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Nikki Brooks Clip One Members - Click here to view this clip


There is no time in deep trance..

Nikki Brooks, is yet another beautiful blond who has not been trained for many years. I am sure that some of you guys remember her and her amazing sessions from a few years ago when we just got started. Well, what can I say besides that Nikki is more beautiful than ever and having her back for another round of fun was absolutely amazing. Nikki has always been a great subject but this time around, she blew me away with her willingness to completely let go and to follow my, let's call it, lead, wherever I took her. Watch out for another very intense and fun session with lots of new ideas. Welcome back Nikki.

All you want is to feel your body. Eye checks, hand held close ups of her face and body.

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Nikki Brooks Clip Two Members - Click here to view this clip
Anything my master says

Trying to describe Nikki's passion, her oozing raw sexual energy and her innate sensuality, is quite impossible and I will not even attempt it here. The nice thing about the subconscious is that it does not forget, it is sort of like a computer with unlimited memory. The reason why I mention this is the fact that as soon Nikki is under my spell, her subconscious memory kicks in and she falls right back under my control. Her beautiful body quivers and shakes as soon as she is reminded of who her master is and that her body and mind are not under her control for as long as I say. It is obvious how much she missed my training the second she feels hit by an orgasm.

I decide to take her deeper while holding her eyes open. Nikki's body goes into lustful convulsions again and I know, she is back under my control. Of course that is all just foreplay. She really goes nuts when I order her to expose her pussy and to masturbate/finger fuck herself to orgasm while I systematically program her. I am your good slave master. Time to deepen her state of mind again. Nikki's beautiful body is just standing there, her eyes gaze into the abyss while I am waving my hand in front of her face. Suddenly her hands feel pulled on her back while she is helplessly fucked and used. Repetitions of, I am your orgasm slave master, drive her over the edge. I orgasm whenever you tell me to master.



Nikki Brooks Clip Three  
Thank you for allowing me to come back

I always follow and obey my master

More rolling eyes, zoned out stares, sleepwalker pose and slow repetitions, breast orgasm training, kneeling, mind sucking, crawling in circles, bend over the couch/ass out masturbation and orgasm training. The above mentioned is of course only the tip of the proverbial iceberg but as mentioned, to describe every detail of her training would make this a very, very long clip description. Repetitions of I am cuming for you master, please remove my mind and please use me master, certainly help to get her deeper and deeper under my...



Nikki Brooks Clip Four Members - Click here to view this clip
I missed you controlling me

I am here for my masters pleasure

Even more rolling eyes, zoned out stares and repetitions, mindless posing, intense foot worship and pleasing, kneeling masturbation, orgasm training, mind reduction, nipple orgasms and so much more. Again, Nikki goes wherever I take her, meaning her mind is competently under my control. Watching her offering me her feet, spreading her toes and so on while being entranced and horny as hell, is seriously hot. Time to take her down even further. After some intense orgasm raining, Nikki's body is now just standing there like an empty shell while I am opening her eyes to make sure that there is nobody home. Nikki drops deeper at the snap of my fingers until her eyes just roll back as a sign of her being gone. I decide to pose her body, place her finger in her mouth and then let the camera take a (slow) look of every inch of her body. Nikki ends up in the sleepwalker position for some more programming. Oh wait, did I mention the "nipple orgasm" training? I am your horny mindless slave master. Yes masters




Nikki Brooks Clip Five Members - Click here to view this clip
Please let me serve you master

I am yours to use master
I am aroused like never before

More zoned out stares, rolling eyes, the five second entrancement, intensified breath controlled orgasm and obedience training, zombie pose, mantras, mindless obedience, sleepy play and posing and final surrender.

