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Suspended, orgasmed and grateful

Mandy's stiff body is suspended between two chairs, for most of this segment. First I freeze her and increase the sexual charge which is pulsating through her shivering body. Once I am sure she is stiff like a board, I pick her up and suspend her between two chairs. I keep increasing the raw sexual charge circulating through her body.




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Mandy, sexy blond hard body spinner was, at least in the beginning, more afraid of the idea to let herself go than most of my girls. Mandy besides being incredibly cute and sensual at the same time, is the kind of girl who likes being in control of pretty much everything in her life. Furthermore, self control seems to be a big issue for her and believe it or not she seemed almost a bit worried at first. I mentioned it before and here I am doing it again, subjects like her can turn out to be absolutely surprising and yes amazing. Mandy's concerns did not even last through the first 20 min of the session.

The trick to get her to open up was, simply to have her give herself permission to feel wonderful, uninhibited and to enjoy herself without sabotaging the moment. Ever noticed that when we feel too good, many of us seem to hold back as if there was some kind of punishment at the end for feeling this good. Anyway, I do not want to get too deep into the psychology of all this, bottom line is that Mandy's session turned out to be incredibly intense. You will know what I mean once you see the clips. Were there futile and some conscious resistance on her part? Absolutely, but they only made the session even more sizzling. I could go on for ever trying to describe the session but if you want to see some real, uncut and raw female training, go ahead and see for yourself.



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MandyK Clip I Members - Click here to view this clip
Mandy's head just dropped early on and the flickering of her eyelids was a pretty good indication that she was on the right way, the way down, that is. I did some hand raising tests/confirmations throughout the relaxation part and then took her to her safe place




MandyK Clip II Members - Click here to view this clip
First futile fight and surrender

It started to get hot in the last segment already and now it is time to drive her into a whirl wind of emotions and physical bliss. The more I heighten the sensitivity of her body, including her nervous system the more she starts to feel exactly what I want her to experience with quite an amazing intensity. I can feel her growing excitement. Her body is starting to go into lustful convulsions and I just know that I am going to get her to surrender right here and now. I keep driving her up the wall by letting her feel the most intense and perfect lovemaking ever. I suggest that letting go of all control will make her feel even better.

Mandy is starting to get herself to the intensity of the feelings I induce. Shivering and shaking for lust, she is now trying to regain control. She screams: "I have to cum." Of course she has to learn that it is absolutely not up to her when and where to orgasm. Denied orgasms are a very powerful training tool and Mandy is just about to learn about that.

Again, I can feel her resistance when I tell her to repeat: "I am letting go of all control." It takes four times before her lust gets the better half of her and she finally screams: "I let go of all control." Oh boy, this time she means it, her body falls off the couch, that's how hard she is shaking and shivering. Repeating: " I have no will of my own left", seems suddenly easy for her to do. Her orgasms are mind-blowing and go on for as long as I say. I could go on for ever trying to describe the intensity of this segment but if you want to see some real, uncut and raw female training, go ahead and watch it yourself.






MandyK Clip III Members - Click here to view this clip
Please control me mantra leads to insane lust and unconditional capitulation

Mandy's eyes are wide open and empty. She is taken to an even deeper place and orgasmed on command with her eyes open. Not allowed to breathe without my permission, Mandy cums with an almost indescribable intensity. Her eyes are wet, her mascara is starting to run but all she feels is pleasure. It is obvious that the feeling of being helplessly controlled makes her let go of all inhibitions. I have her repeat: "Please control me" and it is starting to drive her insane for lust and even more intensified with every snap of my fingers. I don't think I have seen anyone turned on by repeating a mantra like Mandy and the intensity of her orgasms is hard to put into words.





MandyK Clip IV Members - Click here to view this clip
There is only one master who can make me feel like this

Please master make me mindless

On her knees with her arms out in front of her, Mandy is now prepared for the next round of uninhibited and intensive bliss. Her own thoughts are blocked. Forced to mindlessly masturbate, Mandy finds out how amazing it feels to let go. Her body feels every thrust of her hand like never before. I even challenge her to fight the take over but again, her conscious mind has no chance against her subconscious. Her deeply hidden desire to let go and to experience something like this is way too strong and again her own uninhibited lust is getting the better half of her. There is a whole lot of screaming, shaking and shivering as well as "please master take my mind" going on in this one as well. I do not want to over-write these segments, but believe me they are as intense and different as I try to describe them here.




