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Yurizan Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Journey into the unknown

Yurizan Beltram, soft spoken and incredibly sensual seductress with the most luscious big breasts, is definitely one of those girls who drives any real man absolutely crazy, the second he lays eyes on her. Even her soft and gentle demeanor can not hide the fact that there is a "wild and untamed cat" underneath all that gentleness. Now when I say that Yurizan is soft and gentle, it certainly does not mean, our temptress is timid or shy, on the contrary, Yurizan is one of those smooth operators who can easily bring out the best in any man who is willing to try to tame her, after all, there is no better feeling than the feeling of bitter sweet surrender.

To make a long story short, Yurizan is one of these, Take me if you can," kind of a girl. Believe me, the idea of taming our little wild cat and to turn her into a purring sex kitten, was more that exciting and the fact that Yurizan is an amazingly good subject, made this another intense and unforgettable afternoon. Watch her clips and you will know what I am talking about.

Yurizan did not really know what to think and or to expect, which is a good thing because the less the subject expects, the less they have any preconceived ideas as to how it should feel or what they should feel and that makes it a lot easier to guide them. Slow closing eyes, great close ups of her body, face and legs (pantyhose) throughout the relaxation part of the session.

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Yurizan Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Lesson two... Feel who is in control

As some of you know, I like to use the segment right after the relaxation part, to find the girls trigger, meaning the one thing that turns her on the most and of course to find out how suggestible she is. To me, it is almost the most exciting part of the session when I see a beautiful girl, who I have never met before, starts to quiver and shake under my voice and to eventually orgasms for as long as I want, just because I say so. Stripping her of all inhibitions and control and to drive her up the wall, simply though the power of what I do and say, is always a very intense turn on.

Yurizan's beautiful body starts to shiver and her slow rhythmic hip movements shows that she feels deeply penetrated, just as I suggested. I keep slowly driving her up the wall while removing her need to control any of this. Her breathing intensifies and turns in moaning and groaning and before long her body goes into lustful convulsions. Yurizan has to learn that her body and mind is under my control and that the more she let's go, the better she feels. After all, I decide how and what she feels.

She keeps repeating, I want to follow, and that is when I know what our little girl likes. Once allowed to cum, I keep her cumming for as long as I like, just so she feels that even her orgasms are under my control. Very intense beginning of the session and I am sure that our pantyhose fans will love it.



Yurizan Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Please master let me cum

Yurizan has shown in the last segment that she is highly suggestible and that she does pretty much anything to satisfy her lust. Her hands are helplessly drawn between her legs and she can not stop pleasuring herself. All of a sudden, she starts begging me to let her orgasm which shows that she has already accepted her master. I keep driving her further up the wall before finally ordering her to orgasm for me. An important part of every training session is, for the girls to learn that they have to be ready to orgasms for their master at any time. Now it is time for her to learn to let go of her mind and with that of herself. Yurizan's intriguing dark eyes are wide open as I make her concentrate on the watch in my hand.

The feeling of being helplessly fucked and aroused unlike ever before makes her defenseless and open to having her mind slowly drained out "I let go of all my thoughts master". I can see and feel her getting hot and sweaty as her body goes into lustful convulsions and I know she is mine to do with as I please. More orgasms at my command, mind removal, slow and monotone mantras and yes masters make this a very intense segment and Yurizan has to admit that this was the best she has ever felt “I am a thoughtless slave master”.



Yurizan Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless slave training

Yurizan's eyes are wide open and empty; her arms are stretched out in front of her as she repeats the mantra "mindless slave". I can feel her sinking even deeper. All of a sudden, I let her feel the thrusting vibrator tight on the tip of her clit and sure enough her sexy young body starts to quiver and shake, her tits jiggle and she is getting hot and sweaty. Just the way I like it. Yurizan learns that she has no longer control over her body and mind and that I decide how much pleasure she is allowed to feel. It gets even more intense when I allow her to masturbate for me and to show me how much she wants to please me.

Yurizan makes herself orgasm, on my command, so very hard that it almost knocks her off her feet. Still, we are not done! The girl has beautifully big breast and I am dying to find out how sensitive those nipples are. She is ordered to pinch her nipples while caressing her big jugs, which sends her over the top. Yurizan squeezes and pinches her nipples so hard, even after her orgasms; that leaves me with no doubt in my mind that our little girl enjoys a bit of pain “It never felt this good master”.



