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Vanessa V Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip



We like to wish all of our viewers a happy and safe Holiday season.
Thank you for all your support and we hope you will enjoy our Christmas update
as much as we enjoyed making it:)

Allowing it to happen

Vanessa V, tall, sexy and somewhat shy blond with a beautiful natural body was so intrigued by what I do that she showed up an hour early for our session. One look at her and I knew that we would have a fun time together. Vanessa is one of those beautiful and sweet girls that make you want to take them in your arms and do all kinds of fun things to and or with them. I also had a feeling that I had to slow her down first before making her feel relaxed enough to follow my lead into the unknown, meaning the subconscious.

Needless to say, Vanessa has a lot more experience when it comes to fashion and glamour modeling then being in fetish shoots which made it even more exciting and fun. I always like to break them in, so to speak. Anyway, her shoot is a little different, which you will see once you read through the clip descriptions and I am sure you will find a lot of your recent suggestions in her update.

It shows right that Vanessa is tense as she breathes hard, her head roles left and right and her eyelids keep flickering. All that slowly went away as she started to drift into, you know where.

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Vanessa V Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a bit of a control freak

Many of you asked me to show the girls just standing there, entranced and or robotic while the camera slowly pans over their bodies and face. Vanessa believes that she is interviewing for the session and that nothing has happened so far. The idea that I turn the girls into mindless and obedient robots and or slaves, does not seem to go over all that well with her. After all, she is a bit of a control freak who would not just roll over and submit. What can I say, the power of Post hypnotic triggers, does exactly that. Vanessa snaps at attention while saying, I am a robot. First we have to program her to acknowledge her masters orders by saying, yes master and then she has to learn to salute her master. Let's put her in standby mode and slowly inspect every inch of her beautiful body while we are exposing it. Long and slow repetitions of, "obedient robot" make sure that there is absolutely nothing going on in her mind.



Vanessa V Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am way too strong minded for that

I am so not submissive

If you like watching a beautiful girl being turned into a mindlessly staring mannequin whenever I say the word, then this next one is for you. Of course there is a lot more going on than just that. Vanessa wakes up feeling very confused and a bit embarrassed about the fact that her tits are out. Well, I guess her reaction is understandable, given the fact that she does not seem to remember much of what has happened so far. Anyway, right after I mention the fact that the girl who come to my sessions have to learn to submit to me, she goes on and on about the fact that she could never do that, after all, she is way too strong minded for all of that. How can a strong minded girl like her be turned into a mindlessly staring mannequin, over and over that is, be voice controlled at times and on top of all that, be moved around just like a mannequin in the department store window? Go find out. Long intense stares, many mannequin poses, very confused reactions every time I snap her out of it, intense close ups of her body and face and sooo much more.



Vanessa V Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am the strong willed type

I am here for you master

Anybody here wants to see a beautiful girl repeat mantras (slow, monotone and for quite some time) while the camera inspects every inch of her body from head to toe? How about watching a girl masturbate and then go mindless on my count of three instead of having an orgasm?

OK, let's try this one more time. Again, Vanessa seems quite confused and embarrassed about finding herself in an awkward position upon awakening. Believe it or not but she even tries to dispute the fact that most of her body was exposed when she woke up. Now, if you think that was interesting, wait until you see her reaction as soon as I mention that I am into mindless and excessively horny love slaves. No, not for her, after all, she is the strong willed type. Two seconds later, my little girl just stands there with her arms stretched out in front of her body, while staring into nothingness. "I am here for you master." Let's have her strip sp that we can enjoy her beautiful body as she is ordered to masturbate. Very hot, great stares, slow reps, sensual neck play and, and..... Yes masters included.



Vanessa V Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Puppet on a string

Oops, somebody dropped the string

Vanessa, who still does not seem to believe that I can do with her pretty much anything I want, rambles on about not being the slave type when she suddenly shuts up and just stands there like a puppet on strings. Unable to move and or speak, her head moves left and right, her body wobbles and then stands at attention, her head drops (somebody must have dropped the string) her mouth opens and closes and, and, and. This one is really a hot puppet segment and again her stares and facial expressions are amazing. Too much going on to describe it all.



Vanessa V Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I buy shoes to cover up my feet

No thanks, I have a husband who buys all my shoes

Vanessa, who believes to be hit on by the owner of a very elegant shoe store, has no clue that she will soon be the guys mindlessly entranced foot slave. It all starts harmless as usual but then as soon as the bells jingle (what can I say, it is Christmas and I though "jingle bells" would be the right trigger to use) our standoffish young lady loses her attitude and with that, becomes an obedient slave who wants nothing more than to please her master. All she seems to be able to say is, I am deeply entranced master. Watch how she mindlessly kisses and worships her sexy feet, shoes them off, orgasms on command and stares at the bells in my hand and so much more. This one is for shoe, foot, entrancement and re-induction as well as instantaneous transformation lovers. Of course at some point she is put to sleep and played with as well.



Vanessa V Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Those are going to make you feel good

Vanessa, who still believes to be shopping for shoes, is seemingly confused about the position she finds herself in upon awakening. Well, I cannot blame her and it certainly makes for some hilarious comments. Of course she does not believe that shoes can have an effect on peoples moods and or behavior, which is exactly what the sales guy tries to make her believe. We all agree that buying shoes makes most women feel better but they certainly cannot make them laugh uncontrollably about nothing. Or can they? Short but sweet and certainly for our leg, laugh, tickle, sleep on command and shoe lovers.