Most of you know that the first segments are usually, what I call, the initial training and those definitely set the stage for the rest of the session. Well, Nikki's initial training started intense and it sure ends that way. I love watching her as she just stands there with her arms stretched out in front while slowly repeating, please allow me to serve you master. Nikki is so wonderfully zoned out and ready for more programming. Time to put her on her knees on the couch and to watch her orgasms over and over until there is not an ounce of strength left in her sexy body. Still, we are just warming up for the intense "breath controlled" orgasm training which sends her body into lustful convulsions. I decide to put her to sleep so I can play with her limp body and make her cum again while holding her eyes open. Still we are not done. I decide to have her wake up a few times, only to slowly go back under after about 5 seconds or so. Really HOOOOOOOOOOOOOT



Nikki Brooks Clip Six Members - Click here to view this clip
No power to resist

Nikki believes to be a Cop who is investigating the owner of a strip club (yes it is me). It looks like some of the strippers have complaint about the supposed mind control that's going on at the club. Of course our sexy cop just cannot imagine who it would be possible to be controlled like this but as you all know, she will find out soon. Despite my warning, she picks up the "mind control device" and ends up mindlessly dim and entranced. That is so much better than having to listen to her condescending blablabla. Now it is time for her to go through the attitude adjustment herself. As we all know, women are easy and sure enough, Nikki finds out (and admits) that she has no power to resist. Placed into the sleepwalker position, she slowly repeats, I have no power to resist my master, over and over. Now she is ready for some strip dance, intense masturbation, forced orgasm training and plenty of yes masters. Needless to say, she finds herself helplessly frozen a few times before... Yes masters, entranced stares, freeze, waving hand and lots of mind games/control.


Nikki Brooks Clip Seven Members - Click here to view this clip
It is all going to be in the report

Officer Nikki snaps out of it again only to find herself helplessly frozen and played with. Needless to say, me telling her that I am already controlling her mind, does upset her but then again, what can she do about all this. First she offers not to write anything about all this in her report but somehow, I am having a hard time believing her, particularly after freezing her finger in her mouth. Nikki fights going mindless but as soon as my hand waves across her eyes, she sinks into bliss. Snapping her out of it was probably a mistake because now she is really p..off.

Poor thing is so upset and all she wants to do, is arrest me but unfortunately for her, she cannot move. I think what really did it though was placing (freezing) the vibrator in her mouth. You really have to hear her comments to get an idea of how she really feels. Needless to say, Officer Nikki is fuming by now but then again, who cares. Can it get any worse? How about watching her futile attempts to pull the dam vibrator out of her mouth. Lots of freeze fun and as mentioned, Nikki's comments and threats make this a fantastic clip to watch.



Nikki Brooks Clip Eight Members - Click here to view this clip
This is standard protocol Sir

I am going to get you S.O.B In this next segment, Officer Nikki seems to believe that masturbating and eventually orgasm in front of a suspect, is the most intimidating thing she can do and of course that it is standard procedure to do so. Man, am I scared. Of course her intimidating comments make it even worse. Being the nice guy that I am, I let her become aware of how inappropriate her behavior really is and sure enough, the threats start flying out of her mouth again. Luckily though, the freeze trigger still works. It gets even better when she snaps out of it again, believing that I am the best looking guy she has ever met.

Believe it or not, now all she wants to do, is to fuck the hell out of me. At the snap of my fingers, all that changes as she becomes aware of what she just did. Here we go again with the anger. I think Officer Nikki really needs to go through a couple of anger management classes. Luckily though, the freeze trigger still works like a charm. I think having her snap out of it while feeling an orgasm, does not help making her feel moo=re in control of her body either but it is sure fun to watch her trying to avoid it. Still, there is more freeze fun, a forced orgasm and the waving hand yet to come.



Nikki Brooks Clip Nine Members - Click here to view this clip
You are so fucked

Don't you know martial arts

One more round of fun with our furious officer Nikki. I don't even know where to start with this one. Nikki goes from being the stern yet very weak and sleepy officer who wants to arrest me to really, really wanting to become one of my strippers. Needless to say, there is a lot of fighting and bitching going on before her transformation. First when Nikki wakes up, she tries to kick my ass again but unfortunately for her, she seems way too tired to even effectively get up and before she knows it, she falls asleep. Let's try this again. Looks like she is still too weak to stop me from pulling her limp body around. She sure tries though but her attempts to kick my you know what, are pretty pathetic.

All this does not stop her from threatening me with jail and all the things that will happen to me while in jail. It gets even worse when she finds herself stuck to the couch while trying to get me. Now she is fuming but still, no chance to get to me. I guess I mentioned the part where she really wants to become one of my strippers and as it turns out, she definitely has what it takes (great striptease/seduction) Well, there is still more. Wait until you see what happens when she freezes up again while becoming aware of what I just did to her. Please don't call for backup.



