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Violet Skye Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Rapid induction into submission

Violet Skye, (aka Bella) seductive and very sexual blond, had been a "guest" of our before and I was really looking forward to "play" with her again. Most of our girls are even better subjects the second time around which only makes sense but what happened that afternoon during Violets session blew me away. OMG, what an amazingly intense "adventure" it turned out to be. Violet went nuts, so to speak. She dropped like a rock and after stripping her of her inhibitions, she turned into a raging volcano of lust and desire. You guys be the judges but I am sure, once you have seen her clips, you will agree with me that this was just an amazingly intense session. Her session went so well that I decided to add some new stuff and or change some of my usual training. Go ahead and check her out guys and of course, enjoy.

Rapid induction and slow arm raise test towards the end.

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Violet Skye Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Limp foot worship

This next segment is a different kind of clip two, so to speak. We start off with a slow arm raise test which is a sign of her having reached a certain depth of trance. Now comes the part where I slowly take off her shoes, spread her toes, place her sleepy feet in different positions, look at the bottom of her feet and so on. As mentioned, all nice and slow. Of course while we are at it, I open her sleepy eyes, wobble her head and check out her top.

After taking my time playing with her limp body, legs and feet, I decide to slowly make her feel aroused while I am holding her feet. Violet's hands are slowly drawn between her legs as she is still sleepy. Her body starts to quiver and tremble and she orgasms as soon as I have her open her eyes. Just looking at me makes her cum like crazy. Violet goes nuts and I decide to keep her cuming. She keeps screaming yes master while her eyes cross and roll. You will see in the following clips that Violet cums incredibly hard, in fact, she orgasms harder than she ever knew was possible.



Violet Skye Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Nobody has ever made me cum this hard

I surrender to you Master. I am cuming for you master!

As mentioned in the last description, Violet goes nuts and it is quite impossible to try to describe the intensity of her orgasms, her screaming and her deeply felt surrender. Some highlights are; freeze, kneeling, "Marathon Orgasms" on command or after repeating, I surrender to you master, denied orgasms and or prolonged waiting before being allowed to cum, begging, masturbation, deep states of trance indicated by rolling/cross eyes and self inflicted nipple torture. Of course those are just some highlights. As mentioned, Violet blows me away with her intense unconditional surrender . She drops like a rock with every snap of my fingers, her body and head wobble as she just stands there.

I make her freeze up before driving her up the wall for lust. The harder she freezes the harder she cums (marathon orgasm) Of course that is all just warm up. Her hands and arms feel helplessly pulled up in the air and again, she goes nuts as soon as she feels that she is not allowed to touch herself. All she wants is to cum for her master. I could go on and on trying to describe it all but take my word for it, this is another intense one.



Violet Skye Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Lustful tears and submission

Want more limp body/ slow foot worship while asleep (almost 3 min) rolling/cross eyes. BTW, Violet went so deep that her eyes started to not only roll and cross but also started to tear up without her even recognizing it and all that while I was posing her unaware little body, screaming hard marathon orgasms, slow repetitions, the waving hand, yes masters, zombie/sleepwalker pose and a whole lot of shivering and shaking.

I am your entranced mindless slave master

As mentioned, Violet is an amazingly good subject and it shows again in this segment. Our little girl is taking from the deepest trance to the most intense sexual heights and all the way back down which eventually makes her pass-out on my command.




Violet Skye Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
No more mind, will and thoughts

More intense freeze training (Violet's rock hard body falls forward into my arms) zombie pose and slow repetitions, extensive limp body play, eye checks, begging, crawling while being made to feel helplessly fucked. kneeling, rolling/cross eyed entrancement, breath controlled orgasm training (which made her skin turn red all over her body) waving hand and more. As mentioned before, Violet is an amazingly good subject and this segment shows her giving up completely. It would be impossible to describe the intensity with which her body freezes up, quivers and shakes and eventually goes into lustful convulsions. Her begging and the intense marathon orgasms are more than intense and certainly show that this is the hardest she ever orgasmed, in fact she says it a few times throughout the last five segments. You go and be the judge.




Violet Skye Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Where are the missing girls Sir?

Officer Violet is stripped and played with in her sleep after...

Violet believes to be a cop who investigates the disappearance of 3 missing girls. Why does she come to my place? Who knows, I guess the neighbors mentioned that I do get visits from a fair number of young girls. Anyway, she seems to be quite set to find something that she could use against me. Of course my comments about all the young girls who come to see me for "photo work" don't seem to appease her either. Now comes the fun part.

