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Zoe Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


The harder you try not to, the harder it will...

Zoe, sexy and very horny new-comer has very little experience when it comes to being in front of the camera. To best words that come to mind when describing Zoe is adorable, sexy, sweet, cute, young, intelligent, inquisitive and fun loving. In other words, Zoe is the girl next door who just loves to try new things and when I say things, I am sure you all know what I mean. Was she a bit nervous yet eager to get started? Absolutely but as we all know, the more nervous the better they usually relax. Ok, it does not always work that way but it sure did in Zoe's case.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time together. The fact that our little girl is charged with a whole lot of sexual energy and that she loves to explore new grounds particularly when it comes to finding her softer and more submissive side, made her a great subject. Taming and training our little "wild cat" was not necessarily always easy but certainly a whole lot of fun and I am sure that you will like the result.

I notice early on that Zoe is "the harder you try not to... the harder it will hit you" kind of girl. It worked and her eye lids started to flicker, her head rolled around and she was gone.

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Zoe Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
The more you try to hold on to control the more...

Having no control sets you free

Zoe's young body starts to slowly twitch under my suggestions. I can feel that the feeling of losing control while trying to hold on to it is starting to turn her on. Subjects like Zoe get off on the fact that they are slowly overpowered and the more they feel how futile their attempt to hold on to control is the more aroused they get. Her silky young body quivers and shakes like a leaf and it is only a question of time before she is close to orgasm. T

he closer to orgasm the better she will respond to suggestions. Absorbed by lust and the desire to explode she opens her subconscious up wide for my suggestions. Her moaning and groaning turns into screams of lust, her body is all over the couch, her hair is messed up and in her face and all she wants is to do is surrender and cum for me. I know she is ready when she says: “I want to be a good girl” without me even mentioning it. All of a sudden I let her feel a series of intense orgasms and just when she thinks it is over, she is hit yet again by another unstoppable orgasm.



Zoe Clip Three Members - Click here to view this clip
Mindless surrender

This segment has a lot of slow and monotone repetitions of mantras, intense mind reduction, zombie like stares, screaming loud orgasms and hands free orgasms.

First I have our little girl masturbate the hell out of her wet pussy without being allowed to orgasm. I keep driving her up the wall and then order her to open her eyes and to look at the watch I am holding up. Before long her eyes are fixated on the watch and I can feel her mind drifting out of her as she repeats the word “mindless” over and over.

This is intense and not easy to describe. Zoe is drifting, her eyes are fixated and empty but her body goes into lustful convulsions. I make it clear to her that the next orgasm will leave her in a mindless bliss and sure enough as soon as the powerful orgasm subsides, her body gradually slows down and her eyes mindlessly stare off into a distance. Zombielike and perfectly under control, Zoe is hit by another orgasm with even more intensity than the last one. I wave my hand in front of her eyes and it shows clearly that although her body is still orgasmic, there is no mind or awareness present.

Now its time for more training; up on her feet, Zoe is blank and standing in front of me with her arms stretched out in front of her. Her legs are spread apart as she suddenly feels deeply penetrated and mercilessly fucked. Her repetitions of the words “mindless shell” are slow and monotone. Her sexy young body quivers and shakes, her eyes are wide open when it finally hits her again... Very intense!



Zoe Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your obedient slave

Zoe is still standing in front of me and I send her deeper again. She is ordered to pleasure herself as her remaining mind is drifting into my hand. Zoe’s eyes role back as she drifts into blissful mindlessness as she cumms so hard that it puts her on her knees. I have her repeat: “no control” and “I am an obedient slave”. Now my little girl has to learn that I decide how long and how intense she orgasms. I keep her cumming for as long as I please and her orgasms intensify when she is ordered to pinch her nipples. This is another very intense segment, the intensity with which Zoe responds to being mindlessly controlled is not easy to put into words but you will see what I mean once you watch her pinch her nipples, orgasm and role her eyes.