MandyK Clip V Members - Click here to view this clip
Frozen, swayed, orgasmed and very grateful but not without a fight

Thank you master for training me so well.

It is amazing to watch Mandy trying to regain control here and there. It is not because she does not like what is happening to her but her conscious or logical mind tries to butt in every so often, reminding her that this is too good to be true. Mandy's sexy little body is frozen stiff and I sway her back and forth. Helplessly stiff, she has to trust me to catch her every time I sway her body forward or backwards. To make it a bit more fun, I decide to have her orgasm at the same time.

Mandy seems to burst for lust, her body is stiff but her nerves seem to send jolts of electricity through her system. Her face is hot and red and her orgasms are deep and hard. "It feels so good, I have no more thoughts and no more mind of my own master." Next comes the nipple orgasm. Mandy is learning that she feels exactly what I tell her to feel. I make her play with her nipples and to her it feels like she is touching her clit.

Orgasmed on command Mandy finds herself with her arms stretched out in front of her, repeating more mantras. Now comes the best part. After I put her to sleep, (the way she goes out is hot to watch just by itself), I decide to freeze her again, deeply asleep that is and to pick her up and carry her around. I don't think you have ever seen this before. Playing with her limp body after that, is just a bit more icing on the cake.






MandyK Clip VI Members - Click here to view this clip
Awake, frozen, trigger testing and confessions

This segment starts with some eye checks, showing the white in Mandy's sleepy eyes. Mandy is orgasmed in her sleep and her sexy little hard body shivers and shakes uncontrollably. Next, I decide to wake her up with yet another orgasm. Surprised and a bit confused, my cured control freak is slowly coming back. We talk a bit about her experience during this last hour and

Mandy is obviously amazed and more than happy. She tells me how wonderfully free she feels and it seems like she still can not quite believe what just happened. To make it very clear to her I start using some of the carefully planted post Hypnotic triggers. Without hesitation yet very surprised, she orgasms when ever I say so and freezes up like a statue when ever I trigger it. Fully awake, Mandy now has to relinquish all control. Again playing with her sleepy body and taking off her shoes after she is put back to sleep is just a bit more icing on the cake. Again very intense, Mandy even orgasms in her sleep just because I mention the word. Her initial hesitation followed by complete surrender is again more than hot.




MandyK Clip VII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mrs. Proper and Tuna fish

Mandy believes to be in for counseling. Not remembering what has happened so far in the session, she tells me about her sexual problems. It seems like she is just not that interested in sex and comes across as quite prudish. In other words, she seems to be the always proper and boring type. Mandy figures it might have something to do with her upbringing. All that changes instantaneously when I mention the words Tuna fish. What a transformation, Mrs. oh so proper suddenly turns into this seductive, sultry, sensual and very promiscuous vamp who seems to want nothing more than for me to come closer and to fuck her. It is quite amazing what deeply planted triggers can do.

Oversexed and horny, she starts to seductively take off her clothes. Her hands run over her body and she keeps inviting me to take her. Of course, I have to drive her even further. By using her desire and lust, I keep pushing her to give me more and more. As soon as I say Mrs. Proper though she snaps out of it and turns right back into being prudish and lame.

Terribly embarrassed about the fact that she is not only half naked but also has her finger deep inside of her wet pussy, Mandy seems to desperately try to find an explanation for all this. Real fun and very sensual clip. Mandy is switched back and forth between being oversexed and embarrassed. How far will she go to get me and how low will she go to get fucked? This segment starts with a nice re-induction and trigger planting.






MandyK Clip VIII Members - Click here to view this clip
Mrs. Proper and the Tuna fish the final cure

Mandy is ready to burst, oversexed and horny she can not wait for me to finally help her to some release. I start to drive her up the wall for lust even more, her mind is slowly draining out and all she feels is the incredibly intense sexual charge in her body. Mandy is ready to surrender and there are no more signs of her initial resistance. With her eyes wide open while screaming: "I have no control", Mandy is now orgasmed like never before.

Her body is hot and shivers like a leaf in the wind. I have her stand up and intensify her training even more by taking her deeper yet. Her eyes widen while I freeze her quivering body into a statue. Immobilized and helpless, she now can only feel the sexual energy pulsating through her body, without being able to do anything about it. I keep intensifying the sexual charge which is surging through her body and eventually orgasm her, still frozen. Intense and raw segment.