Yurizan Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Learn to serve and obey

This next segment concludes our little girl’s initial obedience training and if you have followed it from the beginning, you will know by now how important the last 5 segments are for the rest of the session. Yurizan has been placed on her knees; her intriguingly dark eyes are wide open as she stares at the watch again. The slow repetition of "take my mind" sends her into blissful darkness and all she is able to feel is her lust. Her hands find their way to her wet pussy and she pleasures herself even harder than before. The intensity of her orgasm is impossible to put into words but as we all know, there is still more to come. Bent over the couch with her beautifully rounded ass sticking out, our little girl is now orgasmed into complete oblivion. Exhausted and empty minded, she finally goes out and drops into deep sleep. Now it is time for the eye checks and if you like to see the white in a girl’s eye, you will love to watch this one.



Yurizan Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
Madam Yurizan learns to obey

Women have to be obedient to please their master

Yurizan believes to be a well-known fortune teller who is dealing with a somewhat irritating customer who wants to find out whether his relationship with his disobedient girlfriend, will get any better in the future. Guess who the customer is? Anyway, not only does our little fortune teller believe that women should not be obedient but she also thinks women should actually be, how can I say this, bad girls, meaning they should be in charge.

As we all know, that is not really what I believe and I think we need to look a little deeper into the crystal ball, so to speak, in order to find the right answer to my question. Madam Yurizan takes another look at her "magic light" and although she still can not seem to see the answer I was hoping for, her eyes suddenly seem mesmerized by the light and before she even knows what hits her, she sinks into deep mindless trance “I will obey master”. It seems like all she knows how to say is "yes master" which I think that is absolutely sufficient for now.

Madame Yurizan is about to find out what it feels like to orgasm on command, masturbate without any inhibitions, mindlessly stand there with her arms stretched out in front of her, be orgasmed at will and so much more. Yes masters, mindless stares, obedience training, repetitions, intense orgasms and complete surrender.



Yurizan Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
Madame Yurizan learns to mindlessly freeze

Madame Yurizan can not seem to remember all the details about what just happened but the fact that her breasts are out and her pussy is wet, seems to confuse and somewhat concern her quite a bit. Of course she tries to get rid of me and no, she is absolutely not interested in me sending her all my friends for some fortune telling. What can I say, I am just not ready to leave and I think we should have some freeze fun with her. What do you think? Before you know it, my little fortune teller freezes up and drops into mindless bliss. As usual, I have to start undressing her again and reposition her limps and head but, as you all know, I really do not mind doing that. Having her mind come back so she knows what is going on makes it even more fun.

Madame Yurizan’s reaction is priceless and it gets even better when I mention the fact that she is going to orgasm on my count of three. Of course not, there is no way that I will....Oh my god. Poor thing has no idea where it’s coming from but then again, who does not like to orgasm? Time to go mindless again through the infamous waving hand, of course. Yurizan is frozen; rendered mindless, snapped out of it, played with including bend over (for the great views) over and over in this segment.




Yurizan Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
Laughter is the best medicine

Looks like this is really not her day. Our sexy fortune teller snaps back out of it and as expected, feels quite confused about the situation she finds herself in. Well, who could blame her, after all, she is but naked in front of a stranger. Anyway, I think she sees all this way to serious and it might be time for some laughter but again as expected, our little girl does not agree with me. Too bad, because in about three seconds from now, she will feel tickled all over her silky skin. Yurizan can not seem to stop laughing, no matter how hard she tries and to make things worse, she suddenly freezes up and is now really at the mercy of those hands which are tickling her little body. Could it get any worse than that. Well, try to be orgasmed while tickled. Freezes, laughter, unexpected orgasms and a very surprising ending. Of course there are some eye checks and limp body play before our girl comes back and....



Yurizan Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
think I'll take my car somewhere else

You should have played the obedient robot game, honey!

Yurizan is made to believe that she is dropping off her car for repair. The new mechanic, who was recommended by someone she knows, starts to almost immediately, hit on her which seems to irritate her more than anything else. Guess who the friendly mechanic is? Hitting on her is one thing but offering to fix her car for free if she is willing to play the robot game, is certainly something else. This is actually where she mentions that it might be a good idea to drop off her car somewhere else.

Not only seems the idea of being turned into an obedient and very pleasing robot absurd but also quite impossible. Even when I show her the very powerful remote control in my hand, our little girl still does not believe that I can just do that to her "That is BS, electromagn.... "I am a robot". With her arms stretched out in front of her, Yurizan now walks mindlessly to where I order her to go. Back inside we start playing with the settings on the remote, you know, the orgasm mode, strip mode and finally the masturbation mode.