Zoe Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
I was born to obey you

I am a mindless slave, train me

This segment starts with Zoe hunched over on her knees as she is still fingering her wet pussy. (Great close ups of her feet, ass and face, BTW) the repetition of "I am a mindless slave, train me" takes her deeper yet again. By the time I have her sit up; Zoe is merely an empty shell of herself. I wave my hand in front of her unblinking eyes a few times, just to make sure she is ready for more programming. Now it is time for her to feel the ultimate control. I have her freeze up into a helpless statue as she feels deeply penetrated and fucked. Helpless and empty, her body quivers without being able to move and I can see her unconditional surrender in her eyes. Of course we are not done yet. First she has to learn to give me every ounce of strength and energy left in her body and to orgasm into bliss.



Zoe Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
I am your love slave, sorry for having been bad

Zoe believes to be one of my students at school. The little brat has the audacity to disturb me on the weekend at home just to talk to me about her miserable grades. It looks like she thinks that her grades are unfair and the fact that she does not attend school all that often does not seem to be a problem either. Well, I could live with all that but the fact that, when I tell her that there is nothing I can do about her grades, she attempts to hypnotize me! Believe it or not, she pulls out a pocket watch out of her bra and holds it up in front of my face. Being the nice teacher that I am, I even warn her that these things can go terribly wrong but of course she does not believe me. What can I say, the whole thing backfires on her and she drifts under my control "I am your love slave, master." I start her off with some bottomless masturbation as she is standing in front of me.

I know, many of you like the bottomless, standing up masturbation which is so much harder and a lot less comfortable than the sitting or laying down masturbation which most naturally prefer. Well, we all know slaves do not have to be comfortable, right? I keep taking her deeper until her eyes first role back and then mindlessly straighten out. After waving my hand in front of her unblinking eyes it is now time to have her stretch out her arms and freeze in place.

Frozen and helpless, Zoe's mind slowly comes back and believe it or not, the little brat tries to talk herself out of this one. All of a sudden, she claims that did not really try to take me under and she promises to be good now. Too late honey, let's inspect your breasts and see what you can do about that! Oh right, the answer is: nothing, you are still frozen.

After playing with my little brat for a bit, I decide to wave my hand in front of her eyes and send her back into mindless bliss. Of course there is more vibrator masturbation and mind games coming before she is a good little girl, "Sorry for having been a bad girl master” Great freezes and stares.



Zoe Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
The helplessly frozen fitness instructor

Zoe applies for the position of the new fitness instructor at an all boy school. Of course as the dean of the school I have to make sure she is not only physically but also morally fit for the job. Despite the fact she is not interested in going out with me, Zoe seems to be the right candidate. She even agrees to show me some of her stretches and exercise moves so that I can start practicing on my own.

Things seem to be going well until she suddenly freezes up in the middle of showing me this really tough stretch. Poor thing is not only frozen stiff, she is also completely mindless and absent! Well, let’s see whether exposing her breast helps with her mobility? No, does not look like it but is certainly a lot more fun to mess with her. I decide to have her mind come back as she is still frozen. Of course the poor thing has no explanation for all this and she seems very confused and the words “medical attention” comes to mind. Great stares, freeze and mind games.




Zoe Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I have no voluntary movement

Zoe snaps out if it again and falls over as soon as she can move again. Look at the position she was frozen in during the last segment and you will know why she roles on her side. No harm done, Zoe, besides being confused and embarrassed is just fine. Somehow, she seems to have forgotten what just happened and my little fitness instructor goes on showing me some of her strenuous moves and stretches. Well, what can I say, she freezes up yet again. This time I let her become aware and then mess with her clothing (All in the name of helping her of course).

