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Charlotte Davis Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


Free fall into the inner world

Charlotte Davis, seductive, charismatic and very sexual brunet had pretty much no experience when it comes to being in front of a camera but believe me, you would never know. It is not easy to explain but besides her obvious beauty, there is something so natural, sweet and fresh yet intensely arousing about her that makes you want to take her in your arms and make her scream for lust under your, let's call it, care. Some girls and Charlotte is certainly one of them, exuberate raw sexual energy that makes most men immediately think with the other brain (their dicks, just in case your brain has already shut off by looking at her pictures). I could go on and on about how refreshingly sweet, sensually soft spoken, naturally horny and fun our little girl is but I am sure you will see all that once you watch the clips. Does submission come easy to her and will she be back? You decide.

It is really interesting to watch how the standing up balloon test already puts her under. Still, I decided to use the swinging watch for more deepening. Eye checks, close ups (some hand held) of her entire body, particularly her long legs, feet and crotch.

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Charlotte Davis Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Feel the inevitable surrender

Feel how I take over your body, will and mind

I am sure I mentioned it before but this is always my favorite part of the session. It is always very intense to watch the girls sliding under my control and to enjoy their young bodies as they slowly start to quiver and shake while their breathing changes from rhythmic and relaxed to orgasmic moaning and groaning before they finally orgasm for the first time in the session. I know that was a long sentence! Charlotte is no exception; in fact she is a perfect example of how a nervous young girl can be turned into a horny and orgasmic sex slave when trained properly.

It is obvious that Charlotte is already unable to resist my power over her as she quivers and shakes under the intense penetration I make her feel. Orgasmed long and hard, my little girl screams out her first yes masters. Describing the intensity with which Charlotte's body moves under the penetration I make her feel, is not easy but it seems like she cannot get it in deep enough. I tell you guys, that girl is horny as can be. Of course there is more. Charlotte is placed on her knees, her eyes are focused on the light as her mind, will and thoughts are slowly removed. Once empty and blank, she is orgasmed again.



Charlotte Davis Clip Three  
Good little girls don't have a mind

I am your good little girl master, I am cuming for you

Screaming hard orgasms, slow mantras, sleepwalker pose, most intense unblinking stares, kneeling, intense deepening and mind...

Charlotte is a perfect example that "calm water go deep." once stripped of her inhibitions and thoughts, she lets it all go. After more deepening (amazing mindless stares in the process), she is driven up the wall for lust again with every snap of my fingers. our little girl is learning that being completely controlled like this is turning her on more than she could have ever imagined. Her body shivers like a leaf under my suggestions as she keeps screaming, I am your good little girl, I am cuming for you master. Charlotte feels her own hands with more intensity than ever before. She is ordered to masturbate with one arm up in the air, after all, love slaves do not have to be comfortable. Of course more deepening, slow repetitions of mantras, sleepwalker pose and more are still to come. Really intense and not for the weak.



Charlotte Davis Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I am masturbating for my master only

Crawling, slow mantras, foot worship, bend over orgasm training, mind sucking laser, kneeling, yes masters, made to feel fucked and used while being on all four, breast and nipple seduction, intense unblinking stares and more.

My body is here for you to enjoy

Charlotte experiences the most intense orgasm ever while being ordered to masturbate for me. Of course that is all just warm up. Placed on her knees and the bend over the couch, she is made to feel taken while playing with her wet clit. Charlotte sexy young body goes into lustful convulsions but her unblinking eyes keep staring at the laser. Diverting the subjects attention often leads to them going into overload and with that, they are finally able to just feel without any disturbing thoughts and or inhibitions.

You will know what I mean, once you watch this. Still just warm up. Our little girl really goes crazy when is made to feel fucked and used while crawling on the floor. "My body is here to be used by you master". Of course there is more. Let's see how sensitive her sexy little feet are. I can feel her increasing feelings of arousal as soon as I have her show me her feet and then touch them for me. What gets her really going though, is when I touch them. Too much going on to list it all but I am sure you got "the picture" already.



Charlotte Davis Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Helplessly frozen, swayed and orgasmed

Charlotte seems ready for her final show and proof of her surrender to her new master. After another round of intense orgasm training (lots of repetitions, yes masters) she is now made to feel helplessly frozen and immobilized. I can feel that it turns her on to have no control over her body and mind. Her body quivers slightly as it freezes up more and more. Her unblinking stares are too intense to describe. Our little girl has lost all control and her stiff body is swayed back and forth. The next orgasms unfreezes her and she drops to her knees under the might of the orgasm. It gets even more intense when I introduce her to the power of the breath controlled orgasm which eventually takes it all out of her and puts her to sleep. Ready for eye checks and some play.



Charlotte Davis Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
No, I do not have high moral standards

Please come over here now and f..

