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The harder you try not to fall the harder you will

Vanessa, beautiful eighteen year old blond was ready to find her limits. Young, cocky and full of zest, she wanted to experience something so new and different, something that almost seemed impossible yet incredibly tempting and arousing. I remember when I was eighteen and it seemed like I knew so much more then, than I do today. I guess you know what I mean.

Anyway, Vanessa turned out to be a very sexy, very sweet little brat with an insatiable sex drive; in other words, my kind of girl. Not too easy, a tad standoffish but deep down inside, amazingly sweet and of course very cute. It seemed like Vanessa tried to find her boundaries and when ever she was put within those boundaries, she could let lose, or I should say, “let herself go” and drift into blissful surrender. To make a long story short, her session turned into a hot, heavy and at times sweaty explosion of intense sexual energy and sweet surrender; in short, another unforgettable day at the office.

The first part of her session is mainly about Vanessa, learning that the harder she tries to resist, the harder it will hit her. Watch her “eye closing” moments and the balloon test and you will know what this all means.

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Vanessa Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
Fight it and it will happen

I always like it when the session starts intense and Vanessa’s session is certainly one. I figured out during the last session that Vanessa seems to react strongly to being put in a position in which she can not seem to win. In other words, the harder she tries not to feel and or do as I say the harder it hits her. Sure enough, her sexy young body is slowly starting to shiver, her breathing intensifies and before you know she starts to moan and groan under my suggestions. She has to let go of all mind, will and thoughts before she is allowed to even think about having an orgasm. I keep intensifying her feelings of arousal and let her get very close. In fact she is so close that she seems to forget herself completely. She keeps repeating my suggestions which make her get hit even harder. Her body goes into lustful convulsions, she starts to scream and beg; Got you girl. Once orgasmed, I keep making her feel wave after wave of this intense orgasm until I see her skin getting hot and sweaty and her exhaustion becomes obvious.



Vanessa Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Pretty little girls have to obey

I am a mindless shell

This next segment is for everybody who enjoys watching a young girl orgasm with her rolling eyes wide open or mindlessly stares while repeating mantras. Of course there is a lot more going on than just that. First, Vanessa is learning to orgasm for me while staring at me is so much more intense than anything she has experienced before. Her body quivers and shakes, she is getting hot, her lustful screams fill the room and I can feel her drifting completely under my power. I make her cum again and this time her eyes seem to role all the way back into her head. Repeating, "I am letting go of my will," makes her explode again. As I mentioned, the girl likes to be put in her place. Vanessa is getting very hot; skin is glistening while her body is going into convulsions again. She keeps screaming, "Obedience is important" and that seems to set off another one of her subconscious triggers. I have her stretch out her arms in front of her and drive her into another series of hands free orgasms: "Little girls have to obey", "little girls have to obey", little girls.... Too much again to describe it all; Intense mind, will and thought removal.



Vanessa Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
Use me master, I am a mindless slave

Vanessa is standing in front of me, her eyes role back again as I take her deeper, her quivering body is drenched in sweat as she repeats, "use me master, I am your mindless slave." I can not describe the intensity of her orgasm on my count of three. Her shaking young body almost goes to the ground. Of course that is all just the warm up. I keep driving her up the wall while she is on her back with her legs up on the couch. Nice angle by the way. Anyway, Vanessa's eyes stare at the lightning wand as she is drifting into nothingness. Time to take it up a notch, I can feel her own mind and thoughts seizing as she sinks into oblivion. Slow repetitions of "I was born to serve you" follow. Suddenly her arms feel pulled behind her head while she feels fucked and played with. Vanessa screams and begs as she is orgasmed again with an intensity she has never felt before, "I have never cum like this master."



Vanessa Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
It feels so wonderful to follow and obey

I give you all of me

Vanessa is standing in front of me; her eyes are rolling again while she is ordered to fondle her breasts with intensity unlike ever before. Her beautiful young, quivering and shaking body is covered in sweat as she is driven into another series of intense orgasms. Touching her breasts feels to her like she is touching her pussy and for the first time in her young life she experiences an orgasm simply by touching her tits. No masturbation has ever made you cum like this. Now it is time to send her down on her knees and to let her experience the power of the breath controlled orgasm. Vanessa orgasms so hard that it eventually puts her out: "It feels so good to follow; I give you all of me." Out cold, Vanessa is still not done. I have her orgasm again in her sleep while I am holding her eyes open. Very intense, lots of repetitions, hot and sweaty orgasms and final surrender...



