaning

Valerie, our sexy yet somewhat unruly housewife snaps out of it again and yes, she is even more mad than before. Of course there is no way that she believes me when I mention that hypnosis did all this to her. Again, she wants me to leave but that is when it happened. She spots the broom I had given her earlier to clean up and that is when she makes a big mistake by touching it. Her entire body seems to freeze up instantaneously and in the middle of telling me that she does not do any cleaning. (really funny BTW) Mindlessly frozen in place, our sexy little wife has no choice but to let me mess with her (unbelievable freeze with unblinking eyes). Of course the second her awareness returns, the confused bitching starts again.

She says something like this is Mental (I just love her accent) All of a sudden I realized that I had to change the battery on my camera and I decided to put her to sleep a bit and then continue with a fresh battery. I decide to have her wake up while feeling a very powerful orgasm which of course makes our little wife fell even more embarrassed. Believe it or not but the second I unfreeze her, she wants to hit me over the head with the dam broom but as soon as she touches it, her body turns to stone, yet again. Of course that is all just the beginning. What comes next is a whole lot of confusion, mind games, surprise and often unwanted orgasms, more stares and of course then there is the begging to be allowed to orgasm, and, and...



Valerie Fox Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Things have changed since than

Superheriones don't believe in MC

Valerie, who believes to be a super-heroine of sorts, seems very surprised when she wakes up and finds me in her place. Of course she does remember that our last get together wasn't all that successful for her but this time around she feels much more powerful and now she seems to have no problem matching her powers with mine. I always love it when the girls believe that they can outdo me or that they are more powerful than I am. Anyway, my idea that the loser of our little match will be turned into a mindless foot slave with no other desire than to lick, touch and worship feet, seems quite disgusting to her and I can feel, she is going to do her best to put me under her control. Well, things don't always turn out as planed and our Superheroine will find that out as soon as she touches her own magic wand. Mindlessly entranced, she now has no other intention than to seductively worship her feet for me. Our horny Superheroine becomes more and more seductive and aroused until she finally masturbates her pussy with her bare feet. Unfortunately for her though, she is being put back to sleep before she is able o make herself cum. I decide to have her wake up while feeling unable to move. Poor thing has no other choice than to let me inspect her feet from up-close while all she can do is, stare into nothingness while being fully aware of what is happening. It gets even hooter when I make her desire my touch. Her feet and legs quiver and shake and she whimpers for lust as soon as my hand is slowly coming closer to her feet and...... Too much to describe it all but believe me, it is a hot one.



Valerie Fox Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
You make me mad

Let's have another round of fun with our superheroine, shall we? Up and ready to fight, Valerie does not want to use her magic wand anymore. I guess, considering what happened earlier, the girl can't be blamed. She does reluctantly agree though that the last round did go to me but still, she is ready to show me now how it is done. About five seconds later, she jumps around as if she was tickled all over her super body and to make things worse, she has to get out of her costume to avoid the oncoming orgasm. Of course that does not go over too well but it looks like she has no other choice than to comply. Finally she is, although reluctantly, out of her costume but unfortunately for her, the orgasm hits her anyways. Can it get worse for her? Yes it can. Suddenly she starts to lose all strength in her body and plops on the bed. Looks like I can have my way with her yet again. All my little Superheroine can do is watch me play with her limp body, neck and so on. Valerie's unblinking stares throughout this part of the clip are amazing. I can see the helplessness in her big, wide open eyes. The clip ends with me leaving her there, strength less and helpless for the next guy to have some fun with her. You got to hear her whimper and....



Valerie Fox Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
You are the sexiest man ever

Valerie, who believes to be interviewing for the position of the new Pre-school teacher, seems to be disturbed by my clumsy attempts to hit on her. In fact, she mentions that it is inappropriate and quite unprofessional. All that changes at the snap of my fingers. Now I am the sexiest and most irresistible man she has ever met. Oh, that girl is hot and resisting her seductive moves is not easy. Another snap of my fingers takes her back to being the prudish pre-school teacher, who feels now embarrassed about what she just did. What can I say, the snapping goes on until I drive her absolutely nuts for lust and desire for me. Her comments, lies and excuses are hilarious, her attempts to seduce me including the masturbation which I finally get her to do, is hot and watching the surprised and very embarrassed look on her face whenever I snap her back to being the teacher makes this segment worth every penny. I am so, so sorry. I just love the way our British friends express themselves.



Valerie Fox Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
He does not need to be doing this

Our sexy school teacher is back up and this time she believes to be at my house in order to tell me about my misbehaving son. Looks like the boy follows the girls at school picks up their dresses to get a better look at their asses. I think I know where the boy is coming from, after all, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Needless to say, she finds it disgusting and the fact that I take my son side does not make this situation any easier. Of course she would never show me her ass, in fact me mentioning it, makes her mad again. Why does she do it anyway even when she is aware of what she is doing while fighting it at the same time and why on earth does she end up with a globe between her legs. Is she embarrassed and confused whenever I snap her back to being the prudish teacher? Will she show me her tits and the feel embarrassed and almost shocked about her own behavior? Go find out, it is worth it. Again, funny and sexy as hell.




Valerie Fox Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Why can't I control my hands and what did you just say

This next segment makes our teacher become aware of the fact that not having control over her hands at times, is the least of her problems. Valerie who still believes to be my sons's teacher now complains about the boys lack of concentration during class. What do you know, in the middle of her rambling on about how his lack of attention bugs her, she drops into deep sleep. Another snap of my fingers brings her back up, confused about her own lack of concentration, she now tries to lie her way out of this one. It gets worse when she is suddenly undressed by her own hands and yes, she finds that embarrassing and weird but she does not seem to have any control over her dam hands. In the middle of all this, she suddenly goes out like a light again. The poor girl goes back and forth between being handled by her hands and going to sleep in the middle of her bitching at me. Of course whenever she comes back, she tries to cover up her odd behavior. All of a sudden everything changes yet again and now, I seem to be the sexiest most irresistible man she has ever met. Man I tell you, resisting her blatant and very sexy attempts to seduce me, is not easy. Unfortunately though, right when I am ready to give in to her wanting to feel me inside of her, she is being put to sleep by her own hands which are now covering her mouth and nose.




Valerie Fox Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
System prepared for climax

This one is based on yet another suggestion from one of our viewers.

I had a feeling that I was taking on a whole lot more than I could handle the second they called me from the movie production company and asked me to fix one of the brand new EM 1000 porn star models. To be honest, the idea to work on a porn star fembot was tempting and that they seemed desperate enough to call in a "back alley" repair guy like me and to even offer me a contract to work on all of their models in the future, made me somehow think that I could handle it. OK, you are right, I needed the money. Anyway, after sending everybody out of the trailer, I started to check her system.

Unit description : EM 1000

Emulated gender : Female

Primary function : Sex/Porn bot

Secondary function : Sex slave - slave girl

Owner : Dr Perry Franklyn

Current Status : Unable to orgasm

Unable to orgasm, now that is not good, particularly not in her line of work. Anyway, I thought it was a good idea to start her up and to see for myself what the status was. Maybe it would have been a good idea to call in a real pro but when she started to talk about the fact that her pussy had been optimized and that her system was prepared for climax while her level of arousal was at 100%, I just could not resist to tinker with her. Things did get a little weird when she suddenly believed to be in the middle of a sex scene and that I was not Tony, who I guess was her partner in her last movie. It does get though and although I did not get the contract, I would not want to miss that afternoon for no money in the world.


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