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Vika Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip
Show me the real thing

Vika, tall, sexy and very horny blond from Texas, was visiting our area to attend this year's "fetish con" when she heard about us through some of the girls there. What can I say, she extended her stay to be able to come for a session and sure enough, she turned out to be a fantastic subject.

What made this even more fun was the fact that she wanted me to take her to the limits when it comes to her "submissive side". Needless to say, she was at the right place and as it turned out, our sexy blond is a lot more submissive than she ever thought possible. G ahead and enjoy another real and very intense one.


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Vika Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Trained into submission

Needless to say, her session starts off intense. Enjoy first mindless stares, " hands free " orgasm training, open eyed masturbation and orgasm on command, intensified trance and. Like I said,
Vika wanted to see how far she can be taken and that is what she got. Just having to wait for my permission to orgasm makes her go crazy for lust and the idea of looking the person who controls (and makes her cum) in the eye while being trained, takes her over the edge.



Vika Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel your masters control

Vika's beautiful body is shaking as she stands in front of me and now we make her feel helplessly tied up while feeling my hand on her throat. Her body goes into intense lustful convulsions when I "control her breathing" while pushing her into a series of orgasms. Of course there is more. Let's enjoy watching her masturbate herself to orgasm for us and then....

Towards the end, we drop her back into mindless trance and enjoy her unblinking stares into......



Vika Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to please your master

Do you enjoy watching a beautiful girl blankly staring into nothingness, seductively yet mindlessly pose her body (spread her ass cheeks) freeze up into a statue while being made to feel a thrusting vibrator on her clit, being posed like a live size doll while dim and mindless and eventually being slowly put to sleeep. Lots of unblinking stares, freeze, mindless posing, forced orgasm training and.....



Vika Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Slaves don't have to be conscious

Vika, a beautiful blond from Texas, feels her masters hand on her throat. Her eyes widen and then flicker until she slowly goes down. Helplessly "asleep" she has no other choice than to let him have his way with her limp body. Enjoy watching her show her master her unconditional surrender to his....

Enjoy a very hot limp/sleep segment. Like I mentioned this clip is all about our sleeepy girl being slowly moved, posed, dropped and other wise manipulated while out. Of course we take our time (and zoom in) while checking her pussy, ass, eyes, ears, hands, navel, remove her shoes, feet and so much more. Eye checks of course as well.



Vika Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Your feet are mine

Now we finally get to enjoy watching her offer us her well taken care of feet while using them to masturbate her wet pussy. Of course that is all just the beginning.
Vika goes crazy for lust the more she is allowed to show off her feet, spread her toes, wrinkle them while also showing off her sexy little hard body. Too much to describe but seriously hot. Enjoy Frank thank you for letting us know. The problem is fixed now Enjoy Frank



Vika Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Patch up my hole

Drunk as a skunk

Vika, my bosses arrogant and quite snooty trophy wife, does not seem to have any compassion for me, the poor handyman who was sent by her husband to fix some things around the house. Instead she keeps bitching and talks down to me as if i was dirt. Looks like we need to teach her a lesson. Everything changes after a quick rapid induction and a few
hypnotic suggestion. I guess she did not thing the handyman had it in him

This next one is hot.
Vika is programmed to feel a shot of her favorite liquor going down her throat every time I snap my finger. Enjoy watching her get sloppy, extremely promiscuous and horny, sloppy and... Of course when she spreads her pussy wide open and asks me to plug the hole, I had to....



Vika Robot Movie Part one Members - Click here to view this clip
Not You again?

I could not believe my eyes when I saw her walking into the studio as if nothing had happened. How could it be that only three month ago, we were almost getting married and now she did not even seem to remember who I was. I have to say, that girl has some nerve to show up here after what she did to me. Imagine being in love with a beautiful woman who takes off the night before the wedding after having cleaned out your bank account, stolen you credit cards and so on. I know, it hurts which is why I could never forgive her.

Needless to say, I was more than confused and when she called me Giovanni, I knew something was up, after all, everybody knows me as Geo V. Anyway, to make a long story short, it turned out (to my utmost surprise) that my dream girl was nothing more than an incredibly well made Android who was programmed by some d....-bag to make poor slobs like myself, fall in love with her and to then clean them out.

Looks like he got the names confused which is why she ended up in my new studio. I know that sucks but that guy sure has it coming, after all, I know a bit about robot programming myself. The only thing I had to make sure of was to not fall in love with her again, which was not easy, given the fact that she pulled the "seduction card" again.


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