Charlotte, who believes to be interviewing for the position of the new Pre-school teacher, seems to be disturbed by my clumsy attempts to hit on her. In fact, she mentions that it is inappropriate and quite unprofessional. All that changes at the snap of my fingers. Now I am the sexiest and most irresistible man she has ever met. Oh, that girl is hot and resisting her seductive moves is not easy. Another snap of my fingers takes her back to being the prudish and quite stuck up pre-school teacher, who feels now embarrassed about what she just did.

What can I say, the snapping goes on until I drive her absolutely nuts for lust and desire for me. Her comments, lies and excuses are hilarious, her attempts to seduce me including the masturbation which I finally get her to do, is hot and watching the surprised and very embarrassed look on her face whenever I snap her back to being the teacher makes this segment definitely fun to watch .I am so, so sorry. Needless to say, she does not believe that what I do for a living could cure her from being oversexed like this, after all, she is not oversexed. Sure honey.



Charlotte Davis Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
We do not need to talk about my ass now

You cannot put people to sleep just because they go on your nerves

Our sexy school teacher is back up and this time she believes to be at my house in order to tell me about my misbehaving son. Looks like the boy follows the girls at school picks up their dresses to get a better look at their asses. I think I know where the boy is coming from, after all, the apple does not fall far from the tree. As if all this was not enough, she also mentions that my son tries to entrance the girls at school so that he can have his fun with them Needless to say, she finds all that disgusting and the fact that I take my son side (after all, I am proud of him) does not make this situation any easier.

 Of course she would never show me her ass, in fact me mentioning it, makes her mad again. Why does she do it anyway even when she is aware of what she is doing while fighting it at the same time? Is she embarrassed and confused whenever I snap her back to being the prudish teacher? Putting my little non believer to sleep in the middle of her telling me that it is impossible to do something like that, makes this whole segment even more fun.

Eye checks



Charlotte Davis Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
I did not come here for that

One more round of fun with our sexy pre-school teacher. This time the poor thing wakes up with a nice long orgasm. Imagine her surprise when she suddenly realizes that I am in the room. Of course that can all be explained. Anyway, now she starts complaining about my son again, who seems to sleep a lot at school. She rambles on about how bad that and that I have to do something about all this. Suddenly though, our talkative teacher drops like a rock and sleeps like a baby. Oops. Up and fresh again, she tries to explain the lost time she just experienced. What else can go wrong. Well, try her being unable to stop her own hand from putting her to sleep by placing itself over her mouth and nose. Now that really gets her but before she knows what's going on, she does it again. Of course, what I do for a living does not work on her (mind is too strong) and she is ready to proof it to me. Why on earth does she (under protest) orgasm before being send to sleep again will always be a mystery. So go and watch the clip to find out.



Charlotte Davis Clip Nine Part One Members - Click here to view this clip
Never say never

Charlotte, my wife's younger and certainly more beautiful sister, seems surprised when I show up at her place to pick up my wife, who is running late as usual. Looks like my sexy sister in law, who btw works at a very exclusive club as a dancer, wants to get rid of me more than anything else. Needless to say, my clumsy attempts to hit on her and the fact that I want to see her sexy feet, does not defuse the situation one bit. In fact, it seems to upset her and now she really wants to get rid of me. Looks like I have to "take her down" before she has a chance to kick me out.

At first, the rotating light, which I am showing her, does not seem to have any effect but sure enough, before long she does go down and drops into mindless bliss and obedience. I am back under your control master. Charlotte takes of her closed toed shoes slowly and seductively for me and I can feel her growing arousal. The desire to show me her feet, lick and suck them, masturbate and mindlessly follow my orders, seems to absorb her entire being. Of course at some point we have to freeze her so that we can take a close look at her feet, legs and.. Very hot foot action, Charlotte does love feet and it shows. Wait until you see what happens when I slightly touch her cute feet.


Charlotte Davis Clip Nine Part Two Members - Click here to view this clip
I am going to tell her

Charlotte ended up frozen and mindless in the last segment and now it is time to make "my sister in law" become aware of her situation. After listening to her complaining and whining for a while, I decide to render her mindless and quiet again. Charlotte seems a whole new person. Not only does she want to serve me but the idea of being my personal foot slave is turning her on. Again, she starts to seduce me with her feet by seductively touching and worshipping them. Time to take it up a notch and to make her feel the laser pointer as if she was penetrated by a hot beam.

I can see her getting even more wet which makes me decide to snap her out of it one more time. Believe it or not, although horny as hell, my little sis is still set on telling my wife about all this. Even the vibrator, I wedge between her legs, does not seem to change her mind. In fact, it makes her feel even more aroused and upset at the same time. Looks like I have no other choice than to use the "waving hand" one more time and then watch her finish herself off. This segment ends with a close up of her wet pussy while the vibrator is still in it. Lots of foot action


Charlotte Davis Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Robots are designed to serve

Charlotte, my hot sister in law, still does not know how to treat a man. Hell bend on getting rid of me, she wants me to wait outside until my wife comes which is really not nice of her. After all, that is not a way to treat a man, don't you think? looks like we have to wipe out her brain, in a painless yet fun way of course, and program her into becoming a well behaving, obedient and serving robot. Charlottes arms rise up straight in front of her and we can start testing her functions. " Robot Charlotte programmed to obedience master." Charlotte learns that robots are designed to serve, clean the carpet, salute, orgasm while simulating being penetrated from behind, masturbate and orgasm on their masters command. Navel deactivation, repeating of orders, yes masters, walk and crawl, motor skill tests and more.