Vanessa Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Another runaway bride

Vanessa does not seem to think that running away and leaving me at the alter was a big deal. When I finally catch up with her at her girlfriend’s house, I certainly think that she needs some kind of attitude adjustment. She keeps talking about some guy she just met, who apparently makes more money than I do. At this point I’ve had enough of her "deal with it honey," kind of an attitude and it is time to pull out the pyramid crystal. “Oh no, your old tricks won't work this time.” Oops, my little runaway bride sinks into deep and very obedient trance, "I hear and I obey master." Deeply entranced, she has to strip and expose her pussy. I have her masturbate for me until she almost orgasms and then stop her. Did you really think I let you cum honey? Vanessa is sent into an even deeper trance and her eyes start to role back again as she drifts. Repeat after me honey, “I am a mindless puppet.” To watch her quiver and shake, scream and beg and then not being allowed to orgasm is definitely hot. We had problems with the studio lights that day and it is amazing to watch how Vanessa does not realize when the bright lights go off and eventually come back on. Yes masters galore.



Vanessa Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
The runaway bride and her new home

I am so sorry for having been disobedient master

Unable to escape through the iron bars surrounding the bed, Vanessa is driven out of her mind for lust again. The power of suggestions is amazing and you will know what I mean once you watch this one. The idea of being “kept and caged” turns her on. She is taken close to orgasm without being allowed to touch herself. All she is allowed to do is to expose her pussy and once ready to be orgasmed, she is only allowed to barely touch it. Vanessa sinks into oblivion, her eyes role again. I just love watching her quivering little body while she let's go of herself. Next comes the vibrator masturbation and that one drives her out of her mind. She screams for lust and begs me to let her orgasm. What really turns her on is when I tell her that she will be kept there for as long as I want to. Vanessa is slowly sent to sleep and she will remain asleep until played with again. Very dramatic, lots of eye rolling moments, eye checks, yes masters, denied and forced orgasms and more.




Vanessa Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindlessly frozen and played with cheerleader

Vanessa is certainly one of the cutest cheerleaders I have seen in a while and she certainly would love to make the team. Of course she has to impress me first, after all, I am the one who decides who will be part of our team in the next season. Vanessa even goes as far as attempting the scorpion position. Wuhu, that is cool but how about showing me some breasts. Believe it or not Vanessa as shy as she might seem, agrees to show me her firm young breasts but under no circumstances does she want me to take pictures of her. I think this would be a good time to freeze her in place and to let her little mind go blank for a while. There is so much to explore underneath her clothes that it takes me a while to allow her to become at least aware of her situation. Still frozen yet able to speak, Vanessa seems a bit confused about all this. I think, having a pom pom stuck in her panties, is really what makes her wonder the most. After messing with her a bit, I decide to wave my hand in front of her face which renders her mind and thoughtless again. Watch her wake up, feeling very concerned about me having taking pictures of her while her tits were hanging out. Of course we all know that I would never do that. There is a lot of freezing, mindlessness, aware bitching, waving hands, rolling eyes and surprises going on in this one.



Vanessa Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
The oh so horny, embarrassed and mindless cheerleader

Vanessa is such a cute, shy and sexy little cheerleader that I decide to mess with her a bit more. She wakes up again and now she apologizes for being half naked in front of me. I guess the whole situation can be a bit confusing for a young girl like her. Anyway, now it is time to introduce her to the new cheerleader toys. Instead of the pom poms, we want to use the lightning wand, a new toy which will be so much fun to play with. In Vanessa's case though all it seems to do, is to make her mindlessly freeze up again; so sorry about that honey. Of course, I have to remove all the excess clothing again, open her mouth and reposition her body before letting her become aware again. You would think that she complains again about being frozen but believe it or not, this time she thinks it is exciting and arousing. I wonder what made her think that way. I do think the surprise orgasm does take it out of her though. Snapped out again, we have her play with yet another toy which unfortunately makes her freeze again. This time she seems confused and concerned about it but my waving hand in front of her face takes care of all her little worries.