Unfortunately without any success and again she talks about medical attention. If the little girl just knew. At some point, I decide that she is talking way too much and waving my hand in front of her face takes care of that right away. Next time she snaps out of it again, the little girl does not seem to notice that her tits are hanging out, which makes watching her exercising even more fun. Of course before long, she freezes up yet again and now I am concerned as well. Looks like I have to check her reflexes with the intensely thrusting vibrator. Looks like her "orgasm reflexes" are still in tact. Of course, being Mrs. Proper and all, she tries to deny that she just came and she even tries to prevent the next one from happening.



Zoe Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
I need permission to orgasm from my master

Please hire me because I am cute

Zoe, who is applying for the job of a cocktail waitress at a private club, seems quite confused and all of a sudden not so interested in the job, when I mention that this is a robot club. What the hell is a robot club, she wants to know. Well, it is an exclusive club where private members can play with their fembots and pretty much use them as they please. The idea of turning into a robot seems a bit far fetched until she hears this very intense sound which seems to have an effect on her brain waves.

Zoe snaps instantaneously at attention with her arms in a slight ninety degree angle, just like a well programmed and obedient robot. What comes next is a whole lot of bouncing tits, bottomless masturbation, intense orgasms, lots of robotic repetitions, yes masters and a very intense shutdown at the end. Zoe's robotic settings are changed throughout this segment and I just love the way she repeats all my orders and then obeys them to the T.



Zoe Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
I hide my feet

Zoe, who believes the session has just started, does not seem to be the least interested in her feet. The idea of playing with her sexy feet in those nylons seems to be more of a turn off than a turn on. "I usually hide my feet." Being turned on by feet and wanting to show them off is out of the question. A carefully planted "whistle trigger" changes all that instantaneously. All of a sudden she wants to show me her feet in those sexy nylons and me touching her feet, gets her wet and excited. Don't you love the power of suggestions. Zoe keeps going on about her beautiful arches as she is seductively showing off her feet.

Of course now I have to mess with her by telling that I have seen enough and that she can stop now. No way, by now our little girl is way to turned on to stop rubbing her feet on her clit. She wiggles her little toes again, trying to get my attention and it is obvious that she is enamored by her own feet. I decide to snap her out of it and oh boy, what a change.

Believe it or not, she denies the fact that she just orgasmed and that she was nuts about her feet. Looks like the little girl is a bit confused. I wave my hand in front of her eyes which renders her mindless and horny and the foot worship goes on, this time though in a very mindless kind of a way. I love feet, I am a foot slave.


Zoe Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
Please do the little snappy thingy, please

Back up and ready to start the session, Zoe still tells me that feet are not her thing. OK, how about some tickling. No, she does not think that she is ticklish and that it might not be for her. Zoe is really cute when she tries to explain that she really does not want to be difficult. Anyway, being the fair guy that I am, I let her know that when I snap my fingers, she will feel the tickling all over her body.

I think "no way" very her last words before the feeling of being tickled hits her. I suggest that taking off her dress might help but unfortunately the tickling subsides for only a few seconds and then starts again. What can I say, she keeps begging me to make it stop and I have mercy with her. Now that is so much better. First thing she does though is putting her dress back on which I don not think is necessary but what can I do. Just to be fair though, I have to warn her that the second she puts the dress back on, the tickling will start again. No way. Oops, her we go again and yes the dress comes off again. I warned you, now did I? Let's see whether she will orgasm for me. No, of course not. Oops, I told you so.

Does the girl learn from all this. No, not really. When I mention that she will go to sleep as soon as I touch her forehead, she will fall asleep, she says something like, No I am fully awa....... Deeply asleep, our little girl does not even feel the eye checks, a very intense orgasm while I am holding her eyes open and or me playing with her body and neck.


Zoe Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
I will show you the time of your life

Zoe believes to be a very high paid call-girl who just arrived at her customers hotel room. Somehow there must have been a misunderstanding along the way and it turns out that her services would set met back by a thousand bucks instead of the one hundred, I had in mind. Of course Zoe tries her best to convince me that she is definitely worth the thousand bucks and that she will show me the time of my life. That is all good and nice but what's up with the yawning. Looks like she showed too many guys the time of their lives last night and did not get enough sleep in the process.