MandyK Clip IX Members - Click here to view this clip
Suspended, orgasmed and grateful

As you can see in the pictures, Mandy's stiff body is suspended between two chairs, for most of this segment. First I freeze her and increase the sexual charge which is pulsating through her shivering body. Once I am sure she is stiff like a board, I pick her up and suspend her between two chairs. I keep increasing the raw sexual charge circulating through her body.

The stiffer she gets the more aroused she feels. Her body is now shivering and shaking yet completely stiff and her orgasms even blow me away. "Thank you master" are some of her last words. This is most likely the most intense freeze scene I have done in a long time and it is amusing to watch Mandy's conscious mind trying to fight it here and there but as we all know the subconscious is always the winner. I really can not describe the intensity of this segment and believe me, nobody could ever fake this. As if getting elevated and orgasmed was not enough, Mandy gets a bit of the magic wand treatment at the end as well.






MandyK Clip X Members - Click here to view this clip
You think we need the wand? Oops, wrong answer

Mandy wakes up and we start talking about what I do and her session. By the way, she believes that we just started and that nothing has happened so far. Don't you like her dress? Oops. I can not help but notice that my little spinner seems to be drawn to the magic wand which happens to be right next to her on the couch. The second she touches it, my "not so good" subject goes off and orgasms with an amazing intensity. That can not be right? I mean it could not have happened because of the wand. Well, let's try this again. Oops, here we go again. Naturally, Mandy keeps apologizing but it just seems to keep happening. Finally, she seem suspicious and I take the wand away from her and start using it on her feet and breasts. Oops, here we go again. When I ask her whether she could be orgasmed without the wand, she says no. Oops, wrong answer. Does she believe that she will sleep on the count of three. No of course not. Oops, wrong answer again



MandyK Clip XI Members - Click here to view this clip
Are you usually in the habit of sucking your own toes?

Frozen foot sucker.

Mandy is absolutely not a foot person, particularly when it comes to her own feet but in this clip, she just can not seem to stay away from her own little feet. She touches, massages and sucks them like they are a delicacy and the best part about all this is it makes her cum like you would not believe. Mandy is so surprised about all this and keeps apologizing for her strange new fetish. We all know what it is like to have a fetish, now don't we? Let's find out what Mandy looks like frozen, with her own feet in her face.



MandyK Clip XII Members - Click here to view this clip
Tickled frozen feet

Mandy's feet are h-tickled and I keep increasing the sensitivity of her feet and the tickling. Mandy usually not all that ticklish, tries to hold out as long as possible but finds out that fighting me is a losing battle. Screaming and squirming, she gives in. Of course she is orgasmed again just using her sexy feet again. Surprise fun and a brief interview towards the end. In fact, I decided to turn the camera back on after I had her come back to capture some of her comments.



MandyK Clip XIII Members - Click here to view this clip
The not so flexible Gym teacher

AKA frozen and undressed

Mandy believes to be the owner of the local gym who is desperately trying to sell me a membership. More than eager to convince me to join, she has no problems to show me the advantages of being in shape. Man, I have to say that girl is pretty flexible and the amazing stretches and poses she shows me, certainly look very painful to me.

Anyway, while she is showing me those pretzel moves, her sexy body suddenly freezes up in the midst of it. Can't be comfortable but Mandy would never know. Confused and a bit embarrassed, Mandy has no choice but to let me play with her. Does she like me exposing her pussy, taking off her sexy little top, bring her to orgasm in the strangest and most uncomfortable positions? Probably not but then again, does she have much of a choice? I take my confused Gym teacher back and forth between being frozen stiff and being fully aware yet not remembering what just happened. Fun clip leaving Mandy confused and helplessly played with.





MandyK Clip XIV Members - Click here to view this clip
The very stiff Gym teacher

Mandy, completely naked by now, is frozen solid again. Taken deep, she is now swayed back and forth and orgasmed at the same time. Her frozen body is trembling under the orgasm and Mandy has no choice but to trust that I will catch her stiff body every time she falls forward or backwards. I take it up even a notch and stop her breathing yet intensifying the orgasms even more. Very intense segment, Mandy's veins are popping out under the pressure of the frozen orgasms, her rock hard sexy little muscles are bulging and again she completely trusts me when I put her to sleep. Her now limp body falls into my arms and I guide her down to the floor. The eye check that follows is just as intense and all you see is the white in her eyes.