Charlotte Davis Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
It won't work on me

Nobody has that kind of power over women

Charlotte, who is made to believe that she finally found the guy who turned her sister into a mindless frozen love slave, is ready to kick my ass for what I (allegedly) did to her little sis. Of course my comment that I do that to a lot of young women, does not make her feel any less vengeful. Come to think of it, it actually makes her even more determined to show me who is boss. Our little girl seems so self assured and strong that it is hard to believe, that only a few seconds later and after having tried to use the brain wave converter (against my warnings), she ends up stiffly frozen and mindlessly dim. Now the fun begins. I decide to open her mouth and freeze it before waking her up. Still frozen, our vengeful young lady tries to talk which is not easy, particularly given the fact that her mouth is still frozen wide open.

Sticking her finger in her mouth and then freezing it there does not make it any easier for her to talk either. Being the nice guy that I am, I decide to let her talk but that was a mistake. Anyway, our little girl ends up frozen with her hand in her pussy. The fun part about all this is that her hand is forced to move which eventually brings her to orgasm while the rest of her body is still frozen. Charlotte's body quivers and shakes under the might of the orgasm and she finally has to admit that she is easily entranced by the right guy. Really hot, lots of freeze fun, waving hand tricks, dim and unblinking stares.



Charlotte Davis Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
This just can't be happening

Charlotte, our vengeful sister, slowly wakes up again and sure enough, now it is her turn to kick my you know what. Well, so she thinks. Of course we cannot let that happen, now can we? Suddenly she jumps around as if tickled by hands all over her body. Could it be the laser that I am pointing at her that makes her feel this way. I keep (laser) tickling her for a while before freezing her in place. Of course that does not stop the tickling but at least she holds still. Still, there is too much bitching going on which makes me decide to wave my hand in front of her eyes and we all know what that does. Finally mindless and quiet, she has no choice than to let me play with her for a bit. Needless to say, as soon as her mind comes back, the bitching starts all over again.

What can I say, at some point, the poor girl has to admit (reluctantly) that she lost yet another round of fun. Of course there is no way she would orgasm for me. Oops, my count of three seems to do the trick. What makes this segment even more fun is the part where she puts herself to sleep by holding her hand over her mouth and nose while being busy masturbating with the other hand. Does she like going out right before she cums, I guess, we will never know.


Charlotte Davis Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
Cigarettes are not for everybody

Let's fuck

We all know that cigarette smoking is not all that good but can it really make a young girl loose her mind, become oversexed, develop feelings of love for somebody she really does not care for, go from being dominant to becoming mindlessly obedient, masturbate uninhibited and free of guilt, give a blow job to a dildo in order to show off her talents, orgasm herself into bliss and eventually put herself to sleep by placing her own hand over her mouth and nose? Well, I guess, that all depends on either the cigarettes or how well they are placed under P.H. suggestions. Needless to say, I have to make our horny "smoking hot" girl aware of what she is doing here and there so that we can all enjoy her reaction to her own behavior. Luckily though, every time the bitching gets too much, she puts herself out. Really smoking hot clip.




Charlotte Davis Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
He tells me things after sex

It is just water honey

Frank, who is as usual working through lunch to catch up on his work, is surprised when his bosses beautiful daughter, Charlotte, comes running into her dad's office. She seems very nervous and concerned about something but she is not ready to tell anybody, except her Dad, what had happened to her earlier today. Frank does not really understand why she is not as friendly and personable like she used to be a couple of years ago when she went through her internship here at the office. Needless to say, he, just like all the other male employees, had a crush on her, which is probably why he tried so hard to find out what was wrong with her. Charlotte keeps asking where her Dad is and she seems almost frantic when Frank mentions that he is dining and wining customers in some fancy restaurant. Oh no, I need to talk to him right away. Frank suggest to call him and that is when he finds out what had happened.

Turns out that some girl named Katie had accused her of stealing her boyfriend Brian and to make her point, the bitch had dumped her drink down Charlottes blouse. Well, that is certainly not nice but is it really worth driving all the way to your dad's office to tell him about a little water down your blouse, Frank can't help but wonder. Things get even more confusing when she starts talking about malfunctioning right in front of him. Finally he puts it all together. Charlotte, his secrete love, is nothing more than a robot who had been programmed to hook up with this Brian guy, to get some information regarding a secret project, out of him. Too much to describe it all, lot's of malfunctions, robotic speech, some effects and certainly Frank's best day at the office ever.


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