Suddenly our sexy young officer experiences the vibrating chair. Of course she tries to hide the fact that she cannot seem to get off them dam chair either which leaves her no other choice than to endure the intense vibration between her legs. It gets even funnier when I offer to show her the rest of the house. Needless to say, she cannot get off the chair which makes our clever little girl ask me to get her a glass of water (so I would leave the room. I enjoy watching her trying to get out of the chair for a bit before putting her to sleep. Now let's have some fun undressing her, moving her limp body, perform some eye checks and so on.




Violet Skye Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Sir, this is standard procedure

We had some fu with our sexy young officer in the last segment and now it is time to really test her patience. Up and ready to interrogate me regarding those three missing girls, officer Violet suddenly realizes that her whole body seems frozen stiff. Needless to say, my comments about having hypnotized those three girls, does not make her feel any more comfortable. Looks like she was just ready to cuff me, which is why I had to freeze her in the first place. Guess who ends up with the cuffs around her wrists? Suddenly the dam chair starts to vibrate again right in the middle trying to shut her up. Oh well, poor thing does not even get to orgasm. Time to put her to sleep and to mess with her limp body, take off her bra, open her mouth, check her eyes and so forth.

I guess it is understandable that our young officer seems to be in a foul mood and sure enough, as soon as she is up again, she talks about calling backup. Locks like we need to freeze her again. Now the real fun begins. How and why does she end up with a Hitachi wedged into her pantyhose and why does she believe that masturbation is an intimidating way to interrogate a suspect? Lots of unexpected freeze fun, limp body play, unwanted yes/no orgasms, unaware masturbation and mind games.




Violet Skye Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Meet officer foot-slave

I am your servant master

This foot segment starts with our young officer being taken advantage off while being asleep. I take my time to slowly take off her shoes, inspect her feet from every angle while reminding her how sensitive her feet are (see clip four. Violet slowly becomes more and more aroused in her sleep. Finally she wakes up and before she knows what hits her, she loves offering her feet to me. What follows is very intense foot worship, posing, yes masters, very intense and screaming hard orgasms and more freeze fun.

Violet goes nuts when her legs and feet freeze up in the air while the Hitachi slowly brings her to orgasm. Needless to say, she is in a perfect angle for me to check out her feet. It gets even more crazy from here and again, Violet orgasms harder than ever before (Nobody has ever made me cum this hard master). Violet definitely loves feet and it shows throughout this segment. Of course that does not save her from ending up frozen (same position as the mannequin next to her) so that she can be used again at a later time. I am a controlled officer, I am you play toy master.




Violet Skye Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Men are weak minded

Isn't that a bit dangerous for women

Lots of Freeze fun, limp body play (I undress her while asleep) move her body and head, open her mouth, do some eye checks and more.

Violet, a famous racecar driver, has graciously invited our TV station to interview her at her house. What an honor. Turns out, our "iron lady" is quite the feminist and she keeps bashing men. Oh well, I guess my comments on how being a race car driver might be a bit dangerous for women, does kind of gets her going on the whole men are weak talk. Looks like we need to freeze her, stick her finger in her mouth, pull down her top and then have her awareness come back so that she can tell us how she feels.

You guessed it, she seem confused yet still full of it. As you can see up top, she is put to sleep a few times and every time she wakes up, frozen or otherwise, some of her clothes (if not all) seem to be gone. Things get even better when she starts to masturbate (unaware) while talking about female empowerment. Still we are not done yet. Lets enjoy her posing for us while talking about how much she is against the objectification of women.




Violet Skye Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip

I am an object, use me as you wish

Want more "objectification"? Of course you do, so here we go. our hot racecar who seems to have forgotten all the "wonderful things" that just happened to her, continues with her men bashing, women have to put their feet down kind of attitude until I just had it. Before she know what hits her, she snaps at attention and all she remembers is that she is a well programmed robot. Needless to say, she is programmed to perfection, her motor skills are tested and she is made to walk stiffly. Needless to say, Violet has a few more of these absolutely intense orgasms as soon as her orgasm program is activated. Her skin turns red when I have her pinch her nipples which actually orgasms her again like crazy. Deactivate Human memory. Really hot one with plenty of yes masters, monotone, robotic repetition of orders, screaming hard orgasms on command, robo talk and walk. I tell you guys, that girl loves it all, is that kinky or what?