Yurizan Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Orgasm program deactivated

Yurizan is in the middle of her intense masturbation and very close to orgasm when suddenly her orgasm program is deactivated. Of course, having her orgasm program deactivated does not mean that our sexy fembot does not feel lust and the desire to orgasm. Her young body is quivering and I can feel that she wants to cum very badly but here again, her orgasm program needs to be active for that to happen. Please master, please. Being the nice guy that I am, I eventually activate her orgasm program and not only that, I even change the settings to a much more powerful orgasm than she usually feels. I know, I am too nice sometimes. Did I mention that there is a lot of masturbation, repetitions, yes masters, intense breast play, denied and or forced orgasms going on and that it all ends with a big surprise.



Yurizan Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Hey doc, aren't you a little bit too close to my....

 Yurizan believes to be at the clinic for her routine check up. The new and quite inexperienced doctor (guess who that might be) seems to have, how can I say this, quite unorthodox ways of checking her out but never the less, she does need him to check out the scratch on her chest. After taking her pressure it is time to attend to the scratch, which by the way is not really there but our little girl does not really know that. I wonder why. Anyway, being the nice doctor that I am, I warn her not to breath in to deeply while I am applying the ointment (Cotton ball soaked in water) because it might have some side effects, which might include unexplainable yet intense arousal and in rare cases it can even cause the inability to think clearly.

Of course that makes my patient laugh and she seems more concerned about the fact that I forgot to actually put the stethoscope in my ears. No wonder I could not hear anything. Anyway, my remarks about her beautiful feet and of course her stunning physique doesn’t seem to make her feel any more comfortable. I can not help but notice thought that she seems to like breathing in the ointment, which as we all know, is not all that good for her. Being forgetful as I am, I have to leave the room for a few minutes to get my spatulas and that is when it happens.

The second, she thinks I am out of the room, our sexy little patient reaches for the ointment and breathes it in like there is no tomorrow. Sure enough, the change is significant when I come back to check her out a little further, she suddenly can not seem to get enough of my somewhat unorthodox methods. Of course she denies having been a bad girl while I was gone and no she is not playing with herself either. I start to check out her sexy feet and that seems to drive her nuts.

Well, what can I say, those feet need special attention and so do her legs and.... What can I say; my patient’s ability to think and judge deteriorates quickly and with that the giggling increases which leads to more masturbation and........... Really intense and fun clip. Yurizan's transformation from being alert and suspicious to becoming horny and quite stupid is hot/ Yurizan actually went to nurse’s school and she did pick up on some of my not so professional ways. Although not a foot fetish segment, I am sure our foot lovers will enjoy it tremendously.



Yurizan Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Hey doc, aren't you a little too far away from my....

The fact that my sexy young patient almost begs me to check out her feet more closely and to apply more of the ointment on the nasty scratch has certainly nothing to do with the fact that she might feel some of the above mentioned side effects. Of course not, why would it. There is certainly no masturbation going on here, although at some point she does take off her panties. The fact that 2 plus two equals 7 does not really proof anything either.

Of course not, why would it. Now, the fact that she starts to be interested in me as a man, does concern me a bit but I am sure that does not mean anything either. One could misconstrued her question whether I happen to have a vibrator as her being overly aroused but I am sure there are perfectly innocent explanations for that one as well. Besides, I don't have a vibrator but I do happen to have a "neck massager".

What can I say, Yurizan gets carried away and eventually orgasm despite my warnings. Tired and exhausted, she does not even notice that I take the (very little remainder) of her mind with one swift move of my hand. Now comes my favorite part in which I program her to....



Yurizan Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I am just fine

Being the owner of an expensive high end fitness center, it is my job to interview and to eventually hire the highly qualified fitness instructors who can deal with our spoiled members. I know, some of my employees think that I am using these interviews only to meet girls rather than really trying to find professional fitness instructors, after all, why else would I have to interview all these beautiful girls without ever hiring one of them.

Well, I kind of despise that kind of talk behind my back but I have to admit, there might be something to it. Anyway, last week’s interview started off just like so many in the past. Again, a beautiful girl, with an impressive resume who was yet again not the least bit interested in me. Oh well, what else is new? Anyway, something seemed different about her and for what ever reason, I decided to let her show me some exercise which could help me get back in shape. Watching her bench press in that little short skirt of hers was truly something and maybe, I should have left it at that.

Of course that was not going to happen; I had to keep hitting on her until she started to malfunction. Yes, you did read this right, the girl malfunctioned right there in front of me! I should have known that she was a fembot as soon as she started to repeat herself but when I remember right, by that time, my other brain had already taken over. I think I mentioned earlier that I do these interviews for a more personal reason and the fact that she was a fembot turned me on even more. The other nice thing about Fembots is that I can "fix and reprogram them" to my own specifications and that my friends is where the fun comes in and believe me, I had a lot of fun with that one.




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