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Whitney Morgan Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Experience true control

This first segment includes, besides the slow closing/rolling eyes at the beginning, eye checks, limp body checks and lot's of close ups towards the end

Whitney Morgan, extremely horny and very kinky young woman, loves all kind of fetishes, like foot worship, tickling and of course her favorite, bondage. I have to say, I like that in a girl and usually it makes them great subjects as they are used to the idea of submission. Of course that does not mean it is always easy, let's not forget, we are talking about total control of body and mind here but as mentioned, it makes for a dam good start. In Whitney's case it certainly proved to be true though and I am sure you will agree with me, once you watched some of the clips that our little girl makes a great subject.

 Needless to say, the fact that Whitney is kinky as hell, almost guaranties a sizzling hot battle of will and undeniable surrender. Enjoy lot's of rolling eyes, pan zombiefied expressions, intense and very sensual masturbation as well as explosive orgasms on my command. Did I mention the yes masters, slowly repeated mantras and.......... all of your other favorites? Whitney seemed to go down quickly as her eyes drift backwards after looking at the swinging watch for a bit. See top for more details.

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Whitney Morgan Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
My masters will is my command

First freeze, rolling eyes, begging, mental bondage, sleep walker pose and slow repetitions

Whitney's curvy young body starts to quiver and shake almost immediately when I suggest the she is helplessly under my control and that she will be orgasmed as soon as I think the time is right. Her legs spread and her eyes open up, which by the way is often a sign of deep trance. It gets intense quickly and all she seems to want is to cum for me. Of course that would be too early which makes me decide to freeze her in place. I keep driving her up the wall while not allowing her to move and or to orgasm. Whitney starts to beg while already calling me master. Her eyes keep rolling all the way back into her head as her body goes into lustful convulsions. Finally she is allowed to explode. Now she is ready for more deepening as the rest of her mind is sucked into the watch. More masturbation and a very intense orgasm while repeating, I a your choice less slave master. Too much going on to describe it all.




Whitney Morgan Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
I am my masters willing slave

Zoned out stares, rolling eyes, crawling, slow and monotone repetitions of mantras, yes master's, intense and screaming hard orgasms on command, begging and marathon orgasms are just a few highlights of this segment

Please suck my brain master, I am my masters willing slave

Whitney's body is quivering and shaking as she keeps repeating, please make me your obedient slave. She is made to feel helplessly fucked and used while she is learning that her only purpose is to please her master. The intensity of her orgasm increases with every snap of my fingers. Suddenly she feels her hands and arms tight up behind her back while on her knees. She feels a gag in her mouth as she is driven further up the wall for lust without being allowed to cum. Next comes some more mind and will reduction. Whitney's eyes start to roll back as she stares into the laser light. Her repetitions of, please master suck my brain, I am your mindless obedient sex slave, become slower and slower. Of course that is all just the warm up, We still have not gotten to the crawling, bent over ass out orgasm training more rolling eyes and mantras just yet.



Whitney Morgan Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Born to be my master's slave

Want more rolling eyes, mantras, intensified orgasm training, zoned out and very mindless moments, begging and breast play?

Whitney is still repeating, I am my masters choice-less slave( see last clip) with her arms stretched out in front of her while I keep taking her to an even deeper level of trance. I wave my hand in front of her eyes and there is definitely nobody home. Now it is time to make her learn that caressing her nipples feels just like masturbating for me. Don't you love the power of suggestions? Well, I do and so does Whitney as she goes off again into lustful convulsions. More slow and monotone repetitions of, I have no choice, no will I, am a choice-less slave, take her back down again. It gets even more intense when she is placed on her back and driven up the wall for lust again. She keeps screaming, I want to be a good little girl master, without me even having to mention it, which is always a sign of complete surrender. More mind reduction, intense orgasm training and... are still to come.



Whitney Morgan Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Sleepy slave training

Whitney's next lesson includes very, very intense breath controlled orgasm but that is not all. First she has to learn that being allowed to orgasm is a gift and that not only her mind but also her body is under total control of her master. Like most girls, Whitney gets extremely horny throughout the breath controlled orgasm training and it gets even more intense when I make her wait. Her body goes into lustful convulsions and explodes as soon as I let her cum for me. Again, she keeps screaming, I want to be a good little girl for you master.

What comes next is just as hot. Whitney is send to sleep and then programmed to wake up for only a few seconds before slowly going back to sleep. Watching her trying to get up and then slowly (with rolling eyes) go back down, is sizzling hot. After that, I take my time to move her limp body, perform some eye checks and to play with her neck.