Nikki Brooks Clip Ten Members - Click here to view this clip
Honestly, I have my doubts

Nikki believes to be a TV reporter who is interviewing a famous inventor who just introduced his new "mind control" machine. Needless to say, our sexy reporter is quite skeptical but also very curious. What makes the interview even more awkward is the fact that the mind control machine is manly used to turn unsuspecting young women into obedient robots. Not only is Nikki reluctant to believe that something like this might actually work but she is also very much against the whole idea of mind control.

Luckily though she feels save enough in front of the cameras to volunteer for a short demonstration. Of course that was a mistake. As soon as the machine goes off, she snaps at attention with her arms in a ninety degree angle. Masturbation, Robot walk, turning in circles, cleaning, salutations, robot talk, adjustment of sensitivity levels, activation and deactivation of programs, mind and will removal and so many more of your favorites. Towards the end, the robot program is deactivated and Nikki goes on with the interview as if nothing had happened.



Nikki Brooks Clip Eleven Members - Click here to view this clip
No way, no how

I am her to please my master with my feet

Nikki, our inquisitive reporter, wakes up not remembering a thing. Sure enough, she still doubts that my newest invention, the mind control device, could possibly work. This time we get to enjoy her being turned into an obedient, oversexed and very horny foot slave. After seductively taking off her pretty shoes, she starts talking about her sexy feet while spreading her toes. Of course there is a lot of mindless sucking, licking and other foot worship going on as well. Anything for you master. Nikki sure like feet and that definitely shoes in this one.



Nikki Brooks Clip Twelve Members - Click here to view this clip
Should we call somebody ?

This next segment has actually two parts. It all starts with our "non believer" rattling on about how my invention cannot work and that my statement that it works best on women is absurd. Suddenly though, she breaks out in laughter without being able to stop it. Of course it stops at the snap of my fingers which then leaves her feeling embarrassed and apologetic. Things get even worse when she freezes up while feeling the tickling, which leaves her even more upset and embarrassed. Of course the fact that I am messing with her and her clothes, does not make it any easier on her.

As we continue, again, Nikki wakes up having no clue as to how to conduct an interview and or how to behave on camera. Luckily though, she believes the first man she sees (guess you that is) to tell her the truth and to help her. As we all know, all female interviewers expose their breasts, spread their legs, masturbate, call men master and orgasm on camera. Of course that is not all just yet, wait until you see her remembering and becoming aware of what she just did.



Nikki Brooks Clip Thirteen Members - Click here to view this clip
That's my favorite toy

Nikki, who believes to be my wife, has been turned into a beautiful "sex doll" and now, all our sexy doll can think off, is to please her owner. Of course there is a lot of winding up and winding down going on as well as some very hot "vibrator games" , if you know what I mean. Needless to say, when I let "my wife" become aware of the situation, she gets upset but then again, who cares. Did I mention the sexy dancing, the amazing doll smiles and eyes during self pleasuring and the unforeseen...




Nikki Brooks Robot Movie Members - Click here to view this clip
Battery charge incomplete

We are all about friendly service.

New coffee franchise serving coffee with a dose of sexy:)

We 'r all about friendly service, making customers feel at home, warm & friendly, coffee is getting hotter... Erotic Pleasure.

Sex sells...perky cups ...
chief bikini inspector

Sexpresso coffee tea or me?

I have shot and directed a lot of commercials for TV over the years but what happened that day with Nikki, was sure quite unbelievable. I should probably start from the beginning. I was running late that day and when I finally got to the studio, Nikki, a very beautiful spokes model for a new Coffee/restaurant chain, was already waiting for me. I heard her say something about having to charge her battery while she was gazing at her laptop but for some reason, I figured she was talking about the laptop battery. Little did I know.

The new Coffee/restaurant chain is sort of a mixture of Starbucks and Hooters, which means, the coffee is not as important as the way it is presented and served. Needless to say, Nikki starts off sexy as hell and Believe me, I could not think of any real man who would not want to buy whatever $ 25 coffee she serves. Unfortunately or actually, fortunately for me, her battery situation worsens and believe it or not, that girl has some programs, that are well worth checking out. Watch me explore her deepest inner .... Nikki is definitely one of our all time best robots.



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