Vanessa Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
Robo cop in training

I do not think on my own, I am programmed to obey

Vanessa, a tough female cop who has come to my house because of some anonymous tip regarding some stolen electronics just does not want to believe me when I tell her that I had nothing to do with any of this. She insists to look around and you should see the triumphant look on her face when she finds the transmitter. Being the nice guy that I am, I try to warn her but does she listen. As if struck by lightning, she drops the device. Her eyes widen for a split second and she stands at attention, “I am your robot, master.” That is so much better, don't you all agree? First she is programmed to salute, answer my orders with yes master, masturbate standing up without being allowed to cum and or orgasm when I see fit, crawl and bow to her master, freeze up when told to do so, pinch her nipples and orgasm until her battery runs down. Hot obedient robot segment with lots of repetitions, yes masters and more of your favorites.




Vanessa Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Do you really believe in that junk

Vanessa, our quite inexperienced underwear model laughs at me when I mention that photography is more of a hobby of mine and that I am really an Hypnotist. Now that is funny, right. All of a sudden my “oh so self confident” young model, loses herself in my camera lens. Her eyes are fixated and although still aware and herself, her hands are starting to have a mind of their own. Her misbehaving little hands are starting to play with her feet and before you know, my sexy model feels aroused simply by touching and playing with her naked feet. Touching her feet seems to feel just as good as touching her pussy and before you know, she reluctantly orgasms. Vanessa orgasms so hard that her eyes are starting to role all the way back again as she is drifting into blissful nothingness. Very hot, slow transformation and certainly not only for our foot lovers.



Vanessa Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
What the hell is going on

Vanessa, our little non believer still does not think that what I do, could possibly work on her. Why is she still playing with her feet? Why does she enjoy showing off her little feet while getting off. Why does she sink into deep trance with her eyes rolling all the way back? Why does she wake up believing that she is a famous nude model? Why would she possible tickle herself silly? Why could she feel tickled without being touched? Well, let's ask her or better yet, watch her reactions to all this.



Vanessa Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Oops, you did not see that.

Embarrassed and very sleepy model in the wrong place at the wrong time

A little confused about having fallen asleep on the set, my sexy young model snaps out of it again and this time she is ready for a high energy fashion shoot. Well, that is at least what she was thinking but as soon as she tells me her name, the little girl drops like a rock. OK, that was rude; I mean to go out in the middle of my shoot, what's up with that? After exposing her breasts, I decide to give her another chance and wake her up again. What do you know; 30 seconds later she drops again into deep sleep. Vanessa goes in and out in this one, is moved around and played with while out cold, and her eyes are checked plus much more.



Vanessa Robot Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip

The perfect school girl         


I am programmed to be perfect  

I know it might seem strange for an eighteen year old school girl to be called into the Dean's office for having the absolutely perfect grades but something was up with that girl and I was determined to find out whether she was cheating or not. Of course she seemed surprised and somewhat speechless when I told her that her work was more like the work of a college grad than that of an eighteen year old high school senior.

However, she kept going on and on about all the work she does and how much she studies but I was still not convinced. I think she realized that she was getting nowhere and that I was not easy to persuade so out of the blue she started to get all cute and sexy with me. Did that change my mind? No, not really but it made me a lot more willing to let her get away with it.

OK, what can I say; I am a dirty old man and the idea of.... What am I saying here? Of course I would never take advantage of a situation like this. To be honest, she was not really interested in me anyways. I don't know what exactly happened to her but all of a sudden she begins to talk about being programmed to be perfect and with that her behavior changed. She seemed less focused, started to repeat words and..... I think you all know what happened next. It took me a while to fix her and to add a little, how can a I say, extra programming. What can I say; I just love horny little girls who have nothing else on their minds than to get fucked.






Vanessa Robot Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip

The not so perfect school fuck  

Just when I started to enjoy watching her play with her wet little pussy, she starts to talk about school again and about how perfect she is; Damn! Maybe I am not the best fembot programmer after all. Needless to say, she goes down again and I had to do more of my magic on her. I decided to take it easy on her and just do some simple tests, like arm rises, closing and opening of the eyes and so forth, before starting her up to full power again. It seemed to all work and as soon as her systems were fully restored, my little insatiable fuck toy was back. Well, so I thought.





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