Of course she does her best to play her tiredness down but that seems to become harder and harder by the minute. Slowly but surely, after a lot of blinking eyelids, head jerks and last minute saves, my sexy little hooker finally goes out. Deeply asleep, she does not even notice that I expose her breasts and pussy after moving her around, pick her up and drop her back into the couch and.................. Zoe shows that she is a great subject in this one and the way she succumbs to the inevitable is just plain hot.



Zoe Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I like to be awake when I fuck

Our sexy yet sleepy call-girl comes back and now she feels terribly embarrassed and very sorry about her falling asleep on me. Looks like that is the only thing she remembers. She picks up right where she left off by promising me the time of my life, if I just come up with that thousand bucks. It seems like she would really like to make that money but unfortunately a soon as she hears the whistle, she drops yet again. It takes her a second as if she was trying to figure out what just hit her but then she just plops back into the couch. Of course the second she wakes up again, she feels so,so,so sorry and embarrassed again. The funny thing is that in the middle of telling me how sorry she is, her lights go out yet again.

The next time I snap her out of it, our little girl seems even more confused and apologetic about her behavior. I mention to her that it is pretty obvious that she needs some sleep and then I offer to put her to sleep and then fuck her as she is out. No, suddenly, she rather wants to be awake. The problem with all this is that the second I take her picture, she goes to sleep again. All right, let's give her one more chance. Believe it or not, now she denies the whole thing.


Zoe Clip Fourteen Members - Click here to view this clip
I would never do that for free

Only cash talks

Let's have one more round of fun with our sexy little call-girl. Zoe comes back feeling confused and not so sure of herself anymore. Well, who could blame her, after all, she just went through a very weird situation. Still though, she is not ready to masturbate for me without charging me that thousand dollars. Too bad honey, I am pretty sure that you will do it anyways. No way. Snap and here she goes. Of course she is confused about what she is doing there in front of me but can not seem to stop herself from doing it either. Does she try to stop pleasuring herself? Absolutely. Does she try to explain why she is doing it or better yet, why she can not stop doing it? You bet ya. Does she feel a bit weird and reluctant about all this. Oh yes. Does she beg me to not put her to sleep as she gets close to orgasm. Yes, yes and yes. Being the nice guy that I am, I let her get very close to orgasm but then it happens again. Final fun with my sleeping beauty concludes this hot segment.



Zoe Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
I perform perfect sexual activities

I have to admit, I was a little disappointed when I met the cute new girl everyone in the company was talking about as she was making her rounds and I tried to spark up a conversation. I mean she was just as beautiful as everyone described her but she seemed a bit odd! When I mentioned “I don’t believe we’ve met yet" she corrected me by letting me know that my statement was inaccurate and that we are meeting now! I mean, who talks like that, after all I was just trying to break the ice and make small talk.

Anyway, she certainly was cute enough to get away with strange comments like that at least in my book. I know I should use my other head but oh well. The other thing that bugged me a bit was the fact that she just kept going on with her work instead of paying me the proper attention particularly given the fact that she was talking to the VP. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut but when she started to water the fake plants, I just had to let her know that the plants she was watering were fake! Oh my god, was that the wrong thing to say. Somehow she must have thought I was talking about her fake implants and she got really upset “They are not Implants! How dare you imply that my breast are not real” No matter what I did, she did not seem to settle down and that's when it must have happened.

The spray nozzle on top of the water bottle ended up facing her and she ended up spraying herself with water. At first, I did not think much of it but when she handed me the phone instead of a cup of coffee, I could not help but notice that there was something very wrong about our new cleaning lady. She kept going on about how real she was even when she started to malfunction. As you all know, I don't like to fix fembots and or reprogram them into becoming sex toys but this time I just could not help myself. Malfunctions, repairs, lots of blinking lights, explicit masturbation and more of your favorites.


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