Vanessa V Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
These Shoes are made for dancing

Frozen dancer in distress

Vanessa still has not found the kind of shoes she is looking for and it does seem like she does not remember much of anything that has happened so far. In fact she does not even realize that she is wearing those sexy white boots (Lana put those on her while she was resting but it is not on tape, sorry my bad) Anyway, let's see what kind of shoes we can find for her. Maybe we should start with the black and white ones, which are not only comfortable but also make the wearer want to dance. Of course that is silly, I mean shoes don't make people do things. At first she seems to enjoy the dancing but then she suddenly freezes up. Of course the camera has to inspect every part of her body while I am exposing her breasts, open her mouth and rearrange her body. What do you know, the second she snaps out of it the dancing starts again, this time though, it seems to make her feel...???



Vanessa V Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
That was not me

Vanessa, still at the shoe store, wakes up frozen and with that unable to move. Of course the sales clerk (guess who that is) gives starts messing with her which really confuses the hell out of her. Poor thing has no clue as to what is going on, all she knows is that her body is stiff and ridged which leaves her no choice other than to watch the guy play with her. At some point, her talking becomes too much and the idea of rendering her mindless by waving my hand in front of her big, wide open eyes becomes more than tempting. Finally quiet again, Vanessa is just standing there. What a beautiful site. Of course the camera has to slowly inspect every part of her body as she stares into nothingness. Things get even worse when she snaps out of it again and now the poor thing has to listen to the sales clerk who is giving her a hard time about being naked in his store. That was not me, really I was....



Vanessa V Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Double the bonus and a blowjob

Sorry but I am the Grinch

Vanessa, who believes to be the boss of a company, is surprised when one of her (least favorite) employees shows up at her house to talk to her about the fact that she, despite considerable earnings, has canceled the Christmas bonus for the employees. Turns out, our young lady can be quite the bitch and no matter what I say, she just does not give a dam. I am the Grinch. Oh well, I don't know about you but I think that calls for an attitude adjustment. I think, turning her into an obedient and well programmed Robot, is the right kind of punishment. This being the season of joy, I thought the little bells would make a great trigger to ring in her transformation, so to speak. I am a Robot that will obey. After being programmed, her first job as my new toy, is to call the head of accounting and to order him to pay a double bonus to every employee and on top of that, she offers to personally give a BJ to every male employee. Obedience programming, denied orgasms, salutations, yes masters and so much more.



Vanessa V Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
First lesson in obedience

Vanessa's beautiful natural body is starting to move rhythmically under my suggestions. Our little girl has to learn that everything is possible while being in deep trance and that her body and mind are sliding under my control. I have her open her eyes for more deepening as she is ordered to masturbate for me. Her moaning and groaning slowly turns into lustful screams and I decide to drive her even further up the proverbial wall. The more forceful my voice becomes the more aroused she seems to get and it is time to hit her with an intense orgasm out of the blue. I think there is no better way than to make your subject feel that you have complete control over them, then by making them orgasm whenever you want them to.


Vanessa V Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Second lesson in obedience

Mindless slow and monotone repetitions/mantras, stares, intense arousal lead to orgasms on command, zombie pose while the camera is slowly inspecting her beautiful body

I can feel that Vanessa is one of those girls who have a hard time letting go which is often caused by fear of not being in control. Well, looks like some mind reduction is needed. Vanessa's eyes are focused on my finger on her forehead as she is ordered to masturbate. Multiple repetitions of you are my master are starting to turn her on and I can feel how the idea of being helplessly controlled is starting to arouse her to the point where she cannot help but to let go. Of course that is all just warm up.

Vanessa is standing in front of me and now it is time to take a closer look at her sexy young body. She keeps slowly repeating, I am mindless and I am a good little girl, without me even mentioning it. Really hot scene. After hitting her with another series of short yet intense orgasms, it is now time to drop her into an even deeper state. Her repetitions of the words mindless obedience, become slower and more monotone as she just stands there with her arms stretched out in front of her body. Of course there is still more excitement to come. Go check it out.



Vanessa V Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Third and final lesson in obedience

Vanessa is placed on her knees, her big wide open eyes seem empty and her slow repetitions of, "mindless slave", become more and more monotone. Time to get her aroused again by ordering her to orgasm on my count of three. She keeps repeating the words mindless slave on her own as it seems to turn her on. I figured out in the last segment that whenever she is horny and close to orgasm, her hand goes up in her hair and it is happening again, which shows that she is ready for the final takeover.

Our little girl is placed into the zombie/sleep walker position with her arm straight out in front of her sexy young body and again, her slow repetitions of, "I am your mindless slave, "become more and more monotone. The camera takes a close look of her body from head to toe before she is ordered to go on all four. Vanessa is orgasmed before she even knows what hits her. I can feel she has surrendered her mind and will and with that it is time to take every least bit of strength and energy out of her exhausted body until there is no more orgasm left. Eye checks and more at the end.



Vanessa V Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I respond to programmed commands only

I have had very little training when it comes to interacting with young males
I always wanted to find out why my parents hired a new Nanny almost every two or three month but I was not prepared for what I was just about to find out that night I went to her room. I had a bit of a weird feeling about her right when I met her and when I saw her looking up the story of Christmas on the internet, I knew something was wrong.

Turned out my Dad had given her one of those sexy Santa costumes and the poor thing had no idea what to do with it and or what was expected from her. My parents having a threesome with the help was a shocker but finding out that she was not a real human made it almost unbearable. Don't get me wrong, I still though, even after she malfunctioned, that she was sexy as hell and the idea to fix her, test her (if you know what I mean) and then give her back to my parents, was tempting as hell. What went wrong and how did it all end? Well, I guess you have to watch the clip to find out.

Vanessa Lee Clip Three

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