Whitney Morgan Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
It's the American way honey

Whitney, who is made to think that she is my wife, somehow believes that is ok to run up her credit card and to spent $ 7000 a month on shoes, clothes and five dollar coffees. After all, it is the American way to run up those cards. (really funny how she explains her spending habits) Needless to say, she is not thrilled, to say the least, that I have taken the card away from her. After arguing with her for a while, I decide to leave the room to give her time to let go of some of that steam. Sure enough, she tries to find her beloved card and just as I hoped, she eventually pulls it out of one of the drawers underneath the mirror. It fun watching her freezing up with a triumphant smile on her face. Mindlessly frozen she now just sits there until I allow her mind to function again. Still frozen, my sexy little wife changes her tune and now she sounds a bit more humble as she tries to lie her way out of this one but still, she insist on getting her card back. Looks like she needs some more training, don't you think?

A swift wave of my hand in front of her eyes renders her mindless and obedient again. We start her training with a hard self spanking while repeating, I have been a bad girl, I need to be punished. It gets even hotter when she is ordered to kneel on the bed as she freezes up again. This is probably a good time to make her become aware of her situation and to play with her frozen little body while she is complaining. I decide to take control of her right hand and arm which is now giving her wet pussy a nice workout while the rest of her body remains frozen. My sexy wife goes nuts for lust while trying her best to avoid it. Things get so intense that even after she unfreezes, she just cannot stop masturbating. Poor thing gets so horny and is almost ready to orgasm when I ..... Plenty of yes masters and too much happening to list it all.



Whitney Morgan Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
I am not your play toy

Begging and pleading, insatiable lust, dim stares, rolling eyes, instantaneous sleep (more rolling eyes) denied orgasms, yes masters and a reformed wife

This one is just as intense as the last one and it shows my little wife going crazy for lust and unable to stop masturbating to being frozen and still insanely horny with no chance to bring herself to orgasm and then being put to sleep right before she has a chance to finally cum. Of course that is just the beginning. Up and awake again, our little girl still does not seem to have learned her lesson and she still wants that dam credit card back and no, sex is not on her mind. After playing with her sleepy body for a bit, I decide to have her come back for another round of fun. Now she really thinks that she got a raw deal. Being played with and still having no credit card is just too much and yes, she starts to bitch again. This time I sent her back to sleep in the middle of her going off on me. More fun time playing wither her body neck and eyes. Of course we have to somehow make her change her mind and become a good and obedient little wife, right. Very intense.



Whitney Morgan Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Royalty free records

Can music turn a tough and proper boss into a hot, masturbating stripper? Whitney, my sexy yet tough boss has called me into her office to lecture me on my weak performance over the last few weeks or so. Having not written one new piece of music for that long is almost enough reason to fire me. My explanation that I am taking my time because I want the music I am writing to bring out positive changes in the people who listen to it and that I want it to mean something in their lives, makes her laugh. Of course the idea that I am primarily writing music for the hypnosis and new age section, makes her smirk even harder. Anyway, the second the music starts to play, my tough boss turns into a hot and very seductive stripper and the second it stops, she becomes aware of what she just did. Do you think she might feel a bit embarrassed and confused. You bet your ass she does. Let's have her listen again and again and...



Whitney Morgan Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
Musical feet

Whitney, my at this point confused boss, still does not believe that my music could possibly do anything to change people's behavior, moods as well as likes and dislikes. Well, let's see about that. Sure enough as soon as the music starts, our young lady turns into a feet loving horny slut with no other objective than to please. Watching her slowly and seductively slide her shoes off and then show off her sexy feet in those dark pantyhose is just hot. What makes it even hotter though is when she starts to talk about them and when she encourages me to do all kinds of fun things to her sexy eight and a half size feet. As I mentioned earlier, feet are one of Kimberly's fetishes and it sure shows in this segment. Of course we have to have a bit more fun with her, which means, we have to freeze her and then play with those sexy feet while she is in a mindlessly dull state of mind.

Needless to say, as soon as my "Boss" is made aware of the fact that I am playing with her feet while her body is still frozen, she does start to bitch but, then again, who cares. When the bitching gets too much (particularly when I take off her pantyhose while she remains frozen), the waving hand sends her back into a more manageable state of mind, if you know what I mean. Lots of back and forth, rolling eyes, extremely hot foot worship, sleepy body play, eye checks and ...



Whitney Morgan Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Funny freeze music

One more round of musical fun. This time my somewhat embarrassed boss feels tickled all over her body as soon as the music goes off. O course that is not all she has to endure throughout this very intense segment. Try being frozen while feeling tickled and or being played with (undressed) while stiff. At some point she even tears off most of her clothes believing that it might alleviate some of the terrible tickling sensation. Needless to say, she still does not believe that my music might have anything to do with all this. Looks like we need to tickle her a bit more and maybe freeze her again. Or maybe we render her mindless by waving my hand in front of her eyes and then watch her go under with rolling eyes. Or how about putting her to sleep one snap at a time. Really hot watching her slowly go out with every snap of my fingers. Wait until you see her apologizing for her weird behavior.