MandyK Clip XV Members - Click here to view this clip
The collar that turns her into a robot

I am your programmed pleasure unit master

Mandy, who believes to be an exotic dancer does not even know what hits her when she is all of a sudden turned into a perfectly programmed fembot, by her new boss. Tricked into wearing the collar and chain, Mandy's hands suddenly go up to her neck and about a second or so later, she stands at attention and than has to salute her new owner. I used the remote control as a visual trigger for her transformation. I am just a robot, programmed to obey.

Ordered to masturbate standing up with one hand while the other one is stretched out in front of her, my obedient fembot is now programmed even deeper. I hear and obey master, is the only response she knows to my orders. After saluting me again, fembot Mandy is now bend over with her sexy tight ass pushed out at me and orgasmed at my command. Of course I have her look at me through her wide spread legs and repeat," I am cumming for you master." Mandy's own mind seems to try to come out here and there but again, her programming is much to strong and her transformation becomes more and more perfect. Lot's going in this one and just like the other segments in Mandy's update it is raw sexual and hot.


MandyK Clip XVI Members - Click here to view this clip
The collar that turned her into a robot

I am programmed, I am not allowed to orgasm

Fembot Mandy is now ordered to use the dagger vibrator on her wet pussy. Not allowed to orgasm, her body starts to shiver and shake but as I mentioned, she has to learn to obey her programming. Next I have her undress and crawl to the couch where she has to start cleaning the couch with her own dress. With her ass out and on her knees, Mandy is cleaning and orgasmed at the same time. These are just some of the highlights of this segment, naturally there is more and of course lot's of I hear and obey and other repetitions. Mandy is again absolutely amazing and it shows again what great of a subject my little spinner is.





MandyK Clip XVII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a beautiful model

Having been a photographer for many years, I have gotten used to the idea that all models are different and unfortunately sometimes a bit strange. Mandy a very beautiful fashion model seems to be one of those odd ones who seem almost shy yet very professional. Ok, maybe hitting on the model during the shoot, is probably not the most professional thing to do but just look at the amazing hard body on that girl. Can one really blame me for trying? Oddly enough, most of the time my sweet and shy model does not seem to know what the heck I am talking about. What makes her seem even stranger, is her minor yet obviously uncontrollable twitches and head movements.

Finally it hits me, she is one of those new fembots, what a nice surprise that is. Knowing a little bit about robot programming, it seems almost natural to try to have some fun with her, before sending her back. OK, maybe it is not all that natural and maybe a bit unethical but when you are as horny as I am, it seems to be the only way to go. Unfortunately, she malfunctions before I have a chance to deactivate her. No problem, let's turn her off completely and go to work. Looks like I was successful, Mandy comes back after some programming and the removal of some unnecessary parts. First thing she tells me is: "I am programmed to comply with your orders Sir" Yes, very close to every mans dream.


MandyK Clip XVIII Members - Click here to view this clip
I am a beautiful model

I am still not certain what exactly went wrong but when she stars to twitch again and talks about being a beautiful model, I just know something is not right. What did I forget? I added a new user, enhanced the sex program, took out some inhibiters, what else could I do. Too late, she starts to malfunction again. After some more work on her main data base, my horny, oversexed dream girl is back and ready. She keeps talking about being my fuck toy and that she has to comply with her new user's orders. Is she wet, does she finger her little pussy for me? Oh yes, but what can I say, I probably should have kept it more on a professional level.




MandyK Clip XIX Members - Click here to view this clip
Final fun, confessions and a bit of everything

Mandy's session is coming to an end but not without some final fun of course. I decide to debrief her and wake her up to see what she thinks about her experience. Looks like she loved it and she keeps telling me that she feels euphoric and fantastic. It is really interesting how she describes some of what happened. Let's see how those triggers work now that she thinks her session is over. Open eyed and fully aware, Mandy goes one more time through the slave and obedient robot mode and screams and shivers under the freeze and orgasm trigger, just like she did before. You think she might want to come back sometime in the future? Great fun to watch her go through the final fun being fully aware of everything.





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