Violet Skye Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Go-go dancer goes nuts

Lots of freeze fun, short Robot transformation, some tickle, involuntary masturbation and lots (almost 4 min) of limp body/foot play and some hot Gogo dance.

Violet, my noise neighbor believes that practicing her go-go dance at eleven o'clock at night is perfectly all right. Well honey, not when I have to listen to it instead getting my beauty sleep. Let's have some fun with our noise young dancer. The first part of the segment is all about her getting frozen in mid dance and played with. Of course we put her to sleep here and there for a little extra programming, like making her forget that she is almost naked and so on. After freezing her a few times she still seems to need an attitude adjustment, which means we turn her into an obedient robot. Want to see some hot robot gogo dance? Did I mention the part where I slowly take off her shoes and stockings while she is asleep. Really a great fun and very sensual segment with a bit of everything, even the yes masters are part of it.




Violet Skye Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Still very inappropriate

Violet, our super sexy GoGo dancer, does not remember all the crazy stuff that has happened so far. To her it seems like her neighbor just walked into her apartment to complain about the noise she is making in the middle of the night. Again, she suggest the "earplugs" as her only solution to the problem. Oh well honey, suite yourself. This time I decide to "tickle " the he.. out of her and when that does not seem enough, she finds herself helplessly frozen and messed with again. Of course most of her complains sound like muttered mumbled nonsense which could be because of the fingers (her own) which seem to be stuck in her mouth. Wonder why and how that might have happened. Why does she end up with a thrusting vibrator stuck in her panties and why does she beg me to.... Lots of fun freeze, mind games, tickling at the worst times, bitching and mindless stillness.




Violet Skye Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am too work oriented for..

Violet begins a job interview for an administrative assistant position and is really scoring points with her knowledge of software, typing skills and her bubbly personality. She is asked about whether or not she has , a husband, and about her hobbies. She replies respectively “I’m very work-oriented and I’m much too busy for .” “I’m very work-oriented and I’m much too busy for marriage” “I’m very work-oriented and I’m much too busy for hobbies.” Each response is repeated in an overly pleasant matter of fact tone with a cock of her head and comes off a bit strange.

Frank her interviewer states that the last page of Violet's emailed resume failed to print due to a paper jam and politely ask her if she has a copy with her. She is quick to oblige. She sets her purse on his desk, reaches in and produces a piece of paper. Violet reaches across the table/desk to hand the paper to her interviewer, He reaches out to receive it, and his hand accidentally brushes against the Violet’s purse sitting on the desk, tipping it, while spilling its contents on to the desk. Frank is embarrassed and apologetic. He quickly stands to help gather the contents, as she nervously tries to brush away his hand insisting that it’s Ok and that she can take care of the mess herself.

As she scoops up her billfold, cell phone and an array of cosmetics, He reaches out and picks up a device that appears to be some type of remote control.

She cries out “Don’t’ touch that” but then becomes aware of her inappropriate tone and politely says” I’m sorry, may I please have that, it is very fragile.” Surprised by her over reaction, he inspects the device further and ask “what is it?” She responds “uhm, its, it’s the universal remote for my home theatre system. I was just taking it to the electronic store to have it fixed” The interviewer starts to fiddle with device and insist that he has a knack when it comes to electronics and offers to take a look. She seems very nervous and asserts that it won’t be necessary, but he continues reassuring her that he knows what he’s doing. She nervously concedes watching him intently as if he’s diffusing a bomb.

He begins to arbitrarily press buttons, to see if any are sticking. As he starts, she begins to protest “That really isn’t nec…nec…necessary its under warranty” he is barely listening to her and is focused completely on the device. He presses another button and the Violet’ body jerks as she lets out a high pitched gasp. Her eyes are as wide as saucers and she appears to be in real distress, but he simply responds “excuse me I didn’t catch that” eyes still fixed on the device. Violet jerks and twitches as he fumbles and jabs at the remote unaware of the damage being done. In an almost trance like state she pleas “please stop, you are damaging me” Still barely paying attention he continues to punch away at buttons and reassures her “I won’t damage it, my old man’s an electrician and taught me everything he knows. The light is coming on so it’s doing something.” He presses another button and She suddenly rises and....

Needless to say, this story gets even more twisted and hooooot as she is used and abused by her new...


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