Whitney Morgan Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
My new path in life

Robot Whitney Morgan is now ready for programming

Whitney, my sweet girlfriend, is just about to break up with me thanks to a friend of hers you has introduced her to the Femdom scene. Can you believe it, my sexy little girl now talks about having found her new path in life and that from now on, she wants to kick guys asses and shove dildos up there, who you know where. She even wants to give me a taste of her new found ways to deal with men. I don't think so honey. Whitney, as most girls, cannot resist to try on the new necklace I bought for her and that was a big mistake, for her that is.

The transformation is hot and I cannot really describe it here but you will like it. Anyway, ready to be programmed, my little fembot has to learn to crawl, beg, slave collar herself, be paraded around on her knees and what it feels like to be denied to pleasure herself. At some point I just have to let her become aware of her situation but although her mind seems to work, her body is still that of a robot which leaves her helpless and at my mercy. Salutations, programming, repetition of many orders, yes masters, vibrator masturbation, denied orgasms rolling eyes and so much more.



Whitney Morgan Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
A woman's place in the world

Take men by the balls

Whitney Morgan, a renowned book author, is being interviewed at her beautiful home. Needless to say, it is a live interview in which she tells us how important it is for women to read her book as it explains why and how women should be leading as well as being in charge of their affairs, including relationships and so on. Needless to say, she does not like it when I mention that my wife likes to be controlled which is understandable, given the fact that her book is all about women's empowerment. Blablabla.

Anyway, in the middle of her speech, our oh so in charge young book author starts to play with her pussy without being aware of it. Makes you wonder now, doesn't it. Of course she is eventually made aware of what she is doing which leaves her not only in utter disbelieve but also in shock. My comments about my wife going to sleep whenever I say so does not go over too well, after all, nobody has that kind of control over somebody else. Oops, there she goes into lala land with rolling eyes. Up and aware again (sort of) she now masturbates as she believes this to be a perfectly normal thing to do in front of a camera. Never relay on men when you can finger fuck yourself.



Whitney Morgan Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Can you please edit this

I am not a nudist

In this next segment, our young and sexy book author does exactly the opposite of what I ask her to do or better yet, what I ask her not to do. I mean we would not want her to expose her tits and pussy, masturbate, moan and groan while talking about the empowerment of women and so on. Well, what can I say, at some point she is made aware of her situation which leaves her very embarrassed, confused and apologetic. Why would she slowly put herself to sleep by putting her hand over her mouth and nose towards the end of the segment? Go find out> Rolling eyes, mind games, almost orgasms and...



Whitney Morgan Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Don't be silly, I did not...

Here we have our young author go to sleep in the middle of her triumphant speech about the empowerment of women and the amazing benefits women have by reading her newest book. Of course she tries to deny all this but then she goes out yet again. Needless to say, I use her "absence" to play with her limp body, move her around, remove some of the unnecessary clothing and so on. Up and alert again, she now goes to sleep, very slowly and with more rolling eyes, at every snap of my fingers.



Whitney Morgan Clip Fifteen Members - Click here to view this clip
No more power

I am a mindless sex slave, women have no power, we have to obey men

A little bit of everything

I am a horny robot and nothing else

Sex slave and robot, what the hell does that all mean. For this final segment, I thought it might be a nice idea to turn the, oh so full of herself author, into a mindless and very obedient sex slave and after making her aware of it, into an equally mindless yet very easily programmable robot. Needless to say, she does not believe in mind control until almost the end but then it suddenly hits her.

Women have no power, we have to obey men. Lots of yes masters, instantaneous transformation in mid sentence, stares, salutations, orgasm training, programming, confusion, embarrassment as well as zombie pose, robot walk and, and, and. We are still not done though. After all this, she is made aware again and now she keeps, (to her own embarrassment and disbelieve) call me master. No master, women should be in control. Oops. I think it is time now to make her put herself to sleep by putting her hand over her mouth and nose, so that we can see those eyes roll back one more time.



Whitney Morgan Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
The Robot Movie Driver not found

I had a feeling that it was not a good idea to open the door when the bell rang that night but there she was, a young blond bomb shell who, as it turned out, worked for a local Limo company. What was she doing at my house? Honestly, I had no idea. Somehow though, she seemed to believe that I had ordered a Limo to go to the opera that night which is of course absurd. Don't get me wrong, the opera is a great thing but certainly not my cup of tea. Anyway, she kept talking about her built in navigation system which had never failed her before and believe it or not, she kept insisting for me to go and change into something more appropriate for the opera. First I thought she was talking about her "built in" sense of directions but when she opened her blouse, thing slowly started to become clear. That thing was a fembot, programmed to mimic the job of a Limo driver. Yes, I was shocked but that was all just the beginning. Imagine what happened when I stated accidentally reprogramming her through the navigation system in her chest. Believe me, activating her sex program was an honest mistake, everything after that